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Know How to Wake up Early in the Morning – 5 Simple Tips

It is said, “Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” But for many people, it is not less than a challenge to wake up early in the morning. You may be one of those people who are always late for school, college, or work. It is important to wake up on time so that you can accomplish all your tasks throughout the day timely. Haven’t we heard of successful people and how their day begins early?

If you are one of those, who struggle to wake up early, here’s a look at useful tips that will help:

  1. Set multiple alarms

If you set only one alarm, the chances are you will put it off and dose back to sleep. Thus, make a habit of setting 2-3 alarms at an interval of 4-5 minutes each. This will help in getting up early. If you have a sibling or spouse that wake up early, you can ask them to wake you up so that you can begin your day early.

  1. Pick something that can motivate you

When you don’t have an aim for your morning, it is obvious for you to procrastinate and wake up late. If you are a fitness enthusiast, go for an early morning jog with your friends or join a gym in the morning slot with your best friend. When you know someone is waiting for you, it would be a reason enough for you to push yourself and get up on time.

  1. Train your mind

Your mind is probably in a habit to get up late and is absolutely convinced that there is no wrong in it. You need to change your mind-set by reading and listening to the stories of people who wake up early and how they make optimum utilization of their mornings. You must read the benefits of waking up early. Try to get up early for a day or two and try to find the difference it made in your routine. It will motivate you to get up early every day.

  1. Get up to something that you enjoy doing

If the idea of doing monotonous jobs keeps you from waking up early, try to do things that you enjoy after waking up such as taking a walk in the park, spending time with your pet, listening music, dancing, having a cup of coffee, etc.

  1. Sleep early

When you sleep early at night, you will automatically wake up early. When you sleep late, you can’t push yourself to get up due to sleep deprivation.

These practical tips will go a long way and help in training your mind and body to wake up early.



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How to overcome the fear of darkness

Do you have fear of darkness? It is very common to hear about people who are afraid of the dark. Others might laugh it off, but people who are scared of the dark may have serious issues. The level of fear varies from person to person, and some individuals have an extreme fear of darkness, which is termed Nyctophobia.

There can be various underlying reasons for the fear of the dark. Most of the time, it is the fear of ghosts and monsters that have been instilled in our minds right from childhood, and unfortunately, some people are unable to overcome that even after growing up. Nyctophobia is also associated with sleep disorders just as insomnia. When people have trouble in sleeping, they feel particularly anxious and distressed in the dark as compared to people who immediately fall asleep after lying in bed.

No matter, what causes the fear of the dark, it is essential to combat it and not let the fear get better of ourselves. Here’s a look at the practical tips that will help in combating the fear of dark:

Use dim lights in your room

One of the easiest and most helpful ways of sleeping in dark is to keep dim lights on. You can’t sleep peacefully if you have your lights on which is why you can get a small lamp for your room which dimly lights ups your room so that you can sleep in peace without fearing the dark

Prepare for the bed

One of the effective ways of fighting the fear of dark is to wind up before you go to bed. Keep all your electronic devices aside and avoid consuming caffeine. Now, try to meditate for 10 minutes by focusing on your breath and try to eliminate all negative or anxious thoughts from your mind. Avoid watching TV shows that are violent or stressing your mind.

Challenging your fears

Most of the fears are all created in our mind and don’t have any existence. It is better to get rid of them by facing them. Once you put off the light, if you feel anxious or scared that someone is inside your closet, standing at the corner, or under the bed, go and check the place. Prove yourself that there is nothing to worry about

Seek counselling

If these tips don’t work for you and your fear of the dark is extreme, it is recommended to seek professional help from a psychologist or counsellor as they can help in eliminating the root cause of fear by studying your psychology and reasons for fear.

These essential tips will help in combating the fear of the dark and spend nights peacefully.


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How Jennifer Lopez stays in shape?

Jennifer Lopez needs no introduction. The American singer, dancer, and actress is known for her sultry body and toned abs. She is an inspiration for many as she has maintained a super fit and hot body even in her 40s. It is not possible to achieve such as awe-inspiring body in a day. Jennifer follows a strict diet and workout regimen to maintain fitness and energy levels required for grooving in her music videos and stage shows.

Workout and supplements

On several occasions, Jennifer has shared that daily exercise, strict diet, and never-ending desire to stay healthy and happy is what motivates her to stay in her best shape. And, as well all know, when Jennifer decides to do something, she gives it her all. In fact, her passion for staying fit has ended her up venturing into a range of supplements which are designed to help women get in shape and improve their workout routine. The supplements are specially designed to meet the specific needs of women without creating havoc on hormones. It was a simple blend of nutrients and plant-based compounds.

