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Spice Up Your Formal Look with These Summer Trends!

With summers in, the fashion trends of comfy yet stylish clothing become the mantra. However, when it comes to office wear, adding this mantra becomes a little difficult. After all, we need to be in proper alignment with the office decorum. But here are a few tips that will help you stay in style while ensuring that the attire is HR approved. Check them out!

Embrace the Pastels

Embrace the Pastels

Pastels are such an ideal colour for workspace. Without creating any pomp, it helps to embrace the feminine side without much ado. Three-fourth sleeve, one piece in pastels such as ivory pink serves stylish as well as work-friendly apparel. Pair it with heels and subtle jewel pieces to complete the ensemble.

Flaunt in the embroidered shirt

Flaunt in the embroidered shirt

Add a punch to the otherwise monotone patterned office wear by replacing it with a beautiful self-embroidered white shirted blouse. Lace adds a hint of oomph while the details pump in a feminine touch, which oozes a unique style statement. Further, the combination of white and green looks just amazing.

Shirt up in Floral

Shirt up in Floral

Summers and floral go hand and hand. So, next time while wearing those office pants, be sure to team it with a floral printed chiffon shirt that speaks of summer wear. Accessorize with a statement neckpiece and complete the ensemble. Ensure to choose small floral in neutral or pastel shades that gel well with the office environment.

Layer up in style

Layer up in style –

A simple way to give a makeover to your office wear is to include the layer format. A snug white coat over a monotone blue dress exemplifies its look manifold. To spice it up more, add a stylish thin belt, and you are good to go. Vouching for a ravishing appeal, the look is ideal to be donned at a workplace.

Add a punch with cut-out blazer

Add a punch with cut-out blazer –

Blazer is a staple for office wear and inevitably creates that workaholic look easily. Spice up your look by modifying its format and donning out a cut-out format blazer or shrug in white, which is surreal and at the same time. Try contrasting shades or keep the colour same for an uber cool appeal. Truly inspiring attire without much hassle!

Flaunt with daunting hemlines

Flaunt with daunting hemlines –

Want to give a little twist to the old stripped blouse and white straight skirt office wear? Well, go for daunting hemline layer shrug. In addition to adding an oomph factor, it ensures that the overall appeal is still formal yet chic. And in shades which complement each other, it looks simply stunning. With a pair of heels and a briefcase styled purse, you are good to go.

Bask in the glory of white

Bask in the glory of white –

Well, in case, you want to stick to the basics and still look trendy, go for a pair of snug white trousers. Adding a touch of feminism, when paired with a blue coloured high neck blouse along with some statement white jewels, the appeal is just breath-taking. After all simple is always the best.

Check it out!

Check it out

Yes, checks are the next summer trends with bold and vibrant shades doing the round! A flared dress with hugging waistline accentuated by a sleek belt and high neck format neckline vouches for a perfect combination of the trend with a hint of formal wear. Go for vibrant shades which are just good to look at and avoid too much shine.

With these amazing styles, one is sure to rock the summers in trend. Just pick the one that befits your personality and stay in the league of fashion, flaunting what you are worth.

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Top 9 Summer Trends To Look Out For!

Summer brings in latest style trends that are inspired to levy comfort as well as ooze out style statement that is hard to resist. With flowing fabrics, white and pastels and the mesmerizing design details, this summer will boast of trends, which are simple, chic, and elegant. Here is a handpicked version of the top 10 trends, which are sure to mark their place this season:

Culottes- Your best summer attire –

Culottes- Your best summer attire

Vouching for comfort with style in every fibre, the black and white culotte is a staple for this summer season. Pair it with monotone top or colourful one to create an instant vibrant look.

Dress it up button style –

Dress it up button style

Nothing matches the chic appeal that a dress can levy. Go for a neutral shaded buttoned-down dress with bare minimum prints for the ultimate look. With sneakers and top hairdo, the ensemble is just stunning.

Cool and Casual Denim Shirts –

Cool and Casual Denim Shirts –

One apparel that one can never go wrong with is denims. Shoulder embroidered denim shirts are just wow creating the poise and elegant look. Ideal with jeans, shorts or capris, it surely is a must-have in summers. For the classy appeal, go for denim shirted jackets.

