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5 Ways to Stay Toasty and Trendy This Christmas

Want to look super stylish this Christmas without freezing your bones? We’ve got your back. So, here are some of our top-secret tips that will keep you super cosy while making you look like a fashionista.  

Fleece-lined tights 

We all love our party dresses and tweed skirts, but the chill makes us push these beauties to the back of our closets during winter. But not anymore! Get yourself a pair of fleece-lined tights in a shade that’s close to your natural skin-tone. Then, bring out your favourite sheer tight or textured stockings. 

Slip on the fleece-lined tights first. And, then wear the sheer stockings on top; before putting on your dress or skirt. The colour of the fleece line tights will make all the difference here by making it look like you are wearing your sheer tights over bare skin. It keeps you super warm and gives you the liberty to don skirts and dresses during the party season with comfort. 

Thigh-high boots 

There is nothing sexier than a pair of thigh-high boots in the wintertime. And the best part is how cosy they keep your feet. To keep your feet extra toasty, consider wearing thick thigh high socks inside your boots. You can use the previous trick too with your thigh-high boots. 

One trick to keep your boots from slipping down is to stick double-sided tape on the rim of the boot. The stickiness of the tape will stick the boot to your skin and keep it from sliding downwards. 


Again, a piece of winter clothing that’s equal parts chic and equal parts functional. One of the trendiest coats that can be seen on every supermodel these days is puffer coats. Get them in pastel hues or metallic shades, which is another massive trend that flooded the Autumn/Winter 2020-21 runways. They are quite a statement in themselves, but when you get them in a stand-out colour, it is sure to make heads turn wherever you go. 

Leather anything and everything! 

Leather has been doing the rounds on the runways for a couple of years now. But it is here with a BANG this year. From pantsuits to dresses, you will find leather on everything. Winter is, undoubtedly, the best time to flaunt this beautiful material because of how toasty it tends to keep you. 

Leather pairs mighty well with chunky knits, so we would definitely recommend bottom wears in the luxe material. Also, venture out of the classic tans and blacks and experiment with colour.  


Often an overlooked accessory, scarves add a ton of style and warmth to any outfit. Whether you go the chunky woollen route or the sophisticated cashmere way, it is sure to exude its charm. We love a plaid print, especially for Christmas time. And don’t forget to try out a few different drapes before settling for the one that looks the best and most interesting on you. 

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