Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Skyrocketing advancement or a cobweb of doom?

There is a little bit of AI in every person’s life. From voice recognizing SIRI, to facial locking systems and automated cars, a hint of Artificial Intelligence can be easily reflected. A huge momentum has gained in the recent past making Artificial Intelligence a conversational staple. In fact, the utilization of AI in the healthcare, agriculture, and education industry has truly proved its usefulness. Technologists, software engineers, entrepreneurs, and future predictors have a different opinion on this topic. And with the advent of sci-fi Hollywood movies such as Matrix, the question of AI as a threat has constantly popped up. Perhaps, this is the very reason that controversies and arguments on the boon and bane of AI have gained importance. Well, there are definitely two sides to a coin. Read on to gain a deeper insight:

Benefits of the advancement of Artificial intelligence

Let’s talk about the good things first. The concept of Artificial Intelligence, which was perceived in the 1950s with the idea of automating mundane tasks, is the major benefit of it. One can easily program the system to follow a set of instructions and repeat them, and unlike a human, it definitely will not get bored. But there is more to AI than just repeated work. Enlisted are a few of them:

  • Can be programmed for any kind of work – So, this is the intelligence that one can carve out. Program it in a manner, with a set of algorithms and voila the work gets done. This saves a lot of time and requires only one-time effort.
  • Makes task easier, faster and effective – Owing to the ability to perform repeated tasks, it definitely aids in makes the task easier and effective. A lot of data can be dumped on AI, and the analysis can be received in a few minutes time. All the more, it makes all kinds of work very easy and convenient

  • Error-free – Now this one a biggie. Mundane and monotonous tasks are prone to human error, but AI is not. Until and unless there is something wrong with the programming, one can be assured of correct results.
  • Application in Healthcare Industry – Surgeries such as laparoscopy and other laptop related operations are possible thanks to AI. A lot is being envisaged like enabling voice in case of famous scientist Stephen Hawking’s, and a lot is on the way of development.
  • Enhances and simplifies our lifestyle – All the complex procedures can be taken care of which ultimately makes life very easy, enhancing the overall lifestyle. In fact, with the aid of AI, one can completely revamp one’s living style automating a set of things.
  • Reduces the burden on the human being – Stress is one of the biggest factors that is a big issue in the human beings. And one of the reasons for stress is the massive amount of work that one needs to deal on a day to day basis. AI has helped reduce this by automating many things at home as well as the workplace. This will truly count as a huge benefit.
  • Helps to replicate the cognitive thinking- The entire concept behind AI was not just automating things but also ensuring that cognitive skills are being enhanced so that if a given set of conditions is fed, the decision can be automatically taken.

Probable threats of AI

Undoubtedly, AI has many wings in its cap, but of lately, a lot of discussion is hovering on the fact that AI has the potential to become a potential threat in the near future. In words of Mr. Stephen Hawking’s, he described the cognitive ability of the machines to be dangerous and could become destructive, if not taken care of. In fact, many of the scientists are also questioning the application of AI, which, if not monitored properly, could be designing a cobweb of doom. Here are certain threats that experts in the industry are anticipating



  • Can be a threat if programmed wrongly – It is very easy to program the AI for destructive measures, which is of no good. In case, the machine lands up in wrong hands, or with people of bad intention, it will be very difficult to take control

  • Chances of spam and hacking – The digital world is prone chances of spam and hacking, and with the advent of AI, the chances of such mishaps multiply. In fact, Artificial Intelligence doesn’t basically think and just follows a set path which would accelerate chances of such cybercrime.
  • Lacks judgemental power – Artificial Intelligence can copy cognitive thinking to a certain extent, but it cannot gain the power of empathy. Judging something from the perspective of empathy is a gift only to human beings and perhaps coming even close to it will take some more decades of research and development.
  • Over intelligence can mar the world of human – There is a saying that excess of anything is dangerous, and hence, over the intelligence of AI could be one major threat. They could make plans or decisions which in the human world may not be all right.

AI is a technological advancement which is one of its kinds in ages. However, whether it is a boon or a bane only time can tell us.

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