Breezy pastel dress –

Breezy pastel dress

Summers invoke a breezy style and perhaps that is the very reason that flared dresses become the ultimate choice. The pastel yellow dress with ruffled sleeves is a simple yet comfy dress. To add a little oomph factor, pair it with denim or multi-coloured jackets creating a drastic change of look.

The oomph—off-shoulder blouse –

The oomph—off-shoulder blouse –

Off-shoulder blouses have been doing rounds for a while but twist it with one side off-shoulder in a bowed patterned to create an awe-inspiring look. In strips of contrasting shades along with shorts such as tweed, a stylish quotient is levied. Apt for casual as well as semi-casual events, the apparel stands as a perfect combination of style and comfort.

Style it with Cropped Flared Jeans –

Style it with Cropped Flared Jeans

Give a refreshing change to your jeans collection this summer, by opting for a cropped, flared white pair of jeans that look stunning. Pair it up with any kind of top, mostly of vibrant and pomp hues, to add a contrast. With a bag and sleek heels, the ensemble is just complete

Wrap it up!

Wrap it up

Embrace your feminine side with a wrapped skirt, which is just amazing. A monotone shade skirt in black with a slit cut levies a stunning and gorgeous appeal. To add a hint of playfulness, go for ruffled up hemlines.  Pair it up with contrasting shade blouse and sandal to complete the ensemble.

Chic up the look with Romper –

Chic up the look with Romper –

Romper is definitely a dress to have in summers. This one-piece attire is all you need to don on when you are unable to make a choice. White base rompers in light design patterns are the best choice though loads of options are available in the market. For a classy and bossy touch, go for collar sleeve pattern.

Bodice hugging dress with a belt –

Bodice hugging dress with a belt –

A bright coloured bodice hugging dress in vibrant rainbow hues or alternating shades in stripes is an excellent choice in summers. To add a hint of style quotient, opt for belts that create an instant elegant appeal.

Follow these tips and flaunt your style this summer!

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Christmas Men’s Clothing & Apparel Ideas

So, you are out for Christmas shopping with absolutely no idea about what to pick from the market. Well, you are not alone. Experiencing dilemma while shopping, especially when it’s for something as special as Christmas, is common among men. But no, you won’t have to let this dilemma act as a hindrance when you do your Christmas shopping. Shoo it away with these amazing Christmas outfit ideas for men. Take cue from the ideas, shop right and look like an absolute stunner this Christmas-

The red rage– Believe it or not, red is a rage among men these days. While a red tee or shirt makes for a more commonplace sight, red pants are a rarity. But when it comes to getting decked up for Christmas, it’s a pair of red pants that you need to ooze out some festive style.

The red rage

The denim saga– So, you can’t live without your denims. Well, you won’t have to! Latest fashion trends reveal that denims are in this season like never before. With a complementing leather jacket and a pair of leather shoes, you can simply slay.

The denim saga

Your ugly Christmas sweater is no more ugly- So it’s been long since you ditched your Christmas sweater. Well, fashion experts say, your ugly Christmas sweater needs to make a comeback this Christmas. It has turned super happening, after all!

Your ugly Christmas sweater is no more ugly

That killer semi-casual look– So, you want your getup to look partly formal and partly casual. What to do? Well, don something semi-casual. For the best look, slip into a striped T-shirt, a blazer, a pair of fitting trousers, and your favourite casual shoes.

That killer semi-casual look

Overcoats are fun! – Yes, overcoats are fun! Not just for women but also for the present-day man. With a long t-shirt having a broad neckline, a pair of ripped jeans and boots, your overcoat is all set to look stunning.

Overcoats are fun

The art of balancing– If you think you are going a little too casual with your Christmas outfit, then putting in some efforts to strike a little balance between formal and casual would be the best bet. Balance your casual shoes, pants and jacket with a beautiful shirt buttoned all the way up.

The art of balancing

Velvety magic! – Velvet is definitely the fabric of the season. And with a little texture and colour that any velvet fabric can offer, you will add enormous depth to your outfit. Velvet doesn’t just look luxurious but also festive. For velvet to work wonders, wear a beautiful blazer made out of it.

