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Trending Winter Wedding Gowns This Season

Nope, you are not yet too late to pick on the dress for your wedding that’s due this winter. Traditional hemlines and trains or the trendy Bohemian gowns, classic white laces or the colourful sequined ones – here we are presenting for the brides-to-be, the best of 2018’s winter wedding dresses.

Glam it up with red –

An all red avatar is what you need to shine on your wedding. It has a body-hugging fit till the waistline and a sequined criss-cross running all over the torso of the dress makes up for the sparkly quotient. While it will be freezing outside, flaunt this red-hot gown and raise the temperature at your winter wedding.

See-through sleeves-

The see-through sleeves with lacy high-neckline and the wrists are trending this season. For those swooning over minimalistic jewellery ideas, this dress is ideal for you! The neckline and the wrist embroideries, and of course, the sheen flowing down the sleeves makes it a much-coveted wedding number. You can pick a Victorian styled tiara to compliment this outfit and a messy hair-do with a simple pair of earrings.

Matchup to the season

Well, this winter wedding season,let your gown blend with the season. The white lacy appliquéd details on the flowy long hemline with sequinned ornate details make up the sparkle quotient.It’s an absolute match for a picturesque frosty winter day wedding.

Ruffled in a minimalistic way

Ruffled in a minimalistic way

A long train and a finely ruffled up flowy skirt-like dress is a dream come true for the minimalist brides with not-so-overdone, yet pretty to perfection finish for the winter weddings.

Furry affair

Winter outfits and no fur- looks out of place. Add a subtle hint of fur complimenting your beautiful wedding silhouette. This dress has a plunging neckline keeping up to the fashion game while the furry cloak at the collar makes it even more apt for your winter wedding.

Dare to go bareback

Dare to go bareback

While most wedding gowns come with a plunging neckline this one’s a little different. Lacy floral appliques do the rounds for the torso and the loose-fitted baggy sleeves and the back going into a plunging V does make up for the oomph factor. This tulle wedding dress has a fairy-tale floor-sweeping hemline/train with pleated waistline making up for an illusory beautiful number.

Spellbinding simplicity

Spellbinding simplicity

Flaunt your petite figure in this simply lacy number on your wedding day. While the train and the flowers are mandates but for your first dance followed by an emotional and blissful ‘I do,’this classic A-line dress cannot be outshone.

A bohemian touch to your wedding

A bohemian touch to your wedding

The heretic ladies out there, you do not have to settle for the classic frills or necklines that do not gel with your personality or style statement. This lacy sheath scalloping the off-shoulder neckline is the ultimate style statement for the boho-chic bride,while the floor-sweeping hemline imparts the traditional touch.

A blushing bride

A blushing bride

Let your wedding dress match up to your natural blush on your D-day. While intricate translucent laces cover the sleeves and the torso, the flowy soft pink pleated tulle make-up the illusive effect.

The mermaid wedding gown

The mermaid wedding gown

This one’s the dream dress for the ones going gaga over detailed sequined designs and the flowy mermaid train. The A-line body hugging dress is the right pick to flaunt your curves while the embroidered lace petals on the straps make up for the oomph factor. The highly pleated hemline imparts the idyllic fairy-tale touch to your wedding dress.

Flaunt your curves or choose a heavily pleated hemline, or glow in your favourite shade of red or pink, break the myths and go all bold, dress to your heart’s content and walk down the aisle draped the way you have always dreamed to. Choose one from these trending winter wedding dresses and turn heads on your big day.

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Autumn-Winter Fashion Trends You Need To Follow This Season

Summers are gone, so it’s time to bid adieu to all those flowy floral dresses and embrace the autumn/winter fashion. The autumn-winter fashion trends are classic and tempting. Some of the new looks for the season have already hit the high-end fashion stores in advance. The autumn-winter 2018 is everything loud, shiny, feely, and touchy.

