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Compare Smartphones: Apple iPhone XS vs. Samsung Galaxy S10

Today’s smartphones are quite literally marvels of technology. They feature designs and processors so fast, that a task that takes longer than a few seconds is considered slow. The processors under these machines are simply extraordinary. Today, these machines have more computing power than the rockets that sent the first men to the moon; all of which fit in chips which are a few nanometres wide.

When it comes to the best devices in 2019, there are very minor differences which separate the goliaths at the top. Yet, there is one new entrant, which has quite simply set the bar for what a 2019 smartphone should be. That device is the new Samsung flagship the Galaxy S10. It comes sporting the latest SoC from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 855, which is supposedly faster than even the A12 bionic, which features in the iPhone XS. The processor offers superior graphics performance, as well as better RAM management than any previous Snapdragon processor.

Samsung S10

The S10 also comes with the best AMOLED display, featuring a whopping 550+ppi density. The phone is also the first mainstream flagship to sport the hole punch, hence demarcating the fact that Samsung has never embraced the notch culture.

The phone also features not two, but rather three cameras, a primary, a zoom lens and a wide angle lens. This makes it the first time Samsung has incorporated a three-camera system. The quality is top notch and is equally comparable to the system employed by the iPhone. The smartphone also comes with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, which allows you to unlock the phone at lightning fast speeds, through the screen itself. This is a revolutionary new step as it replaces the conventional haptic touch-based fingerprint scanners.

The phones also feature hefty batteries to ensure it runs all day. Samsung has quite simply outdone them with this iteration of the Galaxy S10. They also understand that with the rise in quality and prices of the device, they have to offer a device which is slightly more affordable; hence, they have the younger S10E, which features the same powerful processor, but tones down on the camera and display. There is also a bigger, S10 plus which features a wider screen along with a dual front-facing camera.

IPhone XS

When it comes to competing with the iPhone XS, the Galaxy S10 is quite neck in neck. The S10 takes the crown when it comes to screen, power, new technology, and battery. The iPhone also punches above its weight; it can stand equally when it comes to power and battery and one ups the Samsung when it comes to camera quality. The images from the iPhone are quite simply stunning, and the S10 does a little overexposure which slightly makes the image warmer. Both devices are the best choices one can have when looking out for a smartphone; they simply tick all the important pillars of a smartphone; the display, power, battery, camera and experience. You cannot go wrong when you are choosing either of these heavyweights.   



Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Skyrocketing advancement or a cobweb of doom?

There is a little bit of AI in every person’s life. From voice recognizing SIRI, to facial locking systems and automated cars, a hint of Artificial Intelligence can be easily reflected. A huge momentum has gained in the recent past making Artificial Intelligence a conversational staple. In fact, the utilization of AI in the healthcare, agriculture, and education industry has truly proved its usefulness. Technologists, software engineers, entrepreneurs, and future predictors have a different opinion on this topic. And with the advent of sci-fi Hollywood movies such as Matrix, the question of AI as a threat has constantly popped up. Perhaps, this is the very reason that controversies and arguments on the boon and bane of AI have gained importance. Well, there are definitely two sides to a coin. Read on to gain a deeper insight:

Benefits of the advancement of Artificial intelligence

Let’s talk about the good things first. The concept of Artificial Intelligence, which was perceived in the 1950s with the idea of automating mundane tasks, is the major benefit of it. One can easily program the system to follow a set of instructions and repeat them, and unlike a human, it definitely will not get bored. But there is more to AI than just repeated work. Enlisted are a few of them:

  • Can be programmed for any kind of work – So, this is the intelligence that one can carve out. Program it in a manner, with a set of algorithms and voila the work gets done. This saves a lot of time and requires only one-time effort.
  • Makes task easier, faster and effective – Owing to the ability to perform repeated tasks, it definitely aids in makes the task easier and effective. A lot of data can be dumped on AI, and the analysis can be received in a few minutes time. All the more, it makes all kinds of work very easy and convenient

