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5 Tips and Tricks to Host a hit Cocktail show

The air is starting to get chilly, which means that the party season is arriving in full bloom. So, if you want to throw an interesting cocktail party this festive season, then we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves that will make the affair and super hit. 

Make an interesting invite 

Once you have a guest list in mind for the party, you have to start thinking about the invitation. If you are going for an intimate part with around 20-25 people, then handwritten invites are a very sweet as well as a budget-friendly way to go. Try shaping the invites in the shape of liquor bottles. Another unique invitation idea is one that is etched on shot glasses. 

Make Mixed Drinks

Mixed drinks like jungle juice, pineapple rum punch, sparkling peach sangria, just to name a few, are a breeze to make for a crowd. Put your batch of mixed drink in beautiful glass pitchers, which will also add to the décor. This is a great way to welcome your guests to the party and serving them with a refreshing drink without making them wait. 

Mocktails are a must

Although it is a cocktail party, do not forget to include a few types of mocktails into the menu like iced tea, strawberry lemonade, or fruit punch. So, people who do not drink or aren’t in the mood to drink or children can also enjoy the party equally. 

Keep the fridge stocked 

Make sure that your bar or fridge has a few bottles of basic liquor like whiskey, vodka, beer, white and red wine along with mixers like tonic and club soda for those who do not enjoy cocktails. 

Backup on the Ice 

You will run out of ice faster than you can spell it in a cocktail party. Remember that bigger chunks of ice take longer to melt. Invest in silicone molds that will freeze big globes or cubes of ice for your pitchers. Smaller molds are good for using in glasses. Make a good number of batches in advance. You can make your ice cubes look pretty by putting mint leaves, edible flowers, and chopped fruits into the water before freezing it.

Make arrangement for games 

There is nothing worse than a silent boring party. Make arrangements to play shot games like never have I ever spin the bottle, beer chess, beer pong, drunken spell bee, etc. If you have a backyard or garden, then make optimum use of that space for the games. 

Make some space for a cocktail show 

If you want to keep the entertainment scene covered, then consider cocktail shows. They will give your party that much-needed oomph, and with them, in the house, there is no window for a single bored guest in the house. 

It is a good idea to book a cocktail show for your party beforehand, so you get one to your party even during the super busy festive season. 

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