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Why is Starcraft 2 a decent starting point for getting started into RTS/MMOs?

Why is Starcraft 2 a decent starting point for getting started into RTS/MMOs?

Starcraft 2 is one of the most popular and widely played MMO games in the world.  Ever since its inception back in 2010, it has been enjoying a massive surge in the number of players, and even today, it is widely considered as one of the highest played RTS MMOs of all time. One might argue that the recent rise of DOTA and League of Legends might have stolen the limelight from Starcraft 2, but here are a few reasons why this game is worth your time.

    1. Familiarity: Fans of the original Starcraft will immediately get familiar with the Starcraft 2 interface because it is essentially a spiritual successor to the original. This is also a great starting point for people, who are planning to get into the whole MMO thing as it is essentially a much simpler game as compared to newer MMOs. The game still revolves around the three core races, namely the Protoss, Terrans, and Zerg being riled up in a constant state of conflict, but it mostly revolves around the Terran race.

      image source- starcraft2.com

    2. Expansions: Despite its 2010 release, it has received three major expansions over the years that have kept the game fresh. Starcraft 2 was originally designed to be the part of a trilogy, with the base game dubbed as being “Wings of Liberty.” It has gotten the two later updates or DLC, one launched in 2013 named as “Heart of the Swarm,” which is an expansion for the base game, and then, later in 2015, it finally got the 3rd instalment of the trilogy named as the “Legacy of the Void,” which was standalone expansion pack and not part of the base game.


  1. Play Modes: Starcraft 2, while designed to be an MMO at heart, has still got one of the most involving single player quest lines. It is a good starting point for people seeking to get into MMO, and the game also has an awesome tutorial mode that could help you to familiarise yourself with the game. You can also have a free gaming experience Starcraft 2.

    image source – kotaku.com.au

  2. Multiplayer: Multiplayer is obviously where the game shines. It has one of the most competitive MMOs player base in the industry. The great thing about the multiplayer is that you aren’t immediately thrown into a slaughterhouse of professionals but rather, Blizzard “Battlenet” service, which essentially monitors your game and keeps tracks of your achievements and skills decide your skill level and sorts you out with other players of roughly the same skill level as you.

Starcraft 2 is probably one of the greatest RTS-MMO games ever released on the PC platform. The game is easy enough for new players to get into without getting intimidated and equally as interesting for older players coming from the original game. Overall, it is a masterpiece that everyone should play at least once, and RTS fans should definitely try out if they haven’t.   




Skyscraper Official Trailer: The Rock Never Fails to Impress

Skyscraper is scheduled to release on July the 13th, 2018, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s is attracting a lot of appreciation (and a little mockery at the same time) worldwide. Popular for his over the top, power-packed action movies. Do you remember, San Andreas? Even if the movie trailer showcases him leaping impossible jumps (for which the internet has had a field day) to save his family perched up the literal burning skyscraper for which Johnson plays security manager, nonetheless, The Rock is set to make an impact.


Credit: Universal Pictures

Rock is an ex FBI Hostage Rescue Team Leader but has retired because he lost half a leg. He is being framed for the fire and must therefore also clear his name. A framed guy on the run, he must be very careful in order to save his family trapped in the skyscraper gone up in flames, just above the fire line. This hostage-action-thriller plot happens in China, and the movie’s cast includes Neve Campbell, Chin Chan, Noah Taylor and Raylond Moller to name a few.


It, generally, does not require a movie to make sense for it to be a smash hit especially if it is a Dwayne Johnson movie – San Andreas is a live example; so there is no literal competition to Skyscraper apart from Rampage, which releases a few months before.

The Skyscraper is written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber and produced by Beau Flynn and Johnson himself apart from Thurber and Hiram Garcia. Flynn and Garcia have been the producers for San Andreas and Central Intelligence together before too.

The film is going to be released by Universal Pictures.


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Brock Lesnar Attacked Handcuffed Roman Reigns Brutally

It was a scary guitar tone and a giant pose on the big curved screen with a knife tattoo on the chest. Yeah, you guessed it absolutely right; we are talking about the WWE Universal champion or Paul Heyman’s client Brock Lesner (Extended pronunciation of “ER”)


Since the big dog won the elimination chamber and became the number 1 contender to face the beast in the grandest stage of them all WrestleMania XXXIV. They both had a history in WrestleMania as well and the massacre of Roman Empire happened previously as well. Here, a textual session that took place on Monday night RAW.

