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Acrophobia – How to Overcome the Fear of Heights?

For many people, being afraid of heights is one of the most common fears. Acrophobia is a condition that causes sufferers to be extremely afraid of heights. It is more intense than just being scared of heights. It may be as simple as climbing a short step ladder or thinking about jumping out of a specific height window. Being terrified of heights can cause severe anxiety, and fear can affect every aspect of one’s life.

If this happens to you, here are some actions you can take to help you overcome them.

1. Prepare yourself

When you are feeling scared, getting prepared is vital. When you are in a situation that will cause you to become worried, it helps you to accept the risks that will confront you. Prepare mentally for problems that can cause you to be anxious; imagine how you feel in the situation; plan how you will help relax.

It is beneficial if you know that you are about to be in a situation that causes you to be worried; knowing what to expect allows you to avoid becoming panicky and feeling unsure when the problem arises. It helps you to become more accustomed to being at high places, helping you to feel more comfortable and secure with them.

2. Choose the suitable activity

If you’ve always wanted to go to a circus, you may find that your acrophobia restricts you from going to certain places or doing certain things. Aiming to do something new or trying something completely new can help you overcome your acrophobia.

Start by doing gorge walking – which is much like walking across a vast valley. You won’t have to climb many high places, but you can cross many small boulders. We have a brilliant new climbing room that enables you to be very safe at a very high level. You can then try rock climbing, where you will be strapped into a harness and safely guided by an instructor. You can then go on to do Via Ferrata, a high-wire adventure involving walking across wires that run overflowing water and across enormous heights.

If you are afraid of heights, think about small things that you may do to help you conquer them. Focus on completing these small goals one at a time.

3. Practice relaxation techniques

Rapid heart rate, short breaths, and sweating excessively – these are symptoms that are common for people who have a fear of heights. These symptoms can worsen things; breathing techniques can help you relax.

Relaxation can help you to control these symptoms. A simple way of breathing deeply in and out helps you to feel more peaceful and calm. It’s helpful to have a project you focus on completing rather than on your fear. Mindbodygreen provides a simple breathing exercise that helps you to feel comfortable.

4. Gradual exposure to the fear

You can learn this helpful tip by slowly walking up steep hills to conquer your fear of heights. Start small; walk down a hill to the bottom of a small valley; work up to step higher and higher. If you are afraid of heights, you can gradually go up a multi-story building and progressively down one level! It is not easy, and taking the time to do it will cause you to get higher.

5. Rationalise your fear

A person with acrophobia is afraid to go to very high places, even though he knows that doing so is unlikely to cause any harm. It may cause you to be scared that you are on the top floor of a safe building, even though the environment is very safe and damage is unlikely.

It is straightforward to become anxious once you begin to fear heights; it is easy to forget that there are many safe places to go. It is easy to think stupidly and cause yourself to be terrified. Try to care for yourself when you fear heights and reason about them. If you are scared of heights, try to convince yourself there is no need to be scared as you are very safe. It will help you work towards becoming more confident and overcome your fear of heights.

Being afraid to go up high can ruin your life; it is not something that you have to believe. With the tips you learned, you can overcome your fear of heights, and with some help, you will conquer your fear of heights!

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