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14 Yoga Poses with Animal Names

Here you can find 14 different yoga poses. The world of yoga is astonishing and amusing at the same time. You will be surprised to know how many different yoga poses there are for people to practice and lead a healthier life. Interestingly, a lot of these poses are based on the body postures animals take. The prime reason why yogasanas are inspired from animal poses is because yoga encourages people to be as flexible as an animal. If you wish to know what poses take inspiration from animals, then here is a list that you can follow-

    1. Crocodile Pose

    The crocodile pose, also referred to as makrasana, is an amazing pose that ensures restfulness to the body. So, anybody who feels stressed and tensed perpetually can try out this pose. The pose you assume in this asana might not quite resemble that of a lying crocodile, but it is indeed a lot of fun to do it.

    crocodile pose

    1. Turtle Pose

    The turtle pose, also known as kurmasana, is the best yoga pose to get rid of belly fats. The reason why this pose is called a turtle pose is because it appears like a turtle when viewed from above. This is an extremely popular yogasana among women and has many benefits like an improved digestion and a more efficient respiratory system.

    turtle pose

    1. Camel Pose

    If you want a good stretch in your abdomen and to strengthen the muscles here, then engaging in the camel pose would be the best bet. This pose, also referred to as ushtrasana, improves posture, betters digestion and cures lower back pain. What more? Your thigh muscles get strengthened considerably.

    camel pose

    1. Crow Pose

    The crow pose is also called bakasana. And it is called so because of its resemblance with a bird’s posture. The most important characteristic of this pose is that it calls for a great deal of balance in the body. With an increase in the flexibility and elasticity of the spine, this pose helps with problems like acidity and heartburn.

    crow pose

    1. Peacock Pose

    In this pose, you need to balance your body on your hands. Also called mayurasana, this pose requires a lot of body strength. By practicing peacock pose regularly, you will see a significant improvement in the functioning of your inner organs. This is basically a yoga pose that works on your entire body.

    peacock pose

    1. Eagle Pose

    This is also one of those yoga poses that need you to have a lot of balance. Doing this pose regularly will subject your body to a great deal of benefits. You get strong joints, your balance gets a boost and you feel a considerable improvement in your digestion and general health.

    eagle pose

    1. Scorpion Pose (Vrischikasana)

    This is a balancing pose, referred to as Vrischikasana in Sanskrit. With this pose, you can reap all the benefits of doing an inverted pose. By increasing blood flow to the brain, it makes your cognitive abilities better. Problems of piles and vericose veins also subside with the regular practice of this pose.

    scorpion pose

    1. Frog Pose

    Bhekasana, also called the frog pose, looks pretty much like a frog that is about to hop. The best thing about this pose is that it is a great hip-opener. In addition to giving your internal organs a good massage, this pose improves your body posture. And it doesn’t just strengthen the muscles in your back, your front also gets that much needed stretch.

    frog pose

    1. Downward Dog

    This pose is called adho mukha svanasana in Sanskrit. It is probably the most popular of all the animals yoga poses we have today. It is that pose almost all yoga classes teach, irrespective of its level or standard. It is also an important part of sun salutation. It relieves stiffness and tension in the body.


    1. Cat Pose

    Bidalasana, also known as the cat pose is an extremely important pose for people with spine problems. By doing this pose diligently, you will be able to offer your spine a great deal of flexibility and strength. This pose doesn’t depend on your balancing capacity, so is perfect for beginners.

    cat pose

    1. Fish Pose

    Fish pose, also known as matsyasana is a common pose taught in yoga schools. It is a restorative yoga pose that relaxes your body and offers it a great deal of energy and vigour. With this pose, you can get your nasal passages cleared. What more? Your spinal flexibility improves.

    fish pose

    1. Cow Pose

    This is a less complicated asana, referred to as gomukhasana in Sanskrit. The most important benefit of doing this asana is an improvement in balance and posture. With this pose, your neck and spine get a good stretch. Your body feels more coordinated than ever with the regular practice of the cow pose.

    cow pose

    1. Cobra Pose

    Cobra pose is also called Bhujangasana. This pose is an important part of flow yoga and offers the entire body a good stretch. Anyone having stiffness in the lower back can try this pose. Apart from improving heart health, this pose helps with problems such as asthma. What else? Your digestion and spine health improve significantly.

    cobra pose

    1. Pigeon Pose

    Pigeon pose or rajakapotasana is a sitting pose that works wonders on your flexibility. When you do this yogasana regularly, your internal organs get stimulated. People having urinary disorders see a lot of improvement by practicing this pose diligently. What else? You see a lot of improvement in your mood.

    pigeon pose

    These poses are special not just because they are inspired by animals’ postures but also because they are extremely beneficial for the health. So, what makes you wait? Practice these poses and make your body as fit and healthy as that of an animal.


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    How Jennifer Lopez stays in shape?

    Jennifer Lopez needs no introduction. The American singer, dancer, and actress is known for her sultry body and toned abs. She is an inspiration for many as she has maintained a super fit and hot body even in her 40s. It is not possible to achieve such as awe-inspiring body in a day. Jennifer follows a strict diet and workout regimen to maintain fitness and energy levels required for grooving in her music videos and stage shows.

