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Compare Smartphones: Apple iPhone XS vs. Samsung Galaxy S10

Today’s smartphones are quite literally marvels of technology. They feature designs and processors so fast, that a task that takes longer than a few seconds is considered slow. The processors under these machines are simply extraordinary. Today, these machines have more computing power than the rockets that sent the first men to the moon; all of which fit in chips which are a few nanometres wide.

When it comes to the best devices in 2019, there are very minor differences which separate the goliaths at the top. Yet, there is one new entrant, which has quite simply set the bar for what a 2019 smartphone should be. That device is the new Samsung flagship the Galaxy S10. It comes sporting the latest SoC from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 855, which is supposedly faster than even the A12 bionic, which features in the iPhone XS. The processor offers superior graphics performance, as well as better RAM management than any previous Snapdragon processor.

Samsung S10

The S10 also comes with the best AMOLED display, featuring a whopping 550+ppi density. The phone is also the first mainstream flagship to sport the hole punch, hence demarcating the fact that Samsung has never embraced the notch culture.

The phone also features not two, but rather three cameras, a primary, a zoom lens and a wide angle lens. This makes it the first time Samsung has incorporated a three-camera system. The quality is top notch and is equally comparable to the system employed by the iPhone. The smartphone also comes with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, which allows you to unlock the phone at lightning fast speeds, through the screen itself. This is a revolutionary new step as it replaces the conventional haptic touch-based fingerprint scanners.

The phones also feature hefty batteries to ensure it runs all day. Samsung has quite simply outdone them with this iteration of the Galaxy S10. They also understand that with the rise in quality and prices of the device, they have to offer a device which is slightly more affordable; hence, they have the younger S10E, which features the same powerful processor, but tones down on the camera and display. There is also a bigger, S10 plus which features a wider screen along with a dual front-facing camera.

IPhone XS

When it comes to competing with the iPhone XS, the Galaxy S10 is quite neck in neck. The S10 takes the crown when it comes to screen, power, new technology, and battery. The iPhone also punches above its weight; it can stand equally when it comes to power and battery and one ups the Samsung when it comes to camera quality. The images from the iPhone are quite simply stunning, and the S10 does a little overexposure which slightly makes the image warmer. Both devices are the best choices one can have when looking out for a smartphone; they simply tick all the important pillars of a smartphone; the display, power, battery, camera and experience. You cannot go wrong when you are choosing either of these heavyweights.   

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