  • Error-free – Now this one a biggie. Mundane and monotonous tasks are prone to human error, but AI is not. Until and unless there is something wrong with the programming, one can be assured of correct results.
  • Application in Healthcare Industry – Surgeries such as laparoscopy and other laptop related operations are possible thanks to AI. A lot is being envisaged like enabling voice in case of famous scientist Stephen Hawking’s, and a lot is on the way of development.
  • Enhances and simplifies our lifestyle – All the complex procedures can be taken care of which ultimately makes life very easy, enhancing the overall lifestyle. In fact, with the aid of AI, one can completely revamp one’s living style automating a set of things.
  • Reduces the burden on the human being – Stress is one of the biggest factors that is a big issue in the human beings. And one of the reasons for stress is the massive amount of work that one needs to deal on a day to day basis. AI has helped reduce this by automating many things at home as well as the workplace. This will truly count as a huge benefit.
  • Helps to replicate the cognitive thinking- The entire concept behind AI was not just automating things but also ensuring that cognitive skills are being enhanced so that if a given set of conditions is fed, the decision can be automatically taken.

Probable threats of AI

Undoubtedly, AI has many wings in its cap, but of lately, a lot of discussion is hovering on the fact that AI has the potential to become a potential threat in the near future. In words of Mr. Stephen Hawking’s, he described the cognitive ability of the machines to be dangerous and could become destructive, if not taken care of. In fact, many of the scientists are also questioning the application of AI, which, if not monitored properly, could be designing a cobweb of doom. Here are certain threats that experts in the industry are anticipating



  • Can be a threat if programmed wrongly – It is very easy to program the AI for destructive measures, which is of no good. In case, the machine lands up in wrong hands, or with people of bad intention, it will be very difficult to take control

  • Chances of spam and hacking – The digital world is prone chances of spam and hacking, and with the advent of AI, the chances of such mishaps multiply. In fact, Artificial Intelligence doesn’t basically think and just follows a set path which would accelerate chances of such cybercrime.
  • Lacks judgemental power – Artificial Intelligence can copy cognitive thinking to a certain extent, but it cannot gain the power of empathy. Judging something from the perspective of empathy is a gift only to human beings and perhaps coming even close to it will take some more decades of research and development.
  • Over intelligence can mar the world of human – There is a saying that excess of anything is dangerous, and hence, over the intelligence of AI could be one major threat. They could make plans or decisions which in the human world may not be all right.

AI is a technological advancement which is one of its kinds in ages. However, whether it is a boon or a bane only time can tell us.



Can artificial intelligence solve the world mysteries?

Have you ever wondered the science behind Bermuda triangle or the concept of black holes? Well, there are so many unsolved mysteries of the world, which keep fascinating us. And yes, scientists too are scouting their way out to find out answers, but till date, the thirst for unveiling the mysteries remains intact. But yes, the racking minds keep on exploring options that could aid in coming up with some logical possibilities. And, in today’s technology spurred world, the hope is only through AI.

Understanding AI
AI, or Artificial Intelligence as popularly known, is gaining huge popularity. A mix of machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks, AI boasts of complex algorithms that can model out various probabilities in just a few minutes. Hence, AI can be used to design models which otherwise could have taken hundreds of years. So, AI can be programmed to get some results which can then be interpreted.

Mysteries vs. Quantum Physics
There is an interesting correlation between Quantum Physics and the Mysteries of the world. In fact, Scientists have understood black hole or Bermuda Triangle to whatever extent is only thanks to quantum physics. Quantum defines each and every particle and tries to understand their movement for interpreting the concept. Now, every proton or neutron has various spinning abilities, which leave a trail of probabilities. To figure out the possibilities of all the probabilities, one needs to model out equations and solve them. With a known amount of data, this work can be done by machine and programmed to be solved by AI.

Now AI functions only in the way they are programmed, but they are gifted with the cognitive ability that makes them superior. Related results can be compared or interpreted to gain insights. For example, black hole revolves around gravity and gravitational pull, which in mathematical format can be illustrated by a three-dimensional formula. By adding a fourth dimension of time, definitely something can be reached at, although not completely. If not solving, it can surely trigger a perspective thinking which eventually will lay the foundation for the next level of research.