    Workout and supplements

    On several occasions, Jennifer has shared that daily exercise, strict diet, and never-ending desire to stay healthy and happy is what motivates her to stay in her best shape. And, as well all know, when Jennifer decides to do something, she gives it her all. In fact, her passion for staying fit has ended her up venturing into a range of supplements which are designed to help women get in shape and improve their workout routine. The supplements are specially designed to meet the specific needs of women without creating havoc on hormones. It was a simple blend of nutrients and plant-based compounds.

    Why she loves working out

    The singing sensation has never smoked and rarely touched alcohol or coffee in her life as she believes that you are what you eat. Your diet doesn’t just affect your body but also affects the way you look. She has always loved working out and believes that staying hydrated by drinking ample water before a workout can help in pushing harder and gets more out of the exercise routine.

    Jennifer believes that working out has more than just to do with your body. Working out always makes her feel happy even if it simple dancing on some days’ as dance is her passion, and she always makes it a point to take some time out for moving her body as it is her key to happiness. When a person is happy and healthy, they are better able to take care of others.

    Post workout regimen

    Even post workout, she hydrates herself well and gives her body to required rest so that she is ready to hit it again the next day. She fuels up her body with healthy food and makes sure to get a sleep for eight hours at least. She also enjoys spending some time with her kids after the workout and sharing some healthy snacks with them. Jennifer always carries some fresh fruits and veggies to snack in-between the meals.

    Beating the cravings

    (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

    The pop-star tries to beat the cravings by proteins as it keeps her full and satiated for longer. And, protein is also a fabulous muscle fuel. Jennifer loves to socialise and hang-out with her friends and family. However, she makes sure to choose healthy recipes and low-calorie meals from the menu. Fish, veggies, and salad are her favourite when she’s dining out.

    She also believes that a man’s and woman’s body is different. Women store more body fat than men, but they are better at using the stored fat for energy than men. She also shares that cleaning her face after working out is a must to keep the pores clean followed by moisturising for the healthy skin. Jennifer makes it a point to work out even when she’s travelling as it helps her in energising and feeling great.

    Sticking to a healthy diet and regular workout routine is the secret of her envious body. No, wonder the diva looks spell-bounding even after decades. These, fitness mantras from Jennifer Lopez can help anyone stay in great shape and health.


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    Looking for Easy-Peasy Ways to Beat the Heat? Here Are Some to Dope On

    The season of heat, sweat, and discomfort is finally here. Yes, the summer season is at its peak. And the gruelling heat has started to take a toll on people’s body. Although you can’t bring about a halt in your life by quitting going to college, school, or office or undertaking any important outdoor activity, you can certainly take measures to beat the heat. Yes, you can do many things to feel comfortable on a scorching summer day, but the following tips are the handiest. Check them out for a pleasant summer-

      Keep your body hydrated with water. This is probably the most important thing you must do. During summer, your body loses fluids faster than in winter. These lost fluids need to be replenished with healthy beverages. Can there be a healthier beverage than water?


      Slip into loose fitting clothes. Those baggy t-shirts, wide legged pants, airy shift dresses, and kaftans are going to be your best friends through the summer season. Load your wardrobe with such pieces. And while doing the shopping, make sure you pick light colours only.

      Treat your body to a cold shower every now and then. This will make you feel extremely comfortable after a hot day outside. Just make sure you don’t expose your body to chilling cold water right after you are back home. Let the temperature of your body cool down and then enjoy your bath.

      Keep the lights switched off when you don’t need them. Lights, especially filament bulbs, create a lot of heat inside a closed space. If there is unbearable heat around, then it would be valuable for you to keep all the bulbs switched off.

      Binge on some papaya. The summer season can bring with it a lot of inflammatory diseases. If you want to stay away from inflammations, then it would be wise of you to take papaya regularly. Papaya is loaded with vitamins E and C, which protect your body from inflammations.

      Have you applied your sunscreen? If not, stay indoors! Going outside with no sunscreen on, cannot just burn your skin, but can also make you prone to fatal diseases like skin cancer. So, apply sunscreen on the exposed parts of your body when you go outside.

      Make it a routine to drink coconut water. Coconut water has a lot of essential electrolytes because of which it can make your body feel rejuvenated after a tiring hot day. The best thing is that, you can drink coconut water at any time of the day.

      Avoid tea and coffee. Yes, you might need to take these beverages during work to feel active, but they are going to make you feel warmer. So, stay away from them. Or if possible, minimise the intake.

      Avoid hot and spicy food. Just like hot beverages, hot food items also cause you to feel hotter on a summer day. So, staying away from greasy or spicy food items would be ideal. Instead, you can binge on cooling fruits such as cucumbers and watermelons.

      Don’t push the limits when it comes to physical activities. Yes, we understand you like to keep yourself fit and healthy. But doing rigorous exercise on a hot day will only make you feel weaker instead of energised. So, cut down on the amount of exercise you do!

    Protecting yourself from the gruelling heat of the summer season is not really a daunting task if you know what steps to take to minimise the suffering for your body. These tips above are not just handy but also extremely effective in making you feel at ease during the summer days. So, what makes you wait? Try them out and spend a pleasant summer!