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Can Green Coffee Help to Reduce Weight?

life is short enjoy your coffee

Not that we just want to reduce weight, but, we forever chase substances which give results; be it in any area of existence. Most of this quest is regarding better foods to consume so that there is better health. We have tried whatnot, but to our dismay, nothing has worked as per expectations. Now, what to do? Rely on miracles? Not really. If we tell you it is possible to lose weight attaining better health using a new and revolutionary natural substance, and it is also easy to acquire, use and even the results are astonishing, would you believe? The results of this particular beverage are so convincing that even you won’t be able to refrain.

life is short enjoy your coffee

The Green Coffee!

Green coffee beans are used to make extracts which are now being used widely for weight loss and weight management tasks. It also has been found beneficial for blood pressure patients, as chlorogenic acid brings down blood pressure. Chlorogenic acid is the real deal of green coffee. The green coffee is just regular coffee bean but before the roasting process.

Weight Loss Mantra:

Some studies show that the chlorogenic acid considerably reduces absorption of carbohydrates from food, which leads to stable blood sugar and insulin spikes are reduced, helping people with diabetes.

Also, the acid inhibits fat absorption, leading to lower fat being deposited into the liver. This chemical property is also responsible for weight control.

It also improves the performance of fat burning hormone adiponectin. It helps feel fuller for longer, eliminating cravings and eating binges.

Thus, it is a great weight management drink. It can be used for reducing weight as well as maintaining it at a healthy level.

How to Use:

There is a soluble form of green coffee, which can be mixed with water and consumed. There are three types of the same – powdered, freeze-dried, and granulated. Another form is an extract of green coffee, which is sold in the form of pills, and this is the most intense and effective form of green coffee.

For weight loss, this is how one must consume green coffee:

The dosage must not exceed 3 cups a day, and one must never consume green coffee after the meal.

Green coffee helps in weight loss

One must also never consume green coffee without taking doctor’s consent or in combination with other drugs as it has the potential to react to the existing medication.

A Word of Caution:

Although they are green, they are still coffee beans, so all the side effects which a person is prone to an overdose of caffeine are applicable, like stomach upset, frequent urination, anxiety and increased heart rate, sleeplessness, etc.

Some participants of the studies on green coffee beans have also reported urinary tract infection and headaches. Also, if you purchase the green coffee extract without checking all permissions or falling for the lucrative language, it is going to be harmful to you. Check all allergies before consumption and keep your expectations from the product realistic.

Final Word:

Green coffee is a new and effective way to weight loss and can prove to be a boon for people struggling with weight issues because of its amazing properties! It is natural, minimal processing goes into it and has mesmerizing weight reduction and management properties, the kinds of which were previously unheard of! It is not only fast and effective, but it is also easy to use it safely and in combination with optimum exercise, good diet, and physical activity. In fact, it works even better for weight control if consumed alongside an active lifestyle.

One must also consider using green coffee with caution because of irregularities in dose, quality, and processing in the market. Else, everyone deserves a chance with something that works fast on the excess weight!

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