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10 Business Books Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Must Read

If you want to understand the business world, why not learn from the masters who have won the game already.

It is famously said in the business world to map the success before even taking your first step. For that, you can trust these 10 books written by top entrepreneurs and business experts.

  1. The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon – Brad Stone had a humble start with its book delivering service. However, that wasn’t the finish line Jeff Bezos accepted for his start-up. His goal was to create an online store to have anything and everything as cost-friendly pricing.

In order to do that, he developed a dynamic yet secret corporate culture. But the book “The Everything Store” offers a chance to find out the initial days of the company along with its evolution over a period of time. It is a biography of one of the biggest business bets of all time. Amazon brought people online to read and shop all kinds of books and products.

  1. Warren Buffett Talks to MBA Students – Warren Buffett (Click here to buy)

Legendary business and finance expert Mr. Warren Buffett has done wonders with his investment techniques. His lectures at Columbia, the University of Florida and other business lectures have been included in this book. You can read full transcripts and excerpts to expand the horizon of your business knowledge.

The book also showcases lectures known as “Warren Buffet Talks Business” and “Student Trek to Meet Warren Buffet”.

  1. Business Adventures – John Brooks (Click here to buy)

Sometimes a single moment is enough to make or break the name of a brand. That is what John Brooks teaches in this book with fascinating examples, such as the expansion of Xerox, the disaster of Ford, and others.

The cases and details show the intricacies of how the corporate world works. You feel indulged in the dramatic and adventurous presentation of Wall Street to understand the vulnerable nature of our financial sector.

John Brooks is a reputed contributor and expert in the world of business and finance in America. He has been a part of the New Yorker for a long time as a business writer.

  1. The Lean Startup – Eric Ries (Click here to buy)

Statistics show that most start-ups don’t find the success desired. But Eric Ries suggests that most failures are stoppable. This book offers a new way of building companies and launching new products.

This book revolves around an idea that a start-up is about creating a new product under extremely uncertain conditions. The lean approach is explained in terms of manufacturing, capital management, and human creativity.

  1. Built to Last – Jim Collins (Buy on Amazon) 

Sustainable success in business depends on the habits followed on a day to day basis in a company. This is what transforms a company from good to great. This book is a study of top long-lasting organizations in comparison to direct competitors.

In this book, you will learn the habits followed by companies at different stages to become a large corporation from a humble start-up.

  1. Good to Great – Jim Collins (Click Here to buy) 

Jim Collins expands on his insights obtained from the research associated with the book “Built to Last” in this book. Good to Great is about how a bad or mediocre company can achieve sustainable greatness. This extended research explains the value of leadership, cultural discipline, restructuring and other valuable approaches associated with sustainable business success.

  1. Zero to One – Peter Thiel (Click Here to buy) 

This bestseller on the New York Times deciphers the secrets to building a strong future. Zero to One offers an optimistic, in-depth view of progress. From asking questions to looking for opportunities in unexpected areas, you will find out how to find success in business by being unique and escaping competition.

The writer Peter Thiel, along with Blake Masters, has explained how to create your own marketplace in any industry.

  1. Lost and Founders – Rand Fishkin (Click Here to buy) 

From the CEO of top SEO Company known as Moz, this book shows the true hardship and dedication required to build a sustainable company. Revolving around a heartfelt story of a mother and her son, it explores debt, bankruptcy, and truths necessary for every entrepreneur to understand.

There are immense transparency and humble humour about learning lessons and growing a business step-by-step.

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki (Click Here to buy) 

If you find yourself struggling with money, this book will be a perfect class on how to manage and invest money. The narrative of this book interestingly uses the stories of Robert Kiyosaki’s childhood. He explains valuable money-related lessons framed around the teachings given by his dad and his best friend’s dad.

The book describes the fundamentals of building a business and investing. The author shows you the power of letting your money work for you in order to earn more money.

  1. Too Big to Fail – Andrew Ross Sorkin (Buy on Amazon) 

You will be fascinated by the gripping narrative of this financial book. This book narrates the story of Washington and Wall Street during the struggle to save the failing financial system. There is drama revolving around greed, ego, self-preservation, and fear. It shows how some of the most powerful women and men in politics and finance played a strong wrong in the world’s economy.

These ten books will expand your horizon on how the business world and finances work. Choose the first book you want to read right away and move to others one-by-one.

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