It is the best time for fashion enthusiasts as new-styles make their way to the stores. The idea of picking new outfits for the upcoming season can be overwhelming. Here’s a look at the biggest trends to invest which are sure to make a statement this season:

Animal Charm

Animal Charm

Without mentioning animal print, it is not possible to talk about the autumn/winter season. It’s time you buy a leopard print silk midi skirt and faux snakeskin ankle boots along with a zebra print dress. Stripes and spots are going to be a huge hit this season. Animal prints are an amalgamation of wild and bold which gives the wearer a fierce attitude.

Checks Back in Action

Checks Back in Action

Back in 1995, people were crazy for a bright coloured plaid suit, and Cher Horowitz was the ultimate style icon. Then Versace brought it back in the nineties. Fendi has brought a print that will give your work-wear a rebellion touch. After animal print, checkered plaid takes the second position as the print of the season.

The Seventies Revisited

The Seventies Revisited

The ramps always witness a reincarnation of the seventies from the crop of trouser and massive fringing to smudgy coloured prints. This season, brown colour from seventies is here to rule. Brown might be the colour you always shy away from but it is going to be the shade of the season. You can wear brown all season as there are various hues to choose from such as tobacco, caramel, chestnut, and mahogany.

Pretty Short Dresses

Pretty Short dresses

Yet another fashion trend that will rule this season is pretty short dresses. It is inspired by the second half of the 1980s which was all about silk, satin, brocade, crystals, velvet, and sequins used in abundance, but on the smallest of dresses. One can pair these dresses with extravagant jewellery, fancy bags, shoes, hair accessories, sunglasses and gloves. These dresses are going to be the most flaunted ones on Christmas parties.

Slouchy Boots

Slouchy boots

Though the cowboy, snake print boots and knee-high boots will all take the stage for autumn, one style that will take over others is the slouchy boots. Call it the revival from the 70s or the ease of tucking in your trousers and jeans; they are making a statement this season in a variety of colours.

Crystals Rule

Crystals Rule

You will see a lot of crystals this season. From sneakers to hair bands, there is a crystal item to suit every possible need. You can choose from flouncy and girlish to punk and sporty. The jewellery departments across the globe will drip in a lot of faux diamonds.

If you are someone who likes to stay updated on fashion trends, you now have an idea of what to stack in your wardrobe this season.

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Top 9 Summer Trends To Look Out For!

Summer brings in latest style trends that are inspired to levy comfort as well as ooze out style statement that is hard to resist. With flowing fabrics, white and pastels and the mesmerizing design details, this summer will boast of trends, which are simple, chic, and elegant. Here is a handpicked version of the top 10 trends, which are sure to mark their place this season:

Culottes- Your best summer attire –

Culottes- Your best summer attire

Vouching for comfort with style in every fibre, the black and white culotte is a staple for this summer season. Pair it with monotone top or colourful one to create an instant vibrant look.

Dress it up button style –

Dress it up button style

Nothing matches the chic appeal that a dress can levy. Go for a neutral shaded buttoned-down dress with bare minimum prints for the ultimate look. With sneakers and top hairdo, the ensemble is just stunning.

Cool and Casual Denim Shirts –

Cool and Casual Denim Shirts –

One apparel that one can never go wrong with is denims. Shoulder embroidered denim shirts are just wow creating the poise and elegant look. Ideal with jeans, shorts or capris, it surely is a must-have in summers. For the classy appeal, go for denim shirted jackets.

Breezy pastel dress –

Breezy pastel dress

Summers invoke a breezy style and perhaps that is the very reason that flared dresses become the ultimate choice. The pastel yellow dress with ruffled sleeves is a simple yet comfy dress. To add a little oomph factor, pair it with denim or multi-coloured jackets creating a drastic change of look.