The Rise and Rise of Big Dog
Being a brute force in the most devastating group in the WWE “The Shield” reunited after Seth Freakin Rollins byte their back and shook hands with the game. Well, that’s another story. So, it was the big dog making his way to the four sided hell and smoked his mouth out on Kurt Angle.

Roman Reigns spoke and spoke about the beating that he’s going to give to the Brock and how he’s the greatest player of his generation.

What Happened Next?

The worst was still waiting for him as the US Marshals Handcuffed and Arrested Roman Reigns. It seems like a decent farewell for Roman to leave the arena and may enjoy an evening with his fans at the police station.

But God has other plans for him, as he was busting out from the ring, the beast attacked him. And he was handcuffed, just imagine you are up against the pain Brock with literary no hands. That sounds scary, well, what happened next is not at all a fairy tale.

Brock kissed Roman and allowed him to break free from the handcuffs as a sporting gesture. No, it ain’t end up like this; we wish it was, but Hell No! Mr. Reign got a first class ticket to Suplex city, thanks to the courtesy of Brock. He stayed there and enjoyed German Suplexes over and over and over again.

The Final Statement
It was indeed a big statement by Lesner, and even after the departure, he again showed up and threw Roman of the wheeled bed after his brutal pain massage. We can’t hold our self back for the main event on April 8, Are you ready?




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Top Xbox and PlayStation games launched this week

All you crazy bouys and girls, pay attention as the magical month of March has finally arrives and Boom, It’s Games all the Way! The dynamite package of exiting games with quality storyline, music and of course nail biting action is knocking hard on the door. And, just let it in!

You may be a geek; who loves to hang out with old skul stuff like vintage PSP or the new age punk; who just can’t get enough of gaming monster from the big lad. Either ways it’s cherry that, we’ve been waiting for so long.

Here, are some of the classics and exciting plays; you just can’t afford to miss. Really!!!

1) Detective Pikachu






Just answer honestly, who doesn’t want to measure the depth of colorful World created by Ash Ketchum and his BFF the yellow cutie Pikachu? Presenting our childhood hero, in a brand new avatar of bizarre detective with a deep gutted voice, sounds fun right. The Nintendo 3DS exclusive will launch in the U.S. and Europe on March 23.

Platform(S): Nintendo 3DS
Rolled Out Date: 23rd March                                                                                                                                                                  

2) A Way Out






Who gives a d@#m about Academy? Right! The crazy space measured by players in the game way out could be any less than a modern day cowboys. You got to work in teams to proceed and unlock the further stages without making a fuss about it.

Each situation must be handled differently and as both characters plays the role according to the progression of journey.

Platform(S): Xbox One, PS4
Rolled Out Date: 23rd March

3) Bad Dudes






A vintage game just can’t be swiped with modern age animated flick. Presenting one such dish that stood the test of time and glows like a pole star in the universe full of flickering stars i.e. Bad Dudes! We just can’t wait to experience the first hand action of nostalgic slice of some of the purest arcade session gaming World has ever witnessed.

Platform(S): Nintendo Entertainment System
Rolled Out Date: 21st March

4) Ark Park






So, finally the theme park action has begun! Experience the coolest and happening action of Dinosaurs roaming all around the park. The insanely cool and high end graphics just can’t get better! Called as the most awaited game of the year, finally it’s out really SOON!

Platform(S): PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows
Rolled Out Date: 22nd March

5) Western Press






There’s something appealing about it, up to 16 players and based on the true story. As the game goes to the next stage the challenges taken another jive and make sure you stay up.

Platform(S): Xbox One
Rolled Out Date: 23rd  March

I hope you are going to enjoy all these awesome games. There is something for everyone. If you want to know more here is a complete of xbox one games launched this week.


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Red Dead Redemption 2: Hot New Features

Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2) will be indeed one of the hottest games ever to release for the PlayStation this decade. After almost a gap of 7 years, the franchise is all set to make a comeback to the masses, and we are really excited. There have been a number of leaks and speculations regarding this game, so let’s talk about some of the few features that are said to be introduced with this installment.


    • Online Mode: RDR 2 will employ a similar online gameplay experience like GTA V. This will ensure that the game receives new content regularly, and hopefully, keep the game relevant for a very long time, much like GTA V. Rockstar is also said to employ a similar gameplay style like PUBG, which won’t really be surprising given the popularity of the title.

