Can artificial intelligence solve the world mysteries?

Have you ever wondered the science behind Bermuda triangle or the concept of black holes? Well, there are so many unsolved mysteries of the world, which keep fascinating us. And yes, scientists too are scouting their way out to find out answers, but till date, the thirst for unveiling the mysteries remains intact. But yes, the racking minds keep on exploring options that could aid in coming up with some logical possibilities. And, in today’s technology spurred world, the hope is only through AI.

Understanding AI
AI, or Artificial Intelligence as popularly known, is gaining huge popularity. A mix of machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks, AI boasts of complex algorithms that can model out various probabilities in just a few minutes. Hence, AI can be used to design models which otherwise could have taken hundreds of years. So, AI can be programmed to get some results which can then be interpreted.

Mysteries vs. Quantum Physics
There is an interesting correlation between Quantum Physics and the Mysteries of the world. In fact, Scientists have understood black hole or Bermuda Triangle to whatever extent is only thanks to quantum physics. Quantum defines each and every particle and tries to understand their movement for interpreting the concept. Now, every proton or neutron has various spinning abilities, which leave a trail of probabilities. To figure out the possibilities of all the probabilities, one needs to model out equations and solve them. With a known amount of data, this work can be done by machine and programmed to be solved by AI.

Now AI functions only in the way they are programmed, but they are gifted with the cognitive ability that makes them superior. Related results can be compared or interpreted to gain insights. For example, black hole revolves around gravity and gravitational pull, which in mathematical format can be illustrated by a three-dimensional formula. By adding a fourth dimension of time, definitely something can be reached at, although not completely. If not solving, it can surely trigger a perspective thinking which eventually will lay the foundation for the next level of research.

So, can AI be used for unravelling mysteries?
Well, it cannot be said for sure, but yes, it seems that we are on the way to it. AI has been established to an extent where its cognitive abilities are getting enhanced, and if proper data be provided to it, the day is not far away from where a man will have an answer to all his questions. In fact, AI will bring data modelling to a very different level, automatically most of the processes and come up with some insights that will leave one and all in amazement.

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