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5 Sleeping Mistakes That Hinder Your Weight Loss Efforts

What is the secret to losing weight quickly? What’s the relationship between sleeping well and losing weight? Going to bed on time but waking up under-rested and irritable?

Our body is a machine, but even machines need optimum rest; otherwise, they stop working and need repairs. Muscles are capable of intense work all through the day, but if one cannot sleep well, the body is tired, and one can even fall sick! Also, there is a close and astounding relation between sleeping well and losing weight!

We are living in such a fast life these days, even resting quietly is a privilege. All work and no rest cannot only tire you out too much, but it can also inhibit the good effects of the exercise you are doing. If you are not able to lose weight quickly and effectively, the reason is also embedded in your sleep habits.

Are you watching a lot of screens?
Recent studies blame the blue light emissions from computers, laptops, smartphones and the like to be responsible for lack of sleep. This causes staying up later and toppling the sensitive Dopamine balance in the body causing fatigue and hunger too. Any type of blue light causes the release of Cortisol in the body, and this hormone has been linked to weight gain. Avoid screens or any light source which can be responsible for inhibiting proper sleep. All these factors contribute to body’s inability to lose excess weight; in fact, one gains weight due to late night sleeping habit.

– Are you eating your dinner too late?
Eating right before bed can be a disaster. Not only responsible for digestive troubles like acid reflux, poor digestion, acidity and heartburn, but eating late also causes sluggish movement of food through the gut causing over-absorption of fats and carbs, and also, bloating. All these are the causes of weight gain in the body.

– Are you drinking fluids later?
Drinking fluids during the day is excellent for cleansing the system, but fluid intake must be cut down at least a couple of hours before bedtime simply because otherwise one needs to urinate in between sleep and such a disturbance can be a challenge in your weight loss journey. Research shows disturbed sleep due to urination in the middle of the night can cause obesity.

– Are you exercising right before bedtime?
Many people claim that the long walk they take right before sleeping calms them down and helps relax them. This can be counter-productive because exercise releases Dopamine and Cortisol (activity dependent release), and they will keep you up for longer instead of sending the signal to the brain that it is time to wind down. Stop any intense exercise 3 hours before bedtime to avoid this happening and allowing your mind and body peaceful sleep.

– Are you wearing the wrong clothes?
Too tight or uncomfortable clothing while you sleep can be a big factor interfering with sound sleep. This can be responsible for raised body temperatures, disrupted hormones and even nightmares! All these have been directly or indirectly linked to poor weight management, and hence, are responsible for obesity.
One can avoid these mistakes to better their sleep, and hence, improve health and solve weight issues.

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