Why she loves working out

The singing sensation has never smoked and rarely touched alcohol or coffee in her life as she believes that you are what you eat. Your diet doesn’t just affect your body but also affects the way you look. She has always loved working out and believes that staying hydrated by drinking ample water before a workout can help in pushing harder and gets more out of the exercise routine.

Jennifer believes that working out has more than just to do with your body. Working out always makes her feel happy even if it simple dancing on some days’ as dance is her passion, and she always makes it a point to take some time out for moving her body as it is her key to happiness. When a person is happy and healthy, they are better able to take care of others.

Post workout regimen

Even post workout, she hydrates herself well and gives her body to required rest so that she is ready to hit it again the next day. She fuels up her body with healthy food and makes sure to get a sleep for eight hours at least. She also enjoys spending some time with her kids after the workout and sharing some healthy snacks with them. Jennifer always carries some fresh fruits and veggies to snack in-between the meals.

Beating the cravings

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

The pop-star tries to beat the cravings by proteins as it keeps her full and satiated for longer. And, protein is also a fabulous muscle fuel. Jennifer loves to socialise and hang-out with her friends and family. However, she makes sure to choose healthy recipes and low-calorie meals from the menu. Fish, veggies, and salad are her favourite when she’s dining out.

She also believes that a man’s and woman’s body is different. Women store more body fat than men, but they are better at using the stored fat for energy than men. She also shares that cleaning her face after working out is a must to keep the pores clean followed by moisturising for the healthy skin. Jennifer makes it a point to work out even when she’s travelling as it helps her in energising and feeling great.

Sticking to a healthy diet and regular workout routine is the secret of her envious body. No, wonder the diva looks spell-bounding even after decades. These, fitness mantras from Jennifer Lopez can help anyone stay in great shape and health.


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3 Reasons to Switch from Soda to Italian Espresso (and How to Drink It Properly)

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But did you know that a cup of Italian espresso a day keeps the calories at bay, but only if you drink it as the Italians do? The liquid gold of the beverage world, Italian coffee is loved globally for the myriad benefits it offers its drinkers.

There are a number of rules on how the Italians drink their coffee, and adopting the Italian coffee culture will increase the benefits you get from this popular drink. The infographic below created by Med Cruise Guide on the 10 rules of Italian coffee drinking can help you learn how Italians consume their coffee, and stay healthy.

In addition to the extra zing of energy it lends, an Italian espresso, or caffé in Italian, has three huge benefits over soda drinks. Take a look:

1)  It dramatically reduces the number of calories you take

Aerated drinks and sweetened sodas contain as high as 150 calories in a can, making them extremely fattening and dangerous to health. A standard cup of Italian espresso, on the other hand, has as little as 4 calories, making it significantly safer for your body.

Even if you drink the espresso 5-7 times a day like the Italians do (rule #4 below), it is still much lower number of calories. Combine it with the walk to a café for each of these espressos, and you’ll have a nice walk each time – and burn calories along the way. 🙂

2) It minimizes the amount of sugar you take

Studies conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health shows how sugary sodas increase the likelihood of getting Type 2 Diabetes by 26%. Since sodas and fizzy drinks come pre-sugared, you really don’t have a choice on the amount of sugar to consume.

With an Italian espresso, on the other hand, you always have the option of staying away from the sugar altogether or controlling the amount you add to your drink. Italians usually have it without sugar, thus your energy level will increase without sugar as well.

3) It doesn’t give you that dreaded ‘caffeine rush’

One of the frequent contentions with coffee is the ‘caffeine rush’ that some drinkers experience. While this is a reality for a few, the caffeine rush can be easily avoided by drinking decaf.

Caffe Hag is a popular decaffeinated sibling of the traditional Italian espresso and it’s perfect for people who either can’t handle or don’t want coffee with high caffeine content (that’s rule #10 for you). A 5-ounce cup of decaf contains 2-5 ml of caffeine, whereas a 5-ounce glass of soda contains anywhere between 27 and 100 ml of caffeine.

If these reasons seem good enough to toss that can of soda aside and grab a cup of Italian espresso, then it’s a good idea to explore the infographic below and learn how the Italians do it – you’ll feel lighter, healthier and more energized!

Anna Kay is an avid traveler, photographer and editor at She loves exploring and island-hopping across the Mediterranean, and enjoying local food specialties.


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Red Dead Redemption 2: Hot New Features

Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2) will be indeed one of the hottest games ever to release for the PlayStation this decade. After almost a gap of 7 years, the franchise is all set to make a comeback to the masses, and we are really excited. There have been a number of leaks and speculations regarding this game, so let’s talk about some of the few features that are said to be introduced with this installment.