  • Graphics: With consoles getting much powerful by the day, it’s no wonder that game developers are stepping up the game when it comes to graphics and RDR 2 won’t be any different. In the leaked screenshots and gameplay videos, the game looks absolutely phenomenal with breath-taking landscapes and graphics fidelity. It makes us wonder if there will be an HDR mode that takes advantage of the new TV’s that support it.
  • Rewards: Much like GTA V, there will be a complex reward system for the game. Players will be handed out rewards for completing certain tasks and winning tournaments. It’ll also include a micro transaction feature like GTA V, which would enable players to purchase new content for the game.
  • Immersion: RDR 2 will be one of the most immersive games that have ever been made according to some sources. NPC’s can be seen setting up shops during the day and folding them down at night. Also, the player can interact with the surroundings and collect herbs for brewing portions, which will definitely be a big plus.


Red Dead Redemption 2 has been delayed consistently, and this isn’t uncommon with Rockstar. The game has an official release date of October 26, 2018, and we certainly hope that it doesn’t get delayed any further.


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Deepika Padukone – The True 100-Crore Club Actress

Deepika Padukone is a true 100-Crore Club actress. Basking in the glory and grandeur of the magnum opus of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Padmavat; Deepika Padukone has proven to her fans and critics alike what she is made of – pure talent, imposing yet delicate screen presence and the capability to drag a film to the coveted 100-crore club on her shoulders! Thanks to the breathtaking visuals and legendary sets supported by great acting, within first four days of release, the movie made it to the 100 crores charting blockbuster club. And a lot of credit for the same goes to Deepika for her amazing acting skills.

With the spectacular success of Padmavat, the actress has clocked a total of 7 films in the 100-crore club:


            Total earnings (in crores)

Chennai Express


Happy New Year


Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani


Bajirao Mastani


Goliyo ki Raasleela – Ramleela


Race 2



203+ (5th Feb, 2018) and still running successfully

Chennai Express

Managed to get to the club in style with a whopping 29 crores on the very first day, and with total earnings of 422 crores, it also became the 7th highest grossing Bollywood film all over the world. Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express starred Shah Rukh Khan alongside Deepika, and her impersonation of the daughter of a Tamil mafia king got her awards and appreciation from masses as well as the critics.

Happy New Year

This movie showcased Deepika with Shah Rukh Khan in glamorous roles, and this Farah Khan movie did spectacularly well accumulating 44 crores on an opening day with a total collection of 382 crores worldwide. This multi-star entertainer was full of the fun element and the formulas worked well, making it a smash hit, even overtaking Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3.

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Starred Deepika with Ranbir Kapoor and Kalki Kochelin and Aditya Roy Kapoor also, where they played a group of friends enjoying life and also falling in love. The beautiful film grossed more than 300 crores at the box office with critical acclaim for all the actors and the screenplay and story. The youthful film is one of the most popular films of recent times.

Bajirao Mastani Goliyo ki Raasleela – Ramleela

Bajirao Mastani and Ramleela

Sanjay Leela Bhansali seems to have been inspired with the 100-crore club success of his past two films – Bajirao Mastani and Goliyo ki Raasleela – Ramleela, both starring Deepika Padukone in main roles opposite Ranveer Singh. Their real-life chemistry seems to have seeped in the movies as well, and they were quite appreciated by the viewers’ making them both commercial hits. Both earned an average of 250+ crores at the box office in domestic markets.

Race 2

A racy Abbas Mustan thriller full of glamour and fast cars and scantily clad girls also made it to the 100-crore club and featured Deepika in the main role opposite Saif Ali Khan, probably inspired by their previous hit Cocktail. Deepika stole the show even in the star-studded cast, and this movie earned 162 crore at the box office making it a roaring success of the year 2013.


With Padmavat, it is proven that there is no one to parallel the success of Deepika and the box office collections until day 11 (5th February 2018) are recorded at a staggering 203 crores! This can also be credited to Ranveer Singh’s breathtaking portrayal of Alauddin Khilji and the composed royal role of Shahid Kapoor, who plays Deepika’s husband, King Raja Ratan Singh.

With a total of 7 films in the prestigious 100 crore club, Deepika Padukone can rightly be crowned the undisputed queen! This also makes her the only actress with these many films in the 100 crore club. And to many more in the coming times, Deepika truly reigns over Bollywood now. Fans can celebrate!



