Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns: The Clash of the Titans of WWE

The SummerSlam 2018 showcased the latest brawl between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. These are a couple of stars, who have had multiple showdowns over the past few years. Each time Brock Lesnar, ‘The Beast,’ emerged victorious. The only time Roman Reigns had ever beaten Brock Lesnar was in a Triple Threat Match in 2016. He faced Brock as well as Dean Ambrose and was proclaimed the winner at Fastlane 2016.

This time around, Roman Reigns had a big deal at stake. The Universal Championship was up for grabs, and it was quite likely that Brock Lesnar would leave WWE to take part in UFC very shortly. Roman had to face his nemesis and take down ‘The Beast’ once and for all.

It was a highly action-packed match that began with Strowman entering the ring before the stars had a chance to exchange fists. He made an announcement that the money in the bank contract would be cashed in by him when the match ended, regardless of who was victorious. The shadowy presence of Strowman could be felt throughout the whole match.

Braun made his exit from the ring and without sparing a moment; Reigns set himself loose on the Breast. He began with a flurry of Superman Punches and followed up with a few Spears. However, when the last blow was being delivered, Brock Lesnar performed the Guillotine.

Roman Reigns retaliated with a Spinebuster, but Brock didn’t let go. He locked in the Guillotine once more. Roman countered with yet another Spinebuster, picking up The Beast and landing the blow. Roman tried to throw a clean Superman Punch, but Brock was ready. He guarded himself and caught Roman, giving him a brace of German Suplexes. He waited for a moment and threw another German Suplex at Roman.

Roman decided to use the Suicide Dive on Brock. It is a high-risk, high-reward move. The Beast proved to be too quick. He dodged the attack, causing Roman to connect with Strowman instead; Lesnar jumped out and whacked Strowman with a powerful F5. The fight was beginning to get highly action-packed and full of surprises.

The Beast grabbed the briefcase and tossed it into the ring towards the Titantron. He knocked out Strowman with a steel chair in seconds. He jumped into the ring, trying to go for Roman with the steel chair; however, Roman threw a brutal spear at Brock. He got Brock locked down for the 3-count, and finally emerged the winner of the Universal Championship.

It was a spectacular ending that blew everyone away. No one saw it coming. The steel chair collided onto Lesnar’s hand, and it snapped back to hit him smack on the face, all the time while Roman had him pinned to the ground. Roman Reigns had done the unthinkable and had finally managed to break his streak of losses.

A rivalry that finally had the greatest match in the spotlight ended with Roman Reigns taking down his nemesis; a fairy-tale ending to this clash of the Titans.

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