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How to impress a girl? Here are 5 essential tips

Drooling over that girl at your workplace or don’t know how to impress a girl? Or every time she looks at you, your thoughts go upside-down? Guys, guys, guys! If looking was to fetch the water, then the crow would never have gone for the pebbles meticulously. If you want to book her for life, or even for a date, you need to go beyond just drooling and make the first move. While asking her out on a date, you need to keep it optimally romantic as guys always run the risk of either being categorized as a ‘cheapo’ or brutally friend-zoned. Here’s a guide that suggests, not to take-the-pains of delivering the cliché poetic lines and sweep her off her feet with your drop-dead attitude instead.   

Yes, light does travel faster than sound! 

As the scientific theory says, light does travel faster than sound, and so does your looks. In order to impress a girl, who is not in your friends’ circle, you have to look your simple best every time you exchange glances with her. Nope, we don’t refer to the hazelnut eye-colour or the Greek’s sculpted faces. No matter how handsome you are, all of it goes futile when you are not properly groomed. An extremely eye-catching hair style and a well-shaven look atop the list in this case. And yes, do remember to smell well. Also, the well-trimmed beard is too ‘in’ these days. When coordinated with your hairstyle, girls go gaga over those with beards. 

Your etiquettes define your personality  

Pulling up a chair for her or the little gestures of respect for the elderly people and especially other women take you to the top in her good books. To a girl, you are considerably well reared up, if and only if you respect women, of course, you got to bring it to her notice. Nope, a show off doesn’t always do it for you, as far as smart girls are concerned. Try to be polite in your gestures and express your high-regard for women while you talk. Don’t miss out on the table etiquettes on your team lunches with her either for a small dose of sophistication. Be your simple self as guys who are more into show-off, seldom gets the wise nod in the long run. 

Keep it simple yet witty  

Girls are not into your heroic cool quotient these days. It is all about your sense of humour for the classy and smart girls. Your girl will be all in for you if she finds you witty enough.







Yet again, you need to be careful with your ways and gestures because they laugh the hardest with their best friends. So, do not opt for the all-time joke-box to prevent the friend zone. The idea is to keep her occupied much interestingly with your witty one-liners and not make her laugh all the time you talk.  

A good vocabulary 

No matter what, to impress the independent and successful women, a sharp vocabulary played well with an ought-to-be correct grammar does get you the ultimate nod. Yet again, you just need not overdo it with fancy words every time, the key lies in keeping it adequate. 

Spoil her with loyalty 

Once you earn her attention, her trust is the next in queue. As most of the contemporary ladies are quite well-sufficient for themselves, diamonds and other expensive gifts of the sort are not enough to please them every time. You need to spoil her with loyalty instead of luxuries, as she can finance herself. And once you earn her trust, you can take it as more than half-way done.  








So, get your girl at the earliest and book her for a lifetime with these essential tips. 



Impress a Girl

I (don’t think I’m ready to say) do

What Commitment issues in the love of today hold for tomorrow

Those were the days! People saw each other; the cupid struck its arrow right in time, and they fell in love. When they fell in love, nothing seemed to matter – the age, whether people would approve of their love or not, education, money, jobs – nothing. The only thing mattered to those two people in love was the fact that they were in love. A natural progression towards taking that love to the next possible high was getting committed to each other in some way – engagement, marriage even. Everything possible for a “happily ever after” was woven right into the fabric; and surprisingly so, it did fall into place!

But, a few years back, things were not so rosy anymore. Doubts and suspicion and cynicism of it all crept in. And now as we see and feel all around us, men and women are so scared to consider even falling in love. Even if that happens, there is no scope for a commitment – as they say, putting a ring on to it. Other things are more important than wasting time in the hassles of love or the concept of togetherness. Fear of commitment has turned out to be a most prominent emotional issue of our times.

This comes as a shock as first – humans are social animals; they need stimulation only another human can provide, on a physical and mental – emotional level. The issue at hand is, stimulation is welcome, but the compromises that come along with it are not.

A very modern term for a special class of people (who are quite abundant these days) is called “adultscent” – an adolescent adult, the one who wants all the perks of being an adult like qualm – free sex and the power to earn one’s own money but refrains from the responsibilities of being one – like family and kids.

How many 30 something’s, both men and women we see these days, who are unmarried, childless and still living like 20 something’s? Most even don’t have their own houses, they still live with their parents or have a rental accommodation. They are simply too busy living life like a free bird and too petrified of a lifestyle where they would be bound to someone for good and worse, that someone would be dependent on them for sustenance (spouse or a baby)! Who has time for that kind of shit, when life gives you more options for everything, as compared to the options the previous generation had?

This increase in one’s choices has led to questioning the entire institution of marriage. When there can be so many, why settle with one? Especially, the tolerance for the other person’s flaws and handicaps has gone down considerably, making it extra hard to adjust and attune oneself to the other person. It might not be a bad way to live, but one can ponder on the question, “will this be the same forever?”

When one has a partner bound to them by trust and loyalty, there is someone to grow old with. The body will give in to late nights and alcohol overdose one day or the other – you cannot party as much forever or can you work the same amount right into your old age. And,at that moment, will you not need someone, who knows you inside out and supports you while you struggle with your glasses or your denture?