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‘It’s a QUIT!’ for 5 Celebrity Couples (Breakups)

While the world was drooling over the grandeur of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s toe-curling wedding last December, the first couple of months of 2019 has already witnessed some shocking starry splits. Here are the five celeb splits of 2019 you can’t afford to miss.  

Henri Levy and Demi Lovato

Calling it a quit, Demi and Henry have been in the headlines lately. Not too long did their paradise last. These two were spotted together at Beverly Hills while they were enjoying a romantic sushi date last year. While Lovato, the pop star had had a challenging time with her wellness in a rehabilitation center combating an overdose of the drug, she relapsed into it once again. Though these two crossed paths while both were at rehab and the last post of PDA by her beau stated all love and support for her, with the caption reading of loving her scars, yet they parted ways when she resumed treatment. Sources reveal that Lovato’s family didn’t find it to be a good time for her to go into any relationship and suggested her health should be the major focus, instead.

Shayna Taylor and Ryan Seacrest

If breakups are meant to get dirty, one must pay a visit to Shayna Taylor and Ryan Seacrest now. After their three years long relationship, these two had called it a quit in February. Akin to all other relationships, theirs wasn’t a smooth sail either. About a year into the relationship, they had a break up fuming in the latter part of 2014, but the cupid pulled the love chords once again, and they were back as stronger together. Though Seacrest had mentioned to a daily that it had been quite an adventure moving to New York from Los Angeles with her, yet the rumor of their split isn’t false. Again, post-split they are in all amicable terms.

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian

Putting a final stop to their relationship, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan are making the headlines now. There have been multiple times that Khloe’s beau has been in the limelight of scandalizing gossip of for his infidelity. They have been dating for over a period of two years, and their split had hit the headlines when Khloe was pregnant with their daughter True. Even after the duo patched up, steaming stories of Tristan’s infidelity didn’t subside. Sources reveal that this time Khloe is nowhere close to reconciliation.

Christian Carino and Lady Gaga

Sources have confirmed to a popular daily about their split. While Lady Gaga has added a couple of more feathers to her overcrowded cap, with the Grammy and the Golden Globe this year, the rumors confirm that all is not well in their paradise. The pop star did not bring in this Valentine’s with any lovey-dovey PDA with Christian Carino neither did she mentioned him in any of her latest speeches she chose to flaunt her tattoos instead. This one might be a silent split.

Ellie Bamber and Richard Madden

They announced their relationship in 2018 while the news of their split surfaced this year. Richard Madden has been spotted solo in the award ceremonies this season. While the Game of Thrones fame actor bagged a Golden Globe, Ellie Bamber could not be spotted either around him or in his award acceptance speech.

While 2019 did not start off with much new insta stories of happily ever after for celebs, these are few split stories doing the rounds in starry tinsel town of the West.


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How to impress a girl? Here are 5 essential tips

Drooling over that girl at your workplace or don’t know how to impress a girl? Or every time she looks at you, your thoughts go upside-down? Guys, guys, guys! If looking was to fetch the water, then the crow would never have gone for the pebbles meticulously. If you want to book her for life, or even for a date, you need to go beyond just drooling and make the first move. While asking her out on a date, you need to keep it optimally romantic as guys always run the risk of either being categorized as a ‘cheapo’ or brutally friend-zoned. Here’s a guide that suggests, not to take-the-pains of delivering the cliché poetic lines and sweep her off her feet with your drop-dead attitude instead.   

Yes, light does travel faster than sound! 

As the scientific theory says, light does travel faster than sound, and so does your looks. In order to impress a girl, who is not in your friends’ circle, you have to look your simple best every time you exchange glances with her. Nope, we don’t refer to the hazelnut eye-colour or the Greek’s sculpted faces. No matter how handsome you are, all of it goes futile when you are not properly groomed. An extremely eye-catching hair style and a well-shaven look atop the list in this case. And yes, do remember to smell well. Also, the well-trimmed beard is too ‘in’ these days. When coordinated with your hairstyle, girls go gaga over those with beards. 

Your etiquettes define your personality  

Pulling up a chair for her or the little gestures of respect for the elderly people and especially other women take you to the top in her good books. To a girl, you are considerably well reared up, if and only if you respect women, of course, you got to bring it to her notice. Nope, a show off doesn’t always do it for you, as far as smart girls are concerned. Try to be polite in your gestures and express your high-regard for women while you talk. Don’t miss out on the table etiquettes on your team lunches with her either for a small dose of sophistication. Be your simple self as guys who are more into show-off, seldom gets the wise nod in the long run. 