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Best Game of the Year Contenders 2017

As the time to bid 2017 farewell draws near, we can all agree on one thing; this was one of the hottest years of gaming. We saw the launch of a slew of AAA titles and some of them took the gaming industry by storm. So like every year, a few of the games will definitely be given the status of the Game of The Year. So let’s discuss which games are worthy of the title.

Here are my contenders:


  1. Nier Automata: If there were one game that literally took us by surprise and inspired to replay it over and over, it would definitely be NiER Automata. Everything from the gameplay to combat was by far one of the most enjoyable of everything that launched this year. Plus I can’t think of a second game where the second replay had so much more value to it. I mean yes, there are games where second replays gave you perks and content like the Souls series, but NiER Automata is in a league of its own. Also, as far as gameplay music goes, I think this is the only game after the Witcher 3 that really lets you enjoy the in-game music. Truly a contender for a GOTY award even if the PC port was a bit iffy to play.
nier automata

Image Credit: store.steampowered.com


  1. Horizon Zero Dawn: Horizon Zero down is one of those open world combat games that bring something refreshing to the otherwise stale genre. It redefines itself by introducing machine like feral animals which the protagonist hunts by an arsenal of bows and arrows fused with elemental substances. The best part, however, is the in-game combat. It’s easy to get into a fight, but there’s absolutely no guarantee that you’d win. Also, the game’s plot encourages you to play through it more and more and, resulting in a very satisfying 40 odd hours of the campaign. Plus the graphics are probably some of the best that we have seen this year among in game. Adding it up, this is a very strong contender for the 2017 GOTY award.

Image Credit – store.playstation.com


  1. Persona 5: Come on now, you had to expect this on the list. Persona 5 is everything that the series is loved for along with its own nifty little additions; all dialed up to 11. Fans of the previous Persona games will be delighted to play this along with newer players, who have a love for anime and battling outlandish monsters. Every single location has its own smart puzzles and combat is the familiar turn-based system that persona players are used to. Persona 5 is one of the most enjoyable games that you can play, and it will go down in history as one of the few games to remain enjoyable even as time passes. So, a definite GOTY contender and oh did I mention, how much I love the in-game menus and UI?


Image Credit – news.softpedia.com


  1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Zelda has been a pioneer in the open world exploration game genre. So, it’s no surprise that the newest errant should make it into the GOTY contender list. Breath of the Wild has a mesmerizing open world filled with intricate puzzles and opportunities for combat. This is the first Zelda game that is the truly open world, and we couldn’t have been happier. The graphics, the gameplay everything about the game is just stupendous, and you have to experience it first hand to actually understand it.


Image Credit:twinfinite.net


  1. Nioh: The end of Dark Souls (for now) was truly saddening for long-term Soul’s veterans like me. We don’t know if we would get another souls game in the future, but for now, the game series is all but done for. But, if like me, you mourn the passing of Dark Souls, then Nioh will certainly fill your quench for Souls like combat with an equally interesting underlying story. Nioh is essentially a spiritual successor to the Soul’s game, but it is entirely based in around a Japanese theme.

    The combat, the menu’s and everything else is largely similar to the souls and presents the player with an equally crushing difficulty that the souls series was famous for. And although Nioh cannot replace the love that I have for the Souls, it definitely is captivating in its own way. For me at least, a true GOTY contender.

Image Credit: gamerant.com


2017 is not yet finished, and we may yet see some really amazing games in the few days that are left. This list is in no way meant to be final or carry confirmation of the GOTY awards. It is just my views on some of the games that I have truly enjoyed so far this year. So sit tight and await the end of the year because we may yet see some amazing games before the year ends.


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Rampage Trailer – Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) is back

Dwayne Johnson led Rampage’s trailer is finally out, and it looks grand. The movie slated for release in April 2018 is about a gorilla that sets out on a city rampage.

The Inspiration-

Inspired by the 1986 arcade game Rampage, the movie looks quite promising from its trailer. Talking about the Bally Midway game, ‘Rampage’ on which the flick is based, it can be said that it was quite a rage. Players in the game need to control a monster trio that sets out on a city destruction mission. So, the players can earn points by eating people, destructing buildings, and smashing military vehicles. Various spin-offs, releases, and sequels of the game Rampage are out across a number of consoles, which speak for the popularity of the game.

Rampage Official Trailer

Video Credit by warner bros.

The visuals of the movie as witnessed in the trailers look really compelling. And the standard of visual-affects you see is also above par. This movie is going to be a real treat for kids as well as adults, which is pretty much evident from the theme on which the flick is based- a good gorilla turning hostile.