Velvety magic

Say ‘yes’ to patterns! – Patterned jackets are the order of the day. If you are open to experimenting with your look and want to wear something that will help you stand out, then donning a brocade jacket is what you need to do.

Say ‘yes’ to patterns

Play with stripes– If you are planning to go formal this Christmas, then sure do so. But don’t disappoint the onlookers with a boring plain shirt. Add some drama to the outfit with a striped shirt, so that your formal outfit receives a subtle casual feel.

Play with stripes

Differently formal– Wearing formals doesn’t always have to be boring. If in doubt, pick a tartan tuxedo. Are we serious? Absolutely! They are the new in-thing this season, and will up your festive fashion hundredfold.

Differently formal

Cocktail! – So, you are heading straight to the Christmas party after office. Is your party look going to suffer? Not a bit, if you dress cleverly. A pair of formal pants and shoes, and a bomber jacket with a formal shirt peeping through it- what else you need to look party-ready?


Imperfectly perfect! – Sometimes it’s graceful to look imperfect. And when you look imperfectly perfect, people can’t help rubbernecking at you. So, open your winter wardrobe, and pick clothing items that you think match with one another imperfectly. Probably a patterned shirt, a coat jacket and a pair of semi-formal trousers will do the trick!

Imperfectly perfect

Think out-of-the-box– Want to stand out with your looks this Christmas? It’s as easy as slipping into a pair of green trousers, and a chequered shirt, with a tan belt and a pair of leather shoes to complete the look.

Think out of the box

Go vintage!- For that vintage Christmas look, you can always accessorize your shirt with a waistcoat and a hat. The result? Fabulous!

Go vintage

All black– A sensual ‘all black’ outfit this Christmas will be perfect for you, if you wish to don that killer look.

All black

Christmas is around the corner folks! And it’s not every day that you get to dress up for it. Up your festive fashion with these amazing outfit ideas and look like a million bucks this Christmas

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Be a Diva This Christmas! Check out 15 Amazing Outfit Ideas for Inspiration!

Christmas is right at your door, and before you snap open it to usher in the festivities, we suggest you change into something adorable that looks totally Christmas ready. While a pair of jeans and a chunky sweater always seem like the best way out, putting in a little extra effort to look decked up does no harm. So, what makes you wait? Check out these 15 outfit ideas for Christmas for inspiration, try them out, and look like a million bucks this Christmas-

Go Glamorous – Want to celebrate Christmas with your diva mode on? Slip into a sequined pencil skirt and a white shirt. Trust us; the combo looks heavenly!

Go Glamorous

Ooze out that Celebration Fun – A flannel shirt, and a midi skirt in a flared out make, can never go wrong when you want your outfit to fit the occasion snugly.

Cute Christmas Pullovers – If you don’t mind looking obviously dressed up for Christmas, then a Christmas pullover can be a great pick for the occasion. Wear a pair of denim or leggings to complete the look.

Cute Christmas Pullovers

Black and Red Magic– It’s Christmas, and you can never go wrong with the red and black colour combo. A beautiful black blouse can be teamed with a red skirt for that effortlessly glamorous look.

Black and Red Magic

Say ‘Yes’ to Layering – Its winter folks, and donning a layered outfit is no fashion crime. A light sweater, a shirt peeping through it and an overcoat are all you need to look steaming hot this chilly.

Say ‘Yes’ to Layering

Santa Magic – Love Santa Claus? Why not steal the red and white colour theme from his costume? Put on a white lace dress and team it up with a red overcoat. With a cute bag and a pair of pretty black shoes, you are all set to slay.

Santa Magic

Let out that casual feel– So, you can’t do without a sweater. Well, why should you when you can look perfectly Christmas-ready with a chunky red sweater, a pair of nice denim and a pair of pretty peep-toes? Let your love for sweaters reflect in your style!

Let out that casual feel

Add some bling to your getup! – If you are thinking of adding some glitz and oomph to your Christmas outfit, then show up in front of your guests in a pretty gold skirt and a black top.

Add some bling to your getup

A splash of red! – To pep up your Christmas look, you can don a red skirt, a white shirt and a light grey sweater. What do we have to say about the result? Well, it’s fabulous!

