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5 Neutral Colours to Build A Killer Trendy Wardrobe in 2021

When Pantone released its colour palettes for the upcoming season, we couldn’t help but notice the stark shift towards colours that exude timelessness and versatility without compromising on uniqueness. Today, we’ll discuss the most beautiful neutral hues from the 2020-2021 Autumn-Winter and 2021 Spring-Summer collection. 

  1. Desert Mist 

The soft earthy colour invokes “images of shifting powdery sand.” What sets this colour apart from other earthy neutrals is its peachy undertones. It can be seen as the modern interpretation of camel but a lot more delicate.    

This versatile colour looks lovely on outerwear jackets and coats as well as trousers. However, we would love to see it styled in an unexpected fashion in the guise of thigh-high boots.  

  1. Almond Oil 

Almond oil is a beautiful off-white shade with a touch of warmth that will flatter every possible skin tone. It can make quite a statement in a sophisticated monochromatic look with its subtle yet bright presence. 

We have seen this colour on every possible silhouette, from suits, knits to dresses and skirts. We think it would look ravishing and luxurious in leather. So, consider investing in a leather dress or even a bag if you want to play it safe. 

  1. Sleet 

Sleet is a classic gray colour which is “dependable, solid and everlasting.” It is that perfect colour to pair with bright hues for everyday looks. It is also the go-to for the office going crown trying to make a statement in a tailored suit. 

Although it is a colour that is perfect to fit in a corporate setting, we will not be surprised to see fashionistas experiment with it in casual looks. Even something as simple as sleet hued tailored trouser paired with a sexy bralette or crop top can make for quite a classy yet sultry look. And, definitely unexpected! 

  1. Military Olive 

If we had to pick one neutral that is edgy and offbeat, then this beauty takes the cake. This tone of green is strong yet muted and pairs beautifully with different shades of orange, yellow, pink, and blue. 

We recommend juxtaposing this masculine shade with feminine silhouettes for a very visually interesting look. Bodycon dresses, flowing gowns, and skirts are some great options to pick in this charming shade of green. It is also quite a beautiful colour to wear on your nails. So, keep that in mind when you get your nails done next time. 

  1. Inkwell 

Too attached to black but still want to experiment a teeny weeny bit? Well, Pantone has a colour meant just for you. Inkwell is one of the deepest darkest blues we have set our eyes on. This twilight shade is a close cousin to black but with a little more uniqueness. 

This colour would look gorgeous on a material that has a reflective nature to it. Think satin, silk, leather, and likes. The blue comes through beautifully as light hits the surface of the material. 

Now that you know the fabulous neutrals that are going to trend in the upcoming months, scavenge through your wardrobe, go thrifting and get your carts ready for the sale season. Because we are all about practical, versatile style and not wasteful fast fashion from this season on. 

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