The oomph—off-shoulder blouse –

The oomph—off-shoulder blouse –

Off-shoulder blouses have been doing rounds for a while but twist it with one side off-shoulder in a bowed patterned to create an awe-inspiring look. In strips of contrasting shades along with shorts such as tweed, a stylish quotient is levied. Apt for casual as well as semi-casual events, the apparel stands as a perfect combination of style and comfort.

Style it with Cropped Flared Jeans –

Style it with Cropped Flared Jeans

Give a refreshing change to your jeans collection this summer, by opting for a cropped, flared white pair of jeans that look stunning. Pair it up with any kind of top, mostly of vibrant and pomp hues, to add a contrast. With a bag and sleek heels, the ensemble is just complete

Wrap it up!

Wrap it up

Embrace your feminine side with a wrapped skirt, which is just amazing. A monotone shade skirt in black with a slit cut levies a stunning and gorgeous appeal. To add a hint of playfulness, go for ruffled up hemlines.  Pair it up with contrasting shade blouse and sandal to complete the ensemble.

Chic up the look with Romper –

Chic up the look with Romper –

Romper is definitely a dress to have in summers. This one-piece attire is all you need to don on when you are unable to make a choice. White base rompers in light design patterns are the best choice though loads of options are available in the market. For a classy and bossy touch, go for collar sleeve pattern.

Bodice hugging dress with a belt –

Bodice hugging dress with a belt –

A bright coloured bodice hugging dress in vibrant rainbow hues or alternating shades in stripes is an excellent choice in summers. To add a hint of style quotient, opt for belts that create an instant elegant appeal.

Follow these tips and flaunt your style this summer!

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Street Fashion trends and tips for women

Street fashion was, is and will be in vogue. There is perhaps something unlikable about street styling. If you are a die-hard fan of street fashion, then you should definitely dope on these amazing street style items and trends, cherry-picked for the fashionista in you. Here is the comprehensive list-

A single statement earring

A single statement earring: Well, this is nothing new. A number of people have tried this idea before. But the question that arises here is- are you game for this style? Yes, you! Don’t fear dissymmetry; being too symmetrical is a passé now. Flaunt a statement earring in one of the ears and simply rock the world.

Stripe it out

Stripe it out! Vertical stripe pants are a street style lovers’ favourite. Whether you team them up with slouchy tops or well-fitted shirts, you can’ simply go wrong with your looks.

Elegant blazers

Elegant blazers! If you are one of those crazy fashion lovers who want their street style items to radiate that uptown feel too, then you should definitely go for a slightly oversized blazer. With the right type and colour of top to complete the look with, you can make your blazer scream out style.

Evergreen polka dots

Evergreen polka dots: Street styling can never be complete without something polka dotted. Whether it’s a puffed shirt, a shade with thick frames, a bag or a pair of the bottom, if it’s polka dotted, it’s street ready. A pair of high waist jeans, oval framed shades, middle-parted hair and a polka dotted crop jacket are all that you need to look like a bombshell this season. Haven’t tried yet? Come on!

Fanny packs are back

Fanny packs are back! A fanny pack never really went out of fashion. But the varieties that you see today can make all earlier styles feel intimidated. Opt for a style that suits your personality best, and get set to slay.

Those ever cool berets

Those ever cool berets! If you thought berets are outmoded now, you couldn’t be more wrong. Berets are back, and they are back with a bang. With the right colour and the fabric, you are simply going to look out-of-this-world. Yes, don’t forget to flaunt your shaggy hair underneath the cool beret for that much-needed downtown look.

Net bags are the order of the day

Net bags are the order of the day! If you don’t have a net bag, you sure don’t figure in the list of craziest street style lovers. A net bag is a rage these days, and with gaudy colours, they look heavenly. The kind of casual feel net bags ooze out is, in one word, ‘matchless.’

Kitten heel mania

Kitten heel mania! Gone are the days when kitten heels were considered unfashionable, today they are the dream pair of shoes for every street style lover. For that extra dash of oomph, just pick the carmine red pair from the market.

