Make Your Home Look Like a Glamorous Diva!


Maharashtrian New Year, Punjabi New Year, Bengali New Year, Tamil New Year, Chinese New Year, English calendar new year – admit it. These are just reasons for us to shop for new things – clothes, cars, jewellery, gadgets, kitchenware,

How with “Cheap Traveling” You Can Make Your Journey More Exciting

“Cheap Traveling” options will save your money and you will enjoy more while traveling. Usually, people dream about flying business class, or in ultra-luxurious private jets to faraway destinations to spend their vacation time. They’d like to check into the

Reasons Why We Love (And Should Love!) the Drink of the Berries: Coffee

Cherise Sinclair in one of her books had quoted, “No matter what historians claimed, BC really stood for ‘Before Coffee’.” Few truer words have been spoken by people of the human race. Coffee is ambrosia to many people. It’s the