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How to Avoid Stress at Work?

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A modern-age employee has to utilize very limited resources to create almost magic at work on a daily basis. However, this puts great pressure on the human brain and stresses out easily.

According to Vicki Hessan accomplished speaker, entrepreneur andauthor of Professional Paradise: 5 Steps to Less Stress, More Energy & Remarkable Results at Workit takes some basic steps along with discipline to enjoy a good work environment without stressing out.

With the gist of this book, here are some useful steps to avoiding stress at work.

1.Work on your physical and mental health

The only way to reduce stress is by focusing on reducing it from your mind and body. The stress of a job impacts your physical and mental health day by day. You should seek support from professional doctors and psychologists to find the core reasons for these problems.

At the same time, find activities to help rejuvenate your mind and body. Yoga, morning walk, writing a journal, reading philosophy and other ways can help you improve your physical and mental health.


2. Give your mind-set a positive shift

When working at your office, you can follow some small habits to reduce the stress levels.

Whenever feeling a little bit stressed out, take a small break. Use this time to indulge in deep breathing. This exercise immediately reduces the level of stress by controlling your blood pressure.

Also, start noticing your negative emotions. You can make a personal journal of all your negative and positive emotions. Then, focus on controlling your negative emotions. See how a negative emotion brings changes in your physical presence. Sweating, pacing, fast breathing are a few of the signs you need to control.

During your day, try an activity or an interaction that makes you feel positive. This will surely require some effort, but it helps a lot with stress reduction.

3. Pinpoint stress sources and resolve them

Instead of just sinking yourself into the pool of stress, try resolving the source. If you remove the source, the stress won’t be there to bother you.

Even at the workplace, you can make a list of things that generally stress you out. For example, maybe a project is giving you a lot of stress. In that case, you should think about finding a person who can answer your queries and help you plan that project conveniently.

4. Notice good things at work and enjoy them

Practising gratitude is another key to obtaining work satisfaction and reducing stress. Of course, any work environment gives a lot of stressful situations. But if you notice, it is easy to find some good things about your work and workplace. It can be a friendly team, the scope of growth, your ability to help others and many positive aspects.


Whenever something good happens at work, write it down and put it in front of you on your desk.

A final tip would be to choose positive people to hang out with at work. This will let you enjoy the positives of working. 

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