Say yes to cowboy boots

Say ‘yes’ to cowboy boots! Cowboy boots are definitely the new in-thing, and with ankle-length jeans, they simply look bold.

It’s not always uptown elegance that rocks one’s look; sometimes that downtown flavour is also needed to tickle the fashion taste buds. If you think you can carry the latter better, then trying out these items and styles mentioned above is a must.

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Gentlemen are what the world needs, and what you should be too!

Look around you and you will find so many men trying to prove themselves to be the “real man”. Not sure what that entails! But it surely doesn’t mean that they should ill treat women or try to do crazy stuff in an attempt to prove how “manly” they are. For men who mistake all brawn and no brains to be an attractive combination – you are so wrong! In today’s world, a man with nerves of steel but a chivalrous heart is more precious to everyone than men who can just be physically strong. There is so much more than sheer strength that defines a gentleman. Let’s look at some of them:

  1. Service – Yes, believe it or not, serving others in their times of need doesn’t just make you a good person, it also defines you as a true gentleman. It’s not easy to serve others selflessly, though. There are many men who argue that they already help other people enough, which should be ample reason for them to be considered as true gentlemen. Well folks, one needs to find out if there were any ulterior motives behind helping someone, or doing something good for others.

Those who serve only when they know they will get something in return, or who are expecting favours at a later stage from the people they have served, they are just being good to themselves. They are not being true gentlemen. This is one form of self-serving and being calculative when it comes to choosing what actions we perform.


  1. Honesty – True gentlemen wouldn’t shy away from speaking the truth, even if it is not as palatable to others as it is to them. Sometimes, the truth that we speak often leaves a lingering bad taste in our own mouths, but suppressing truth for the sake of being popular, or because of cowardice doesn’t befit a man who is trying to be a gentleman. There are times when you need to be tacit while discussing matters with someone, especially in professional areas. That doesn’t mean that you be completely dishonest and dupe people. You need to learn how to be honest enough not to hurt anyone in any manner.
  2. Self-Reliance – We all dream big, but most of don’t want to work smart or hard for it. We are all so busy looking for shortcuts in life that we fail to realise that self-reliance is a treasure that will see us through the bad times for our whole lives. Relying on our physical and mental capabilities is a power few people possess.

Many people try to climb on the backs of other people to get what they desire, often at the cost of physical and mental illnesses caused to the people they are just using for their ends. A gentleman would avoid misusing someone’s generosity and goodness for their benefits. He would be capable enough of handling his troubles on his own, make ways to fulfil not just his dreams but even of those whom he loves the most.


  1. Humility – Being good at something doesn’t give one the ticket to lord over someone who is trying to be good at the same time. Let’s look at this with a simple example.


There is a man who is exceptionally good at driving and who is always the designated driver when he goes out with his friends on an adventure. He navigates cars like no one else and can make them cross even the toughest terrains. Now, there is another man or one of his lady friends who would like to learn how to be a driving expert like him. They approach him to learn a few tricks, and he scoffs at their apparent lack of knowledge and skill. He may agree to share his knowledge, but he never misses an opportunity to let the others know that they were indebted to him, and there is no something lacking in them because they had to approach him for this help in the first place.


On the other hand, there is another man who is not as skilled as the first man in driving, but who has a cheerful disposition and shares his knowledge with others just as we would share cake out of happiness and mutual friendship. He teaches his friends some tricks to improve their driving in a way that makes them feel happy and confident. Now, although the latter is not an expert as the first, due to his humility and good nature, he would be the popular car tutor than the first.


  1. Honour – The great bard William Shakespeare in the book Richard II had included a very profound quote that leaves a deep impact on many minds even today. “Mine honour is my life; both grow in one. Take honour from me, and my life is done.” Honour is the driving force that makes men grow into gentlemen. Courage and honour are values that go hand in hand most times.


