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Brock Lesnar Attacked Handcuffed Roman Reigns Brutally

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It was a scary guitar tone and a giant pose on the big curved screen with a knife tattoo on the chest. Yeah, you guessed it absolutely right; we are talking about the WWE Universal champion or Paul Heyman’s client Brock Lesner (Extended pronunciation of “ER”)


Since the big dog won the elimination chamber and became the number 1 contender to face the beast in the grandest stage of them all WrestleMania XXXIV. They both had a history in WrestleMania as well and the massacre of Roman Empire happened previously as well. Here, a textual session that took place on Monday night RAW.

The Rise and Rise of Big Dog
Being a brute force in the most devastating group in the WWE “The Shield” reunited after Seth Freakin Rollins byte their back and shook hands with the game. Well, that’s another story. So, it was the big dog making his way to the four sided hell and smoked his mouth out on Kurt Angle.

Roman Reigns spoke and spoke about the beating that he’s going to give to the Brock and how he’s the greatest player of his generation.

What Happened Next?

The worst was still waiting for him as the US Marshals Handcuffed and Arrested Roman Reigns. It seems like a decent farewell for Roman to leave the arena and may enjoy an evening with his fans at the police station.

But God has other plans for him, as he was busting out from the ring, the beast attacked him. And he was handcuffed, just imagine you are up against the pain Brock with literary no hands. That sounds scary, well, what happened next is not at all a fairy tale.

Brock kissed Roman and allowed him to break free from the handcuffs as a sporting gesture. No, it ain’t end up like this; we wish it was, but Hell No! Mr. Reign got a first class ticket to Suplex city, thanks to the courtesy of Brock. He stayed there and enjoyed German Suplexes over and over and over again.

The Final Statement
It was indeed a big statement by Lesner, and even after the departure, he again showed up and threw Roman of the wheeled bed after his brutal pain massage. We can’t hold our self back for the main event on April 8, Are you ready?



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