A splash of red

Play with flannel– If you think flannel is boring, then you haven’t probably tried a flannel scarf ever. Flannel scarves are an in-thing this season, and you can let one be the reason behind your Christmas-perfect look. Slip into a carmine red dress to make the print on your scarf pop out.

Play with flannel

Hot and sparkling! – Your black dress will never look dull again if you pair it up with a sparkling gold jacket. A Christmas outfit? For sure!

Hot and sparkling

Go green! – Is Green not your thing? Well, this green and red outfit will change your perception forever. The plaid scarf complements the green turtleneck beautifully. Tan accessories only add to the beauty of the look.

Go green

Slay with your statement– Sprucing up your Christmas outfit gets easy with this red statement skirt. And you’ll go ‘aww…’ at how beautifully the white striped top completes the look.

Slay with your statement

Smoking hot! – Whether you are a free-spirited teenager or a busy mom, if you wish to look hot this Christmas, then a black blouse and a sequin skirt are what you need. With a plaid scarf, the look gets a full ten on ten!

Smoking hot

When style meets comfort – Winters are not for skin show. They are for getting clad in layers of cute yet fashionable warm clothing items without looking like an onion. A red Christmas sweater, a black mini skirt, and a pair of knee-high boots – what else do you need to look cute and comfortable this Christmas?

When style meets comfort -

Aren’t these some really interesting Christmas outfit ideas to try out this season? Well, yes! So, what makes you wait? Choose the outfit idea that works best for you, and you are good to go!

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Top Thanksgiving Looks to Try Out This Season

This Thanksgiving, you are not going to show up in front of your guests in that chunky overcoat again. You are turning on your diva mode. So, whether you are thinking of impressing your in-laws or keeping it casual, we have got ideas for you. Here, you find some of the hottest Thanksgiving outfit ideas to try out this season. Dope on –

Simplicity says it all! – Wondering how to slip into a dress that features formal elegance as well as a casual charm at the same time? Well, your patent pants are going to make the job easy for you. To complete the look effortlessly, team them up with a soft pink sweater. Thus, this outfit is just perfect for this Thanksgiving – whether you are looking to show off your casual self or your formal best.

Simplicity says it all

Get the casual look right! You won’t believe how difficult it is to flaunt that casual chic look. And it’s easy to go wrong with your casual outfits. One mistake you make, and you look like a messy, sloppy clown. That’s why we say, don’t take a risk! Play it safe with a pair of nice ankle length jeans, a striped tee, a robe coat, and a pair of statement slides.

Get the casual look right

The midi magic! When you are just absolutely clueless as to whether you should put on something casual or formal, trust a midi dress. A midi dress will have the kind of effect on your getup no other dress will have. Its length offers that formal feel, and you can always choose a colour, cut or design that will make it look casual. Therefore, this is one more outfit to try out this Thanksgiving for that formal cum casual effect.

The midi magic

So cool yet so hot! So, you hate the biting winter cold as much as we do. Yes, you have a reason to show up in your puffer this Thanksgiving. But why not team it up with statement accessories, a drawstring pouch, shades, and let it up your style statement? This way, you will save yourself from the chilly winter breeze while dazzling like a diva.

So cool yet so hot

Make them feel jealous! Want to look like a million bucks this Thanksgiving? Why not go for a wrap dress? Wrap dresses are quite a rage these days. And to complete the look, you can slip into a pair of thigh high boots. Boots paired with dresses look heavenly. So, isn’t this a great outfit idea to save yourself from the winter chills while making your guests burn in envy? Well, why not!

Make them feel jealous

That effortless charm! This is a look that you can pull off almost effortlessly. All you need is a pair of track pants and a polished sweater, and your Thanksgiving getup is ready!

That effortless charm

Now, aren’t these some really amazing outfit ideas to try out this Thanksgiving? Well, yes! So, if you don’t own any of the clothing items mentioned above, rather than thinking, head to the market, toss the best pieces into your shopping cart, and you are good to go. Thanksgiving will never be so fashionable for you, ever!

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How to Wear Your Oversized Sweaters This Winter?

