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How Jennifer Lopez stays in shape?

Jennifer Lopez needs no introduction. The American singer, dancer, and actress is known for her sultry body and toned abs. She is an inspiration for many as she has maintained a super fit and hot body even in her 40s. It is not possible to achieve such as awe-inspiring body in a day. Jennifer follows a strict diet and workout regimen to maintain fitness and energy levels required for grooving in her music videos and stage shows.

Workout and supplements

On several occasions, Jennifer has shared that daily exercise, strict diet, and never-ending desire to stay healthy and happy is what motivates her to stay in her best shape. And, as well all know, when Jennifer decides to do something, she gives it her all. In fact, her passion for staying fit has ended her up venturing into a range of supplements which are designed to help women get in shape and improve their workout routine. The supplements are specially designed to meet the specific needs of women without creating havoc on hormones. It was a simple blend of nutrients and plant-based compounds.

Why she loves working out

The singing sensation has never smoked and rarely touched alcohol or coffee in her life as she believes that you are what you eat. Your diet doesn’t just affect your body but also affects the way you look. She has always loved working out and believes that staying hydrated by drinking ample water before a workout can help in pushing harder and gets more out of the exercise routine.

Jennifer believes that working out has more than just to do with your body. Working out always makes her feel happy even if it simple dancing on some days’ as dance is her passion, and she always makes it a point to take some time out for moving her body as it is her key to happiness. When a person is happy and healthy, they are better able to take care of others.

Post workout regimen

Even post workout, she hydrates herself well and gives her body to required rest so that she is ready to hit it again the next day. She fuels up her body with healthy food and makes sure to get a sleep for eight hours at least. She also enjoys spending some time with her kids after the workout and sharing some healthy snacks with them. Jennifer always carries some fresh fruits and veggies to snack in-between the meals.

Beating the cravings

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The pop-star tries to beat the cravings by proteins as it keeps her full and satiated for longer. And, protein is also a fabulous muscle fuel. Jennifer loves to socialise and hang-out with her friends and family. However, she makes sure to choose healthy recipes and low-calorie meals from the menu. Fish, veggies, and salad are her favourite when she’s dining out.

She also believes that a man’s and woman’s body is different. Women store more body fat than men, but they are better at using the stored fat for energy than men. She also shares that cleaning her face after working out is a must to keep the pores clean followed by moisturising for the healthy skin. Jennifer makes it a point to work out even when she’s travelling as it helps her in energising and feeling great.

Sticking to a healthy diet and regular workout routine is the secret of her envious body. No, wonder the diva looks spell-bounding even after decades. These, fitness mantras from Jennifer Lopez can help anyone stay in great shape and health.



How to enjoy this valentine’s day with your single relationship status?

Single in this season of love and don’t know how to celebrate this valentine’s day with your single relationship status? No Bae to spoil and have fun with this Valentine’s day? Who said that the singles could not have memorable Valentine’s day – after all, loving must begin from oneself before it can go to other people, right?

Here are some fun ways to make your Valentine’s day fun, happy and lovely:

  1. Singles Party!!! You are not the only one who is single on Valentine’s day and these parties are not the only terrific way to spend this love-filled day but also a mushy opportunity to meet other potential baes. And what’s a better way to spend the day than with your other single friends who you cant really hang with when in a party
  2. Do something adventurous! Like get a tattoo or go parasailing or take a hot air balloon ride. Spend time with yourself indulging in an activity you always thought you needed company for, and see how your body and mind are enough for you, even when the adrenaline is running high. Earn the experience of being on your own even when you think you need someone to hold hands with or share the feeling.
  3. Have a paintball or lasertag session with your single friends. These games are jubilant bonding activities, and there is just not enough time in routine life. If you are a more indoorsy person, have the singles over for rounds of Uno or some board games and compliment with food and drink. If none of your friends is single, go for these things anyway, because sometimes its fun playing with total strangers!
  4. Watch a movie – at home or cinema halls, scary or romantic, alone or with a group of other singles. Do a movie marathon and tick off all the pending movies you have wanted to watch all this time but could not.
  5. Do some volunteering! Not everyone has someone to love them and might need your help in feeling better – yes, we are talking about the under-privileged people and animals who might benefit from your benevolence and smiles on Valentine’s day. Go volunteer at an animal shelter or orphanage or old age homes and bring some love into a few lives.
  6. Go for wellness treatments. Not feeling too good being single? Missing someone long lost? Don’t let the blues ruin your mood but, instead take massage and spa you have been longing for quite some time. Let your body and soul feel nourished and happy. You can also plan a long run, an intense gym session or more extended Yoga and meditation to feel energised and powered. Post workout or the wellness treatment, go for a leisurely meal and enjoy the high exercise has given you.
  7. Help the couple! We all have friends who unlike us are in a relationship but have kids and don’t get enough time for one another. Help those needy couples and babysit their children for a couple of hours and put smiles and stars back into their eyes. Be a loving friend and give the couple time out!

This Valentine’s day, have more fun being single!