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Which XBOX version is ideal for you to buy?

Unlike PC hardware which becomes obsolete after two years or less depending upon the chosen parts, an investment in a console might actually sound like a good idea, and for the most part, it is. You see most games get developed for the consoles first rather than PC because of lower piracy rates and also consoles generally don’t get hardware upgrade as often and are supported longer be game developers.

So, in short, if you don’t have a constant flow of capital to support your upgrades, then getting a console is a definitely a good move.

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I don’t think there is a soul who hasn’t heard of the Microsoft Xbox. It is Microsoft’s console for the mass market and one of the very popular consoles out there along with the PS4 and Nintendo. Like the PS4, it has a huge game library and is supported by developers for a long time. Also, like the PS4, it has its own share of exclusive titles like Forza and Gears of War. So, what would be the best version of the Xbox for you with less cash to splurge?

Xbox 360: Let’s start with the oldest of the bunch i.e., the Xbox 360. There is no doubt that even this old box has had several revisions ever since its inception back in 2006. As a matter of fact, it has received many games over the years and already has an established library of very high-quality games right off the bat. Also, since this console is last gen, it means there you are more likely to find deals on games and accessories for this because of its widespread reach. However, buying a last gen console isn’t a very good idea because in essence it won’t be supported much longer by developers as games evolve because the hardware powering the console is out-dated. Even so, at $200-$250 for the basic 4GB variant, it makes a fantastic value proposition for a gaming console especially considering that it runs taxing games like GTA V smoothly. Just don’t expect the graphics to be even comparable to newer consoles or PCs with mid-range hardware.

Xbox One: Well, then how about the second latest offering from Microsoft, the Xbox One. Surprisingly, this isn’t even the latest model even though it was launched not too long ago. This was a much-needed upgrade for the Xbox 360 and manages to get all the newer games to date. It also surprisingly manages to run all new games with a moderate to high enough level of detail at 1080p resolutions maintaining a constant 30-60 fps in most of them. But the main issue with the Xbox one is getting one at a decent enough price with a good bundle. Prices for the most of them are inflated in online stores, and if you don’t already have a console, I suggest that you skip on this one because of the one that I’m about to mention below.

Xbox One S: The Xbox One S is the latest installment to the Xbox line-up and comprises of the latest hardware to support Next gen games. This is precisely why I suggested skipping on the slightly older Xbox One because the One S can be found at anywhere from $400-$650 depending on the bundle and storage and even the most basic one can be found under $430 making it a fantastic value proposition for playing recent games at resolutions up to 4k. And if I ever to pick up any console, I would pick the latest one because I want to play all the newer games at the glory that they are supposed to be played. But prepare to shell out extra for games as games for newer hardware usually don’t come cheap.

So, in conclusion, which one should you buy? It’s pretty simple actually.

If you want to play the latest games while owning yourself a portable home theatre that can play 4K content, you can’t go wrong with the Xbox One S, which costs around $450 for the basic bundle with 500GB of storage. But, if you are on a really tight budget, get the Xbox 360 because it’s cheap, and there are a lot of good games despite being an old console. It makes relatively no sense to get the Xbox One at this rate of inflation. And unless you can get it for under 20k with a games bundle, you shouldn’t look at it.

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