We have finally bid adieu to summers, and it’s officially the fall of winters. So, what this means in simple sweet, simple words is that it’s time to fill your wardrobe with chunky sweaters and beanies. While it’s okay to team your beanie with any casual winter outfit, sweaters need proper pairing. And if you have failed to team your pullover with the right bottoms or the accessories, it is going to let you down. Why let that happen, when you can dazzle like a diva this winter with smart techniques to wear your oversize pullovers? Find out what we mean-

The white magic

The white magic! Not trying to experiment with whites will be a folly on your part owing to the fact that there are so many amazing varieties of white pullovers available in the market. Teaming a chunky white sweater with a pair of wide-leg bottoms, going all white, is the fashion order of the day. For that touch of grace, you can choose a sweater with a defined waist. Take a big sling bag to complete the look and lo! You are all set to make all the winter-bitten women around burn in envy.

Layer it up

Layer it up! If you thought of layering your chunky pullover is not a good idea, you couldn’t be more wrong fashionably. An oversized pullover; a pair of nice denims; and a kaftan or maxi dress underneath the sweater- what else you need to slay? With a bulky bag and a pair of high-profile shoes, you are going to look like a million bucks. So, what makes you wait? Don this style to up your winter fashion.

Ooze out that rugged look

Ooze out that rugged look! For that model-off-duty look, you can pair your oversize sweater with a biker jacket, a pair of skin-tight jeans, and boots. To ooze out that real casual feel, you can complete the look with a cross-body sling bag. Guess what! Ornament the getup with a smile to die for, and you will be all ready to win hearts.

Hauntingly hot

Hauntingly hot! Want to look like a killer this winter? Well, take out your denim mini skirt and pair it up with your most favourite chunky white sweater. To add a splash of drama, team the ensemble up with thigh-high stockings and ankle length boots. If you are someone who denies shunning the hot look even during winters, then this is the get-up for you to try out this season.

Simple is special

Simple is special! Keeping your winter blues at bay won’t be a daunting task with this amazing dressing idea. Just team your oversized sweater with a slightly bell-bottomed pair of paints in floral print, and you will look out-of-this-world! Make sure you keep away from making things get too ‘matchy-matchy’ by carrying a bag that’s in contrast to the colour and design of the sweater as well as the bottoms.

Looking stylish in winters is an uphill task for many women, mostly because winter clothes look bulky. With these tips on how to cash on the bulkiness itself, you will become the fashion guru your peers will look up to. So, what makes you wait? Try out these amazing ideas on how to wear a chunky sweater and become that winter fashion diva, you always wanted to be!

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Set Couple Goals with the Top 5 Costume Ideas @Halloween 2017

Celebrated on the last day of October, Halloween marks the beginning of the train of winter celebrations. Being an age-old European custom, people show up in their Halloween costumes, ‘warding off the ghosts’ just prior to the All Saints Day. Pumpkin pies and lots and lots of candies, sweets and chocolates are given away among the children. In fact, while counting all the winter parties, Halloween happens to be the only one that has such fun costumes. Repeating a costume is an absolute no-no, but adding a little funk and dazzle to any dress from your closet can make way for the perfect Halloween costume.

Dressing up for Halloween is fun anyway, but when you hit the Halloween party with a partner, the best part is coordinating your costumes. So, here’s presenting you some apt ideas of couple coordinated costumes for the upcoming Halloween night.

The dagger player and his girl!

The dagger player and his girl!

This Halloween flaunt your cabaret dress, with a little drama. Gloves and a dazzling headgear are the mandates of your accessory list. For your partner, get a white shirt and a pair of black trousers. Make sure to replace your partner’s belt with a scarf matching to your dress. The icing on the cake are the pairs of knives that you can choose to adorn anywhere on your costumes.

Peter Pan with his shadow!

Peter Pan with his shadow

Stir up the fun and spark in your relationship with this Halloween costume. In a way, this one unveils the essence of every relationship, though a little clichéd yet, you play the shadow of your partner. For the one of you dressing up as Peter Pan, the collar of dress has to be the ‘Peter Pan’ one. While one of you dresses up in all colours, the other one has to drape up in black.

And the mandatory masquerade!

And the mandatory masquerade

Show up in the most dramatic masquerade masks of yours at the Halloween party this year. It can never go out of date, and out of place. The feathery ones, the glittery ones – play it as dramatic as you like. For the couple costumes, choose a decadent gown, with bare shoulders and an even dramatic hair-do- for the lady. A cape for the man should adequately compliment the drama quotient of the masquerade.