    • Online Mode: RDR 2 will employ a similar online gameplay experience like GTA V. This will ensure that the game receives new content regularly, and hopefully, keep the game relevant for a very long time, much like GTA V. Rockstar is also said to employ a similar gameplay style like PUBG, which won’t really be surprising given the popularity of the title.

  • Graphics: With consoles getting much powerful by the day, it’s no wonder that game developers are stepping up the game when it comes to graphics and RDR 2 won’t be any different. In the leaked screenshots and gameplay videos, the game looks absolutely phenomenal with breath-taking landscapes and graphics fidelity. It makes us wonder if there will be an HDR mode that takes advantage of the new TV’s that support it.
  • Rewards: Much like GTA V, there will be a complex reward system for the game. Players will be handed out rewards for completing certain tasks and winning tournaments. It’ll also include a micro transaction feature like GTA V, which would enable players to purchase new content for the game.
  • Immersion: RDR 2 will be one of the most immersive games that have ever been made according to some sources. NPC’s can be seen setting up shops during the day and folding them down at night. Also, the player can interact with the surroundings and collect herbs for brewing portions, which will definitely be a big plus.


Red Dead Redemption 2 has been delayed consistently, and this isn’t uncommon with Rockstar. The game has an official release date of October 26, 2018, and we certainly hope that it doesn’t get delayed any further.


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Best Game of the Year Contenders 2017

As the time to bid 2017 farewell draws near, we can all agree on one thing; this was one of the hottest years of gaming. We saw the launch of a slew of AAA titles and some of them took the gaming industry by storm. So like every year, a few of the games will definitely be given the status of the Game of The Year. So let’s discuss which games are worthy of the title.

Here are my contenders:


  1. Nier Automata: If there were one game that literally took us by surprise and inspired to replay it over and over, it would definitely be NiER Automata. Everything from the gameplay to combat was by far one of the most enjoyable of everything that launched this year. Plus I can’t think of a second game where the second replay had so much more value to it. I mean yes, there are games where second replays gave you perks and content like the Souls series, but NiER Automata is in a league of its own. Also, as far as gameplay music goes, I think this is the only game after the Witcher 3 that really lets you enjoy the in-game music. Truly a contender for a GOTY award even if the PC port was a bit iffy to play.
nier automata

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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn: Horizon Zero down is one of those open world combat games that bring something refreshing to the otherwise stale genre. It redefines itself by introducing machine like feral animals which the protagonist hunts by an arsenal of bows and arrows fused with elemental substances. The best part, however, is the in-game combat. It’s easy to get into a fight, but there’s absolutely no guarantee that you’d win. Also, the game’s plot encourages you to play through it more and more and, resulting in a very satisfying 40 odd hours of the campaign. Plus the graphics are probably some of the best that we have seen this year among in game. Adding it up, this is a very strong contender for the 2017 GOTY award.

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  1. Persona 5: Come on now, you had to expect this on the list. Persona 5 is everything that the series is loved for along with its own nifty little additions; all dialed up to 11. Fans of the previous Persona games will be delighted to play this along with newer players, who have a love for anime and battling outlandish monsters. Every single location has its own smart puzzles and combat is the familiar turn-based system that persona players are used to. Persona 5 is one of the most enjoyable games that you can play, and it will go down in history as one of the few games to remain enjoyable even as time passes. So, a definite GOTY contender and oh did I mention, how much I love the in-game menus and UI?


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  1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Zelda has been a pioneer in the open world exploration game genre. So, it’s no surprise that the newest errant should make it into the GOTY contender list. Breath of the Wild has a mesmerizing open world filled with intricate puzzles and opportunities for combat. This is the first Zelda game that is the truly open world, and we couldn’t have been happier. The graphics, the gameplay everything about the game is just stupendous, and you have to experience it first hand to actually understand it.




  1. Nioh: The end of Dark Souls (for now) was truly saddening for long-term Soul’s veterans like me. We don’t know if we would get another souls game in the future, but for now, the game series is all but done for. But, if like me, you mourn the passing of Dark Souls, then Nioh will certainly fill your quench for Souls like combat with an equally interesting underlying story. Nioh is essentially a spiritual successor to the Soul’s game, but it is entirely based in around a Japanese theme.

    The combat, the menu’s and everything else is largely similar to the souls and presents the player with an equally crushing difficulty that the souls series was famous for. And although Nioh cannot replace the love that I have for the Souls, it definitely is captivating in its own way. For me at least, a true GOTY contender.