So, can AI be used for unravelling mysteries?
Well, it cannot be said for sure, but yes, it seems that we are on the way to it. AI has been established to an extent where its cognitive abilities are getting enhanced, and if proper data be provided to it, the day is not far away from where a man will have an answer to all his questions. In fact, AI will bring data modelling to a very different level, automatically most of the processes and come up with some insights that will leave one and all in amazement.



A Short Checklist For A Wise Buy of Latest Laptops

Laptops are probably next in the queue after smartphones in the gadget world when it comes to the privilege of working on the go. Be it your official work or the personal transactions like those of banking and e-shopping or entertainment or the several digital editing fronts for photographers and musicians, the new versatile models of laptops are doing the rounds everywhere. Considering the purposes, it serves and the investment involved for a laptop, you do need to have a proper checklist before you make your buy. Here’s a short checklist that you can keep handy for a worthy buy of latest laptop model, once you have decided on the platform or operating system. 

Suitable size 

For those of you who are in the dire need of a work-station, the laptop models ranging between 17 and 18 inches are the ones you should be considering. Basically, these work-stations are packed with high-end performances and processing units.  

For those who need it to be on-the-go- be it designing, be it reading e-books or be it watching movies on-the-go, the slim and lighter laptop models need to be considered. Popular brands like HP, Dell, and Lenovo have come up with the likes with the screen sizes ranging between 11 and 12 inches.  

In case you are not likely to carry your laptop around, all the time and yet looking for the portable options- the ones ranging between 13 and 15 inches can best serve your purpose of usability and portability. 


There are a plenty of options in CPUs when it comes to choose the right laptop for you. Apart from the popular and high-end ones of Intel Cores i5 and i7, you do get a number of other options to choose from.  

As per the basic productivity is concerned, the APU’s have gained a good popularity. These processors from the American hub of Advanced Micro Devices come cheaper and are work quite good enough as far as productivity, media viewing and web surfing are concerned.    

Intel core i3 is the one for you in case of a tight budget as it provides comparably good productivity and speed. Also, you can plan to switch up to the Core i5 later. 

Intel Xeon is the ultimate one for those who are into high-end video editing, professional engineering and 3D modelling. Though quite a bit on the expensive end, these processors are absolutely powerful for high performance mobile workstations. The only thing you get a bit less with these is the battery life. 

Battery life 

Those who are looking for a workstation that is more likely to stay indoors or at a particular outlet, battery life is not the major concern. But for those who are looking for a slim and portable laptop that is more likely to be carried around all day for work, battery life is meant to be a major concern. Go for the ones with a battery life of about 6 to 8 hours for a better performance. 

Graphics chip 

For the gaming buffs, a high-end graphics chip is essential. Also for those working with editing of high resolution videos and 3D object creations a discrete processor for graphics should be atop the checklist. The graphics chips that share system memory is the one required for the regular work not related the above mentioned high-end performance. Graphics chips and processors for both the options are available from Nvidia and AMD. 

The convertibles 

Leading brands like HP, Lenovo, Dell and Acer have come up with an impressive range of convertible laptops. Yes, you got it right! These can be used as normal work stations as well as tablets. Again, there are few expensive laptop models that allow multiple tilt angles. These are also equipped with touch screen features. Despite the smooth and high-end features, these convertible 2-in-1’s and 3-in-1’s come with a pretty less battery life lasting a maximum of 3 to 4 hours. 


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Essential Checklist For Mid-Range Smartphones

‘The more you get to know, the more you desire to know’- this has been the effect of advancing technology in our lives, the present generation is totally into a ‘smart-gadget-centric’ life. Rural or urban irrespective of the locale, mobile phones are spreading like a wild fire. The smartphones have almost washed off the traces of the landlines and even the older cell phones. The best part is that, the top brands are aiming at the markets with their affordable mid-range smart phones along with the high-end ones, thereby winning the mediocre crowds. Nevertheless, the premium range smartphones from companies like Apple, Google and Samsung never fail to dominate the smartphone markets across the globe.  