Superhero costumes!

Superhero costumes

Who said your plus one has to be your date? The superhero costumes of Batman and Robin are apt as well as easily available for this Halloween. Also, these being the ever-green costumes, you don’t run the risk of being the odd one out in the party.

The one from the Game of Thrones!

The one from the Game of Thrones

The popular TV series are ought to come alive in the room this Halloween, and Game of Thrones will unapologetically ace it all. While there are a plenty of characters to choose from, the ones for the couple costumes, none can beat Joffrey and Sansa. The bell-sleeved gown and the braided hair-do make up the mandates for the lady while keeping aside the crown; you can play it with the gold suit and red satchel like red cloth.

So, this Halloween, make it to the fun couple goals with these fun costumes ever.

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Rock your beach diaries in the trendiest of swimsuits!

‘Curves are good and chubby is the new ‘sexy’’ but little does that go with the tyres at your waist and the peek-a-boo bulge on your stomach nor can you deny your love for gorgeous cheek bones. Those glorious slim legs of Jacqueline Fernandes and the eternally slim waist-line of Deepika Padukone leave us pondering and sceptical about what probably could have gone wrong with our yet so strict diet charts.  

Well, we know, you try your best to stick to that tasteless health food every day, but the only thing that most of us miss out in the morning rush is exercise. You may often be hitting the gym, but what can be even more effective is a routine cardio-yoga hour. Of course, you can always get the ‘10 on 10’ gym instructor for a dream fitness regime, but for those who run short of time for the gym routine, here’s your personal yoga guide to lose that extra ‘chubby’ at your own place. 

 Buhh-bye baby fat! 

With a few yoga steps, you can do away with that ‘chubby cheeks-dimple chin’ image of yours and get that sculpted cheek bones. Simhasana or the lion pose is one of the most effective yoga poses for a slimmer face. As the name suggests, you need to sit on the floor with your knees closer beside one another and stoop. Your palms with all the fingers stretched should be placed on your knees and there you go breathing heavily, with your jaw dropped and tongue stretched outwards. This yoga pose helps you tone your face muscles, works on your jaw-line and cheek bones giving you a slimmer face. 

Bid adieu to your double chin 

No matter how much weight you lose, that double chin never stops making you look fat. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and with yoga, this way isn’t much tough either. Chin lock is a yoga pose that sculpts your jaw lines and helps you get rid of the double chin as well. Sit in the lotus pose, with your palms on each of your knees. Breathe in and lean forward a little, with your shoulders aligned in a straight line with your body. Press your chin towards your chest so that it remains locked between the collar bones. The moment you feel uncomfortable release your breath and move back to the initial posture.  

Don your swimsuit with your slender body 

Yoga poses have a rescue for the heavy legged ones as well. Three-legged dog is quite effective for a slender upper back and arms. Get in the posture of a down dog, touching the ground with a side head on position. Your right leg should be stretched as high as you can afford with your shoulders right parallel to the floor. Breathe steadily for about five times and get back to standing straight.  

Make the butt-out jeans’ totally yours 

Another of the popular yoga poses to burn down the thigh and butt fats is the ‘Fierce’ pose. Stand with both your feet closer together to start off. Slowly bend your knees, while breathing in. Once your knees are bent, lower the hips and raise the arms overhead. Breathe out and fold your hands while crossing the right elbow on your left knee, that’s pointing outwards. Press the palms firm together and push the bottom elbow against your thighs and lift up your chest to a greater twist. Your hips have to be pulled back keeping both the knees parallel. Breathe in and out for five counts and get release to the initial posture. 

Out of the long list of yoga poses, these are the few essentials to burn down your extra inches and flaunt all the dresses on your wish-list without the slightest doubt about ‘how you look’, and turn heads wherever you go. 



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Make Your Home Look Like a Glamorous Diva!


Maharashtrian New Year, Punjabi New Year, Bengali New Year, Tamil New Year, Chinese New Year, English calendar new year – admit it. These are just reasons for us to shop for new things – clothes, cars, jewellery, gadgets, kitchenware, and even furniture. But amidst all our preparation to make our lives easier and to look better, there is a Grande dame that is usually neglected. She’s important in our lives, very much so, but is often paid attention only when she’s in some kind of trouble.