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2017 is not yet finished, and we may yet see some really amazing games in the few days that are left. This list is in no way meant to be final or carry confirmation of the GOTY awards. It is just my views on some of the games that I have truly enjoyed so far this year. So sit tight and await the end of the year because we may yet see some amazing games before the year ends.


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Are facials good or bad for our skin?

How many of us book appointments for clean-up and facials at a salon regularly? We are all guilty of spending huge amounts of money and time on skin care. Yes, there is nothing wrong with it. A glowing, flawless and youthful skin is every woman’s dream come true. With gorgeous skin comes confidence, beauty, and of course, compliments. Hence, we tend to try everything that is available in the market which claims to make our skin great. The most common among them is getting facials done at a salon by a beautician or an aesthetician.

Now comes the million dollar question: Are facials good for the skin? Do they actually make your skin soft and supple with long-lasting effects?

Well, yes and no!

What does a facial do?

A facial is a skin treatment done by an aesthetician that involves massaging the face with fragrant creams and lotions, giving steam to the face, extracting blackheads, exfoliating dead skin, and finally, toning the skin by using face packs. All this pampering leaves the skin rosy, soft and supple. The massaging gives a temporary plumpness to the skin, with the black heads extracted skin texture appears clean; the tightening of pores makes the skin look firm and refreshed. As a result, post-facial, for a few days, skin looks rejuvenated and beautiful. The glowing complexion is a result of stimulation with various creams. This total pampering and spending money on yourself makes you feel good and positive.

But alas! These effects are short-lived. The benefits of a facial are temporary. Many women complain of skin breaking into zits or pimples (acne) few days after a facial. Some even come home with dry reddish skin. The reasons could be:

  • The massaging creams might not be suitable for you, for example, an acne prone skin requires a non-comedogenic (oil free) moisturizer.
  • The extracting instruments might not be sterilized, allowing germs to penetrate the skin.
  • Too much exfoliating causes skin to dry and become irritated.
  • The aesthetician might be an inexperienced person.

Another lie which you are often led to believe is that facial creams smooth out wrinkles. This is far from true. There is no moisturizer manufactured whose molecules can erase wrinkles. A facial only does superficial cleansing and toning. There are other creams available, which treat wrinkles. But these have to be used only as prescribed by a dermatologist.

Opt for a facial only if you want some good massage with temporary solutions for good skin, lasting for a few days.

So, is there no answer to a woman’s skin needs? Do not get disheartened, pretty ladies! Dermatologists have a solution to our beauty prayers.

After a not so good experience with post facial acne, the dermatologist I consulted gave me options of microdermabrasion and chemical peels for long lasting effects. The good news is that these procedures are carried out by doctors, who specialize in skin and are done in a safe and sterilized environment.


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive and chemical free method used to exfoliate skin. A fine spray of crystals is used to remove the dead outer layer of cells revealing fresh, smooth and healthier looking skin. This treatment buffers and polishes the skin. It is also useful to remove fine lines and pigmentation.

You might have to attend a series of sessions spaced over a few weeks apart.  Depending on your skin type, the dermatologist will tell you the number of sessions required. Each sitting may take around 30 minutes. After few sessions, you will start noticing results. Results last throughout the course of treatment, and even afterwards. The cost of each sitting depends upon individual dermatologist and where they are located. However, it could cost between Rs.1000-Rs. 2500.

Chemical Peel:

A chemical peel is a medical technique in which a small amount of chemical substance is applied all over the face and neck with a brush. The chemical peels off or exfoliates superficial layer of skin. The new skin is smooth, even and glowing. There are a variety of peels with different benefits suiting various skin types.

For best results, you will be given a schedule of 3-6 peels depending on your skin type and problem areas. The procedure takes around 30 minutes. Cost varies according to the type of peel used, the place where the procedure is done and of course the popularity of the dermatologist. Roughly it might cost around Rs.1000 to Rs.5000. The results after completing a series of peel sittings are great, often lasting up to months together.

The effects of these treatments are not immediate. They are seen after a week or so. But the technology used in both these procedures make the results long lasting, gradually improving the general condition of skin and slowing down the ageing process.

A Word of Caution:

It is important that you get these procedures done only by dermatologists and not some quacks, who claim to have mastered the technique. The reason being, firstly, a skin doctor will educate you about proper precautions to be taken before and after the procedure. Secondly, in the unlikely case of a side effect, the doctor can quickly address it and find a remedy for it.

So, ladies, the result is out! If you wish for a healthy, glowing, acne free skin, which ages much slower than your neighbour’s, then talk to your dermatologist about various options and select the treatment best suitable for you.