Similar productions in the past-

We have seen numerous films in the past based on this theme, and none has ever failed to impress the audience. Let’s take for instance King Kong, a 1933 American pre-Code monster adventure movie produced and directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack and Merian C. Cooper, which generated impressive box office receipts. It went on to become so popular that several remakes of the film were also launched in subsequent times. The film King Kong got universal acclaim on its first release and all re-releases.

Rampage is expected to create a similar impression on the audience. And because the cast looks so promising, there is no reason why one should not expect a lot from this film. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Malin Akerman, Marley Shelton, Naomie Harris, Jake Lacy, Joe Manganiello, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Rampage is a production of New Line Cinema and has a 30-feet-long wolf to watch out for, besides the giant ape.

It will be really exhilarating to watch rampage in the theatres. For follow-ups and latest updates on this movie, you can definitely come back. We have more in store for you!


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Which XBOX version is ideal for you to buy?

Unlike PC hardware which becomes obsolete after two years or less depending upon the chosen parts, an investment in a console might actually sound like a good idea, and for the most part, it is. You see most games get developed for the consoles first rather than PC because of lower piracy rates and also consoles generally don’t get hardware upgrade as often and are supported longer be game developers.

So, in short, if you don’t have a constant flow of capital to support your upgrades, then getting a console is a definitely a good move.

Image Credit – www.ibtimes.com

I don’t think there is a soul who hasn’t heard of the Microsoft Xbox. It is Microsoft’s console for the mass market and one of the very popular consoles out there along with the PS4 and Nintendo. Like the PS4, it has a huge game library and is supported by developers for a long time. Also, like the PS4, it has its own share of exclusive titles like Forza and Gears of War. So, what would be the best version of the Xbox for you with less cash to splurge?

Xbox 360: Let’s start with the oldest of the bunch i.e., the Xbox 360. There is no doubt that even this old box has had several revisions ever since its inception back in 2006. As a matter of fact, it has received many games over the years and already has an established library of very high-quality games right off the bat. Also, since this console is last gen, it means there you are more likely to find deals on games and accessories for this because of its widespread reach. However, buying a last gen console isn’t a very good idea because in essence it won’t be supported much longer by developers as games evolve because the hardware powering the console is out-dated. Even so, at $200-$250 for the basic 4GB variant, it makes a fantastic value proposition for a gaming console especially considering that it runs taxing games like GTA V smoothly. Just don’t expect the graphics to be even comparable to newer consoles or PCs with mid-range hardware.

Xbox One: Well, then how about the second latest offering from Microsoft, the Xbox One. Surprisingly, this isn’t even the latest model even though it was launched not too long ago. This was a much-needed upgrade for the Xbox 360 and manages to get all the newer games to date. It also surprisingly manages to run all new games with a moderate to high enough level of detail at 1080p resolutions maintaining a constant 30-60 fps in most of them. But the main issue with the Xbox one is getting one at a decent enough price with a good bundle. Prices for the most of them are inflated in online stores, and if you don’t already have a console, I suggest that you skip on this one because of the one that I’m about to mention below.

Xbox One S: The Xbox One S is the latest installment to the Xbox line-up and comprises of the latest hardware to support Next gen games. This is precisely why I suggested skipping on the slightly older Xbox One because the One S can be found at anywhere from $400-$650 depending on the bundle and storage and even the most basic one can be found under $430 making it a fantastic value proposition for playing recent games at resolutions up to 4k. And if I ever to pick up any console, I would pick the latest one because I want to play all the newer games at the glory that they are supposed to be played. But prepare to shell out extra for games as games for newer hardware usually don’t come cheap.

So, in conclusion, which one should you buy? It’s pretty simple actually.

If you want to play the latest games while owning yourself a portable home theatre that can play 4K content, you can’t go wrong with the Xbox One S, which costs around $450 for the basic bundle with 500GB of storage. But, if you are on a really tight budget, get the Xbox 360 because it’s cheap, and there are a lot of good games despite being an old console. It makes relatively no sense to get the Xbox One at this rate of inflation. And unless you can get it for under 20k with a games bundle, you shouldn’t look at it.


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How with “Cheap Traveling” You Can Make Your Journey More Exciting

“Cheap Traveling” options will save your money and you will enjoy more while traveling. Usually, people dream about flying business class, or in ultra-luxurious private jets to faraway destinations to spend their vacation time. They’d like to check into the largest and most posh hotel in the country they’re visiting, taste exquisite dishes, and shop from the shiniest stores. Chrome, gleam, riches, and glitter – stuff that make up the dreams of most travelers. But there are travelers who work right in the opposite way too!