Must-haves in a mid-range smartphone 

There is a crowd which only understands the high range smartphones with certain brand labels. Yet again the mid-range smartphones are fetching pretty good revenue owing to their ‘affordable luxury’ content to the smartphone companies. Lenovo, LeECo, Panasonic, mid-range smartphones are pouring in from several brands, and if we go by the numerical figures, about 19 new smart phones are being launched in a couple of months. So, while you choose your mid-range smartphone, do keep a check on the following mandates. 

Operating system: Android, iOS or Windows- each offers a special set of features. And yes, all variants of iPhones are not as expensive as the newer versions- so you can check out the iOS features without fearing a cash crunch. Android is perhaps, the most common and popular one if you go by the mediocre crowd, yet people never fall out of love with the smoother user-interface of iPhones. Windows itself is a unique one, coming with its own cloud storage system. Owing to the pricing by various brands, you can opt for any of the operating system fitting into your mid-range budget. 

Display: The foremost thing for a smart phone to pass off as a good one is its display. A proper display obviously caters to convenient usage of your smartphone. Check for the display technology and picture resolution listed in the detailed features while deciding on your smartphone model. If not the pocket burning ‘retina display’ of iPhones, you can go for one with a minimum of 300ppi pixel density and a resolution as high as 1280 by 720, for the optimum picture clarity. 

Battery Life: Smartphones are nothing without the mobile applications. Gaming, texting, sharing photographs, videos and audios, video calling, storing presentations, spreadsheets, word documents and to top it all off the e-transactions – our smartphones serve us in numerous ways. But, what if the battery exhausts in the mid of a hectic day, wherein you have important documents saved in your smartphone? You cannot afford to wait for your phone to switch on in the middle of a meeting. So, while ticking the mobile apps off your checklist, do make sure you have the battery life at the top of your checklist. Look for 2000mAh battery feature for the least, so that you can rely on your smartphone for a day of moderate use. 

Storage: While deciding on your purchase of smartphone, storage should be atop your checklist. With apps like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, we do need a smartphone with a greater internal memory. Also, saving Word documents and Power Point presentations take up a lot of space. But all thanks to the cloud storage systems like Google Drive, Drop Box and Microsoft Sky Drive, relying on which we can go for the mid-range smartphones with a decent internal storage. Also, you can go for those smart phones that offer expandable memory. 

Out of all, the Android smartphones have commendably accommodated a good number of features within the mid-range budget. Newer brands like Lyf and Honor are peeping from amidst the popular brands where the mid-range smartphones are concerned. So, you need not always go with the popular expensive brands, go with greater set of features for smartphones instead.


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Why the iPhone 7 meant zero to me?

A little bit about technology first

The fascination for technology has gripped even common men nowadays. They’re no longer restricted to mad scientists who know how to get glass and metal together to create a device that can voice out directions to a car driver. Nor is it interesting for rich, flamboyant Tony Stark admirers who have a lot of money to invest in gadgets of the future. It can be found in varying degrees in all spheres of life – transportation, accommodation, shopping, medical treatments, entertainment, laundry, banking, and even cooking!

Examples of technological advancements:

Proof of technology being so important can be found in several instances.

•  India switched to demonetization and cashless payment options swiftly enough thanks to the surprise move on the part of our PM, Narendra Modi. He wanted to ensure Indians embrace the world of technology and is known to be quite active on social media platforms himself in order to encourage the youth to follow his steps.

  There are several celebrities who have their own line of emojis to select from. So, what’s common between Ellen DeGeneres and Kim Kardashian? They’ve been immortalized via emojis, of course!

  Ask a bunch of friends what their next holiday destination is, and you’ll likely hear them mention a place about 300-400ksms away. Then ask them how they are planning to and from there? A long drive would be most likely be suggested by them. And then ask them if they know the route to the destination well enough to manage the drive, and you’ll be reminded of smart apps like GPS, Google Maps, and artificial intelligence aids such as Siri and Cortana!

•  There are several brands that have taken initiatives to support the women of the country in their fight against sexual abuse. One such brand in Sonata, the maker of some of the finest watches in India, and belong to the Titan Group. The technology in the watch is such that upon pressing one of the buttons on the side of its rim twice, a silent alarm is sent to the 10 contacts which would have been pre-filled by the watch owner. The SOS would be accompanied by a message and an indication of the location of the lady, so the contacts can reach her as quickly as possible and offer her help.

