5 Tips and Tricks to Host a hit Cocktail show

The air is starting to get chilly, which means that the party season is arriving in full bloom. So, if you want to throw an interesting cocktail party this festive season, then we have a few tips and tricks up

Who is Osho? The life of Indian Mystic Guru

Osho is an Indian spiritual guru who became famous during 1960s to1990s. Also called Rajneesh, his philosophy came to be known as Rajneeshism. His teachings were liberal and advocated what is called as ‘materialistic spiritualism’.

Who is Osho?

Born on …

3 Reasons to Switch from Soda to Italian Espresso (and How to Drink It Properly)

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But did you know that a cup of Italian espresso a day keeps the calories at bay, but only if you drink it as the Italians do? The liquid gold …