Brock Lesnar Attacked Handcuffed Roman Reigns Brutally

It was a scary guitar tone and a giant pose on the big curved screen with a knife tattoo on the chest. Yeah, you guessed it absolutely right; we are talking about the WWE Universal champion or Paul Heyman’s client …

Top Xbox and PlayStation games launched this week

All you crazy bouys and girls, pay attention as the magical month of March has finally arrives and Boom, It’s Games all the Way! The dynamite package of exiting games with quality storyline, music and of course nail biting action …

Red Dead Redemption 2: Hot New Features

Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2) will be indeed one of the hottest games ever to release for the PlayStation this decade. After almost a gap of 7 years, the franchise is all set to make a comeback to the

Deepika Padukone – The True 100-Crore Club Actress

Deepika Padukone is a true 100-Crore Club actress. Basking in the glory and grandeur of the magnum opus of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Padmavat; Deepika Padukone has proven to her fans and critics alike what she is made of – pure …

Best Game of the Year Contenders 2017

As the time to bid 2017 farewell draws near, we can all agree on one thing; this was one of the hottest years of gaming. We saw the launch of a slew of AAA titles and some of them took …

Rampage Trailer – Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) is back

Dwayne Johnson led Rampage’s trailer is finally out, and it looks grand. The movie slated for release in April 2018 is about a gorilla that sets out on a city rampage.

The Inspiration-

Inspired by the 1986 arcade game Rampage, …

Timeless Beauties of the Hollywood

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder- yes, the eyes read beyond the skin, thereby giving beauty a greater meaning than ‘skin-deep.’ The below listed women of Hollywood define beauty and achievement beyond the mundane literal meanings.

Which XBOX version is ideal for you to buy?

Unlike PC hardware which becomes obsolete after two years or less depending upon the chosen parts, an investment in a console might actually sound like a good idea, and for the most part, it is. You see most games get …

How with “Cheap Traveling” You Can Make Your Journey More Exciting

“Cheap Traveling” options will save your money and you will enjoy more while traveling. Usually, people dream about flying business class, or in ultra-luxurious private jets to faraway destinations to spend their vacation time. They’d like to check into the