The very smart phones

Gone are the days when you had to root through your wallet or purse and find money to buy even small things such as paan and food items. With the help of e-Wallets such as Paytm and MobiQwik, one can make these payments using a smartphone. This has proven to be a real boon in these days of demonetization and scarcity of money in banks and ATMs. Smartphones are no longer just devices that can take good quality pictures, which can be used to answer and make phone calls, to send text messages, and to set your morning alarm. There is so much more to do with them. Which is perhaps why all smartphone manufacturing companies are in a fierce competition amongst themselves to find the latest innovation they can to make their phones the best in the market.

Forget the size of the screen and sound quality. People now want their phones to be able to multi-task flawlessly, handle a number of functions at any given time, and have a decent battery life. In this world of cut-throat competition, Apple Inc. has managed to retain its niche position, although it’s had its shares of a few downs in the recent past.

The iPhone hype

iPhone is, undoubtedly, one of the steeply priced phones you can find in the market. Many rival companies have seen their price tags and used them as benchmarks to price their own products, although they may not have cost that much to manufacture. But iPhones have a special edge to them and command such a high price even today, although the market is flooded with cheaper phones loaded with several features.

 iPhones look sleek and smart, right from its initially launched model. Even the other products of Apple (tabs, iPods, and accessories) have a polished look about them.

 There are several technologies invented by the Apple family in its formative years. They were known to design phones that looked not only great but also performed seamlessly a number of functions that could only be imagined by a number of competitor brands.

•   It was one of the first phones that efficiently helped people have a fully functional internet based device in their hand which could be used for anything – iTunes, emails, photographs, sharing videos and photos, and much, much more.

•   iPhones come with a number of apps that can be used for several purposes, all available in the App Store. But what most don’t know is that Apple introduced the App Store concept, which was later copied by non-Apple based phones. Now, no matter what the OS (operating system) of the phone may be, there is a collection of apps to select from (PlayStore, for example).

•   While it is true that Apple charges its customers a fee for the applications it had copyrights to, it helps customers keep away from virus attacks, spam, and malware very effectively. Most of the apps available are nominally charged and have some of the best performance ratings. For example – iTunes.

•   iPhones are known to have some of the best speaker and picture qualities.

•   Innovation has been the mantra at Apple for many years now. Many people agree that the company played it safe with the iPhone 7 and 7s release, which basically a slightly modified version of iPhone 6 and 6s. One of the most notable features of this phone is the absence of the headphone jack. Instead, Apple introduced AirPods that can transmit sounds from the device to a person wirelessly. One of the most important reasons for getting rid of the headphone jack was because Apple is currently working hard to make it phone sleeker and packed with more features.

So why not the iPhone 7?

By now, you would have realized that Apple and its devices hold a fascination for me. So, why did I choose to give the iPhone 7 and its sibling 7s a miss? The reason is simple – iPhone 8. After reading some of the facts made available in the market about it already, you’d probably agree with me.

1.   It will incorporate the OLED display that has already taken the world by storm and now, Apple is ready to thrill their customers even more with it.
2.   It will have a faster A11 processor.
3.   It most likely will have a curve-edged, super cool glass body, WITHOUT a home button.
4.   Forget about the bezels (rims that you find at the edge of many devices which have a display panel, such as watches and of course, smartphones). Apple has plans to instead integrate the camera and Touch ID technology in the display screen.
5.   Get ready to experience quicker and wireless charging.
6.   Improved biometric recognition software, such as iris and/or face scanning.
7.   The screen size is probably going to be 5.8”, but given the popularity iPhone SE enjoyed, there may be smaller 4.5” – 4.7” screens that may also be released along with the bigger screen version.
8.   This being the 10th year since iPhones were launched in the markets on one fine, September evening, the one released this year has been touted to be an innovation-stocked phone that will probably be priced at around $849.

All of the details given about pertinent to the upcoming iPhone this year are speculations. But they seem extremely promising. So, here’s to a new year, and a brand-new technology-rich iPhone to all of us!