A growing number of millionaires are preferring hotels and home stays to large hotel chains, especially if they’re traveling to a different country for holiday and not business purposes.

  • One reason they prefer to do so is because they get the authentic feeling of the place they’re visiting, and not just a second-hand impression from their golden, expensive glasses (read hotel rooms!).
  • The next reason for them to do so is because the food at such places tends to be more delicious than the food served in three, five, or seven-star hotels. Locals know the food that the people of the land prefer, and they cook them in just that way. Using fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats, there are mouth-watering dishes that can be found in these small hotels, unlike most large ones which serve staple tourist fares such as pizzas, burgers, and cookies.

  • The global traveler is now finding it easier to get modes of transportation at shorter frequencies. They get almost all the amenities they need even in small, quaint, hotels, and the hospitality at such places tends to be more personal and warm. What’s to hate in them!

  • Last, but not the least, smaller lodging places charge reasonable rates of their customers rather than hosing them just in the name of AC, wi-fi, bed coffee or tea, or even bottled water! These places offer almost all the services and amenities found in larger hotels (not the really small, cheap, and risky lodges though!) and their cost is a fraction of what you’d have paid in hotels booked by travel agents.

Making Your Choice

While it is true that saving, money has its own appeal, there are many who have the belief that costly is better. Here are a few reasons why an avid traveler however feels that travelling cheaper is a much better option rather than opting for costlier travel and accommodation alternatives:

    1. Convenient – Lesser cash and lesser number of cards, the easier it would be for you to carry your wealth around! All you need is a small purse or a wallet to carry enough to get you through the day. Instead of lugging about large purses and wallet camouflaged with something bigger, use as many cards and traveler check as possible and pre-book things such as tour rides, meal reservations, etc.

    2. Exploration – When your budget is modest, you tend to look for modestly prices establishments, be it thrift stores or restaurants. There are a much larger number of those with an authentic, local flavour to be found in any place than the expensive varieties. For example, there are several craft emporiums to be found in Rajasthan selling clothes, jewellery, and artefacts at double or triple the price that you’d find on small lanes running through forts and other small shops found throughout the state.

  1. Safer – When you dress, shop, and travel simply, you attract lesser attention. You don’t become the target for thugs and robbers who prey specifically on tourists who walk around flashing very expensive things and splurging money on every costly thing they can buy. Dress and behave like a true traveler, and chances are you may pass off for a local and not come in the radar of such people.

  2. Shopping trick – it’s usual human mentality to try and con outsiders for anything as soon as tricky tradesmen know they are from another state or country. It’s not just in India; every tourist destination in the world has a policy of slightly overpricing things when they see affluent outsiders or people who really have no clue about the true worth of the service or product they’re about to buy. When you show that you travel simply and have simple needs, they automatically adjust their inflation accordingly, and you stand a better chance at beating down the price to a much more reasonable one!

  3. More and more – Another advantage of traveling cheap is that you get to travel more and cram in more things and opportunities on your expeditions. Let’s understand this with an example. Let’s say you’ve saved INR 50,000 in one year just for traveling purposes. You’re a single female and you thoroughly enjoying exploring new places on your own. One friend of yours suggests taking a trip to an exotic place such as Thailand or Singapore. With that budget, you can get cheap airfares if you book your tickets in advance, and you can fit in a spot of shopping and sightseeing too. But you have to compromise on the accommodation because they are quite steeply priced. Another friend of yours suggests taking a trip to a north-eastern state such as Meghalaya, Shillong, or Manipur. They are amazing places to travel in, with delicious cuisines and an amazing array of things to shop. Now, to confuse you even more, one of your relatives calls you up and asks you to attend a wedding in Delhi, which is also a happening place! Confused? Rather than opting for just one place – Singapore, you could fit in 2 trips – 1 to a north-eastern state and the other to Delhi, and explore two new, diverse places. Plus, you save a lot on accommodation as they’ll be taken care of in one place by our relatives! Save the Singapore trip for a later time, when you’ve saved enough again, and explore as many places as possible in this way!

Traveling without a truckload of cash gives you a carefree attitude. You subconsciously don’t have to worry about the cash or valuables you’re carrying. Instead, you can fully enjoy the experience of being a tourist and make the most of your journeys! So, say cheers to budget traveling!