Keep it simple yet witty  

Girls are not into your heroic cool quotient these days. It is all about your sense of humour for the classy and smart girls. Your girl will be all in for you if she finds you witty enough.







Yet again, you need to be careful with your ways and gestures because they laugh the hardest with their best friends. So, do not opt for the all-time joke-box to prevent the friend zone. The idea is to keep her occupied much interestingly with your witty one-liners and not make her laugh all the time you talk.  

A good vocabulary 

No matter what, to impress the independent and successful women, a sharp vocabulary played well with an ought-to-be correct grammar does get you the ultimate nod. Yet again, you just need not overdo it with fancy words every time, the key lies in keeping it adequate. 

Spoil her with loyalty 

Once you earn her attention, her trust is the next in queue. As most of the contemporary ladies are quite well-sufficient for themselves, diamonds and other expensive gifts of the sort are not enough to please them every time. You need to spoil her with loyalty instead of luxuries, as she can finance herself. And once you earn her trust, you can take it as more than half-way done.  








So, get your girl at the earliest and book her for a lifetime with these essential tips. 



Long Distance Relationship

‘Thanks for not giving up on us!

Amongst the lovey-dovey relationship goals, the long-distance ones are perhaps the most sought after, presently- owing to the highly career driven lifestyle. When everything falls into the right place with the perfectly imperfect person, little do we consider the toll that distance can take on this ‘oh-so-perfect’ relationship! Though it is not the dreamy sequence of your relationship, yet, for some it brings out the strongest bonds while for the rest it’s the rock bottom. Before you term it as the die cast by destiny, or ‘just wasn’t meant to be,’ let us just give it one more try, and not give up all at once. Here’s a short list of relationship goals as well as keys to make it work with your loved one, even staying miles apart.

Expectations are to be clearly stated 

Romantic duos have a real rough patch dealing with the expectations of each other. It is still alright and communicable for those staying in the same city, as they can sort it out some or the other way when they meet. In case of long distance relationships, where meeting in person is a once-in-a-while condition, setting the ground rules for relationship is of prior importance. Each of you needs to clearly know what the other expects. Do make it a point to list commitment at the top of your priorities, as this can be the only way to reassure your partner that it is always meant to be. 

Less is more  

As far as communication is concerned, do remember that less is more for a long-distance relationship. Calling up every now and then may not always be the gesture that you miss your loved one, instead it can turn out to be over-imposing your partner with possessiveness. You got to be creative while you talk, otherwise after a long day at work, your partner might not feel like only answering a queue of ‘How’s’ and ‘Why’s’. Yet again, don’t keep it as a loose end, where one feels neglected or taken for granted. It has not to be long phone calls every time, try recording a short video or audio clip saying about your new place or simply that you miss her. Greeting each other at the mornings and nights are never counted as cliché or sticky and a love-struck gesture instead. 

Talk it out 

Be it the socializing plans at the new city, or be it the much deprived of sexual feelings of yours- try to talk it off always. It is much obvious that you would have plans of partying and short trips with the new people. Do make sure, you let your partner know about your late-night or trip plans when they are decided. It is really important to not make your partners feel left out, when you are not in the same city or country with them. Even the sex talks are necessary. It is not about getting dirty over phone or texts; sexual attention can keep you both glued to each other at the toughest of situations. It also rekindles the spark and unexpectedly brings the partners closer enough fulfilling their emotional desires. 

Try to share your ‘we times’ rather ‘me times’ 

A key way of staying tuned on the same page is by sharing your leisure hours. It is never the distance that really matters; it is about going an extra mile to make it work. As you may keep busy all day long, for the entire week, not being able to give that attention to your partner, so you need to work it out at the leisure hours. Playing the same game online or watching the same sitcoms or songs in YouTube at the same time washes away the imprints of long-distance.  

Other than these few tips, there can be numerous personalized ways to stay glued even when miles apart. Making up plans to visit each other and saving for that is also a way to stay connected rather glued with desires in long-distance relationship. They say, ‘real gold is not afraid of the test of fire,’ and that it is not always distance behind every break-up on this planet. So, don’t give up on your ‘us’ and work your ‘me’ when you tend to lose hope on your once-perfect part of world.