The grand old thing being referred to here is none other than our homes! Don’t you think it’s time to up the style quotient of our home too, but her some fine old jewellery in the form of fittings and furniture, give her a spa makeover with new painting and varnishing, cleaning all the mouldy corners, and making the garden in front of her pretty again? We’d all love to stay in a good-looking house now, wouldn’t we? House improvements and renovations are admittedly expensive things, but here are a few decorative tips that you could use with a limited budget and make your house look better! Some of them are good enough to even make use of the old, unwanted things lying in your house!

  • Plump up some cushions! – Cushions big and small covered with cool covers – jewel toned, Indian heritage print, geometric printed, striped, or with appliqué work – they all look wonderful. Throw in a few of them colour co-ordinated with the interiors of your house and see what a difference they make! You can keep changing the covers o your cushions too just to keep some variety in the decor from time to time. A great way to make use of the old clothes and bed stuffing you have lying around your house would be to make hand-sewn cushions! Make the cushions and buy beautiful covers to reduce costs.
  • Personal Art – You don’t have to buy paintings worth thousands of rupees if you have some creative ideas of your own! Make your own paintings, fit them in well-polished wooden or shining metal frames and hang them where the light hits them just right. Sketching, drawing, or any other form of art that can be hung from walls should be used optimally. Even heavily worked upon fabrics can be framed and hung on walls. There are some urban ideas of creating your own artwork though. Use materials such as thread spools, matchsticks, seashells, pins, or even chocolate wrappers and create your own wall art!
  • The art of hiding – Now-a-days, there is no end of modern, small gadgets that we need to fill our houses with. Modems or routers, air purifiers, white noise machines, bulbs – it’s quite a long list! Rather than hanging out plain plastic boxes in boring colours like black, white, or beige, you could try placing them in bigger, artistic objects which could be used as show pieces too. For example, you could place light bulbs in large earthenware lanterns, or you could hollow out a big, thick book that’s no longer in use and place your router in it. Just be sure the designer cover doesn’t harm the gadget in any way and there is free flow of air from and to the device to prevent overheating.
  • Small objects d’arts – Ladies, you’d love this one! Do you regret buying that large brooch that’s all gold with large red metallic berries on it? Or do you have an artificial chain that has a hideous design and which you no longer wear anymore? Time to stop mourning about money lost on them and instead put them to good use! Make small objects – such as fridge magnets, rope ends for ropes that are used to tie curtains, decorations that can be fixed to curtain roads, make vases out of them by sticking them on plain mud or ceramic jars. There are several ways in which you can use jewels and make them look really pretty.
  • Painting – You don’t need to hire lazy painters to give our house walls an uplift! With the help of rollers and easy to use brushes, you can learn how to do the job yourself! You may need help in getting flaking old paint off the walls, or getting rid of hideous wallpapers using steam, but the rest should be easy enough to manage!
  • See through glass – there are so many beautiful cards and pictures that we have lying around our house and which we don’t have the heart to throw away. They instead lie in some dark, forgotten corner, or gather dust as they’re proposed against a wall like show pieces. Well, gather them and place them on your tables or counter tops that aren’t used too often. Then, take a large, thick sheet of glass cut to the dimensions of the table top and with rounded edges. Place the glass pane on the colourful pictures and voila! You’ve got yourself some table top art!
  • Shop from flea markets – Sales, flea markets, fairs, and exhibitions are great places to buy home decor items are great prices and after you’ve selected from a larger variety than you’d usually find in shops. So, keep your eyes peeled for advertisements for such events and make it a point to visit them. Select from cottage industry and indigenous items so that you do your bit for the country while you are sprucing up your home too!

Not all damaged things need to be given or thrown away. Some can be fixed a little or given a makeover and reused. Faded or stained rugs simply need to be cleaned well and then re-used in a proper manner; place large furniture pieces on those parts or cut the carpet into smaller pieces so they can be used as rugs or rooms! Use a little creativity, brush up on your bargaining skills, find alternate ways in which you could use cheap items like paints, lights, and wood to give your house a total makeover!