Reasons Why We Love (And Should Love!) the Drink of the Berries: Coffee

Cherise Sinclair in one of her books had quoted, “No matter what historians claimed, BC really stood for ‘Before Coffee’.” Few truer words have been spoken by people of the human race. Coffee is ambrosia to many people. It’s the

Acing the Art of Negotiation

Negotiation is a process through which people agree or disagree with a point. It is an art of conversation in which the negotiators try to settle the point, either in agreement or disagreement, to achieve the best possible outcome. A …

Why the iPhone 7 meant zero to me?

A little bit about technology first

The fascination for technology has gripped even common men nowadays. They’re no longer restricted to mad scientists who know how to get glass and metal together to create a device that can voice out …

The Psyche of Getting Together

What another human can make you do and feel!

“There there – get over him already, he’s not interested anymore, and it’s been three weeks!” – exclaimed the friend.
But she was just not ready to accept. He had made …

I (don’t think I’m ready to say) do

What Commitment issues in the love of today hold for tomorrow

Those were the days! People saw each other; the cupid struck its arrow right in time, and they fell in love. When they fell in love, nothing seemed to …

Superfoods make superheroes: eat and combat life superbly

Eat better – fight stress!

A superfood is, basically, an enhanced food item, with denser nutrition and more goodness for your body.It is especially beneficial for the body and may also provide additional health benefits. A superfood actually has no …