In fact, courage is often born out of the sense of honour that we feel towards a person or ideology. You can show honour and you may not be put to test to prove your honour, so a show of courage is not always required! But the feeling of respect and loyalty when combined together makes us value certain things and people more than others. The honour that we show to things and people also define a man’s nature.


A man who honours his country above anything else is called a patriot, and a man who honours the sanctity of money in any financial deal is known as a keen businessman. A man with no honour could probably be bought at the right price, either monetary or otherwise, to do anything that we need done but don’t want to, or cannot do ourselves.

For example, consider a man who works a particular company but has no honour for it, despite it being a good company being managed by a reasonably fair management team. Now, should this person be offered a better compensation by another company for leaking trade secrets, it would be quite easy for him to accept the money and sell out his company, just because he lacks the ability to honour it.


Honour in our family name, our country, our traditions and culture, and many other important things in life make a man truly worthy of being known as a reliable person.


  1. Self-Discipline and Self-Reliance – The difference between animals and humans is that we learn how to control our impulses, or animal instincts, and learn to behave in a civilised manner. Should we stop doing that, we would be no better than animals. Sadly, there are several men who misuse the natural strengths they are gifted with from birth and inflict torture on people weaker and younger than them. There is no necessity to shed light on the plight of women who have suffered at the hands of unruly men, because it is such a gigantic problem that still looms large in our face, no matter which part of the earth we live on.


A true gentleman would be a master of his impulses, especially if he knows unleashing them would cause harm or pain on another person. Reacting to situations with a level head and leading a life that is productive are valuable habits that all men should cultivate if they want to be successful with the women they love and the people that matter to them.


  1. Fairness and Equality – Let’s be honest, there are some people we like more than we do others. Some people are foolish enough to be discriminatory on the basis of country of birth, skin colour, gender, or wealth.


There are some people who prefer the company of one person than that of others because they feel more comfortable around them. Some people are better liked because of their good nature and friendly companionship. But just because you share a better equation with some people, you cannot be biased towards them for important matters. You cannot ignore the fact that they have flaws and can make mistakes, and you must not let your closeness for one person lead to injustice being done to another person.


A true gentleman will remain unbiased, open minded, fair in making his decisions at all times. He wouldn’t discriminate on the basis of physical attributes, or attributes that never held any significance at all. Any decisions to be made would be on the basis of a person’s capabilities, knowledge, and passion for the thing or activity they are being judged for.


  1. Courage – Facing adversity head on and taking brave steps when no one else would requires a lot of courage. The courage to take care of your family by relying on your strengths, the courage to face the highs and lows of love, to be strong when your loved ones or you face dangers and tough times – this is something that distinguished you from the wimps who run at the first sight of trouble or discomfort, pushing the so-called women to face the licking flames of worries on their own!


  1. Grooming – Last, but not the least, pay attention to the way you look. Men who dress comfortably and immaculately are appreciated, but men who dress sloppily in clothes that don’t fit him well enough are not given as much importance. Grooming also includes another important personal aspect – hygiene. A person who maintains high levels of personal hygiene invariably looks neat, because he prefers maintaining a certain level of decorum and order even in the way he dresses.


Grooming is not just about looking vain or pretty. It is a reflection of the discipline you are showing to yourself, and proving that you honour the gifts you are blessed with. It proves that you are willing to make the best of what you have got and create a likeable impression on the minds of the people you meet or interact with.

So, you can see, you don’t need to perform special rituals or sacrifice a poor, speechless animal on a no moon night under a sycamore tree, naked, in order to become a gentleman. You just need to polish your rough edges and let the innate goodness in you be stronger than the negative forces that run within all of us. Take inspiration from gentlemen who faced all the troubles that they saw in their lives without losing their charm, their strength, their positivity, and dignity. Be a great gentleman yourself so that you can form a positive impression on your children and the men around you. What better compliment can you get than seeing men transform into gentlemen by taking cues from you!