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3 Reasons to Switch from Soda to Italian Espresso (and How to Drink It Properly)

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But did you know that a cup of Italian espresso a day keeps the calories at bay, but only if you drink it as the Italians do? The liquid gold of the beverage world, Italian coffee is loved globally for the myriad benefits it offers its drinkers.

There are a number of rules on how the Italians drink their coffee, and adopting the Italian coffee culture will increase the benefits you get from this popular drink. The infographic below created by Med Cruise Guide on the 10 rules of Italian coffee drinking can help you learn how Italians consume their coffee, and stay healthy.

In addition to the extra zing of energy it lends, an Italian espresso, or caffé in Italian, has three huge benefits over soda drinks. Take a look:

1)  It dramatically reduces the number of calories you take

Aerated drinks and sweetened sodas contain as high as 150 calories in a can, making them extremely fattening and dangerous to health. A standard cup of Italian espresso, on the other hand, has as little as 4 calories, making it significantly safer for your body.

Even if you drink the espresso 5-7 times a day like the Italians do (rule #4 below), it is still much lower number of calories. Combine it with the walk to a café for each of these espressos, and you’ll have a nice walk each time – and burn calories along the way. 🙂

2) It minimizes the amount of sugar you take

Studies conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health shows how sugary sodas increase the likelihood of getting Type 2 Diabetes by 26%. Since sodas and fizzy drinks come pre-sugared, you really don’t have a choice on the amount of sugar to consume.

With an Italian espresso, on the other hand, you always have the option of staying away from the sugar altogether or controlling the amount you add to your drink. Italians usually have it without sugar, thus your energy level will increase without sugar as well.

3) It doesn’t give you that dreaded ‘caffeine rush’

One of the frequent contentions with coffee is the ‘caffeine rush’ that some drinkers experience. While this is a reality for a few, the caffeine rush can be easily avoided by drinking decaf.

Caffe Hag is a popular decaffeinated sibling of the traditional Italian espresso and it’s perfect for people who either can’t handle or don’t want coffee with high caffeine content (that’s rule #10 for you). A 5-ounce cup of decaf contains 2-5 ml of caffeine, whereas a 5-ounce glass of soda contains anywhere between 27 and 100 ml of caffeine.

If these reasons seem good enough to toss that can of soda aside and grab a cup of Italian espresso, then it’s a good idea to explore the infographic below and learn how the Italians do it – you’ll feel lighter, healthier and more energized!

Anna Kay is an avid traveler, photographer and editor at She loves exploring and island-hopping across the Mediterranean, and enjoying local food specialties.

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