India, UK, USA- Countries That Are Working Hard to Find Effective COVID-19 Treatment Options Including Vaccine

The ongoing global crisis COVID-19 has shaken the entire world. Governments around the world have produced certain rules and regulations to be followed by their citizens. Lockdowns have been imposed, and people have been recommended to follow high personal hygiene standards. There are also a lot of other recommendations, which responsible people have been devoutly following. Despite all of that, we haven’t been able to feel completely safe. Why? Because there is no vaccine or proper treatment in place. However, the good news is- research work is being carried out in various parts of the world, and we can hope to see a better tomorrow.

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India’s contribution to finding treatments for Corona Vaccine

All India Institute of Medical Sciences is all set to undertake a clinical trial of the convalescent plasma therapy for treating patients suffering from the deadly COVID-19. The medical organization is also taking steps in order to receive necessary approvals from the Drug Controller General of India.

Although plasma therapy is not an established or an approved treatment option for COVID-19, it might turn out to be a great solution. Currently, this treatment option is in its experimental phase, and its effectiveness is being studied by the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR).

However, the Health Ministry has so far not shown a green flag for its use as a treatment for COVID-19. Also, its misuse could have deadly consequences for patients.

In another noteworthy research study conducted in India, researchers have come to notice that Mw could lower death risks of ICU patients, suffering from sepsis of considerable severity. But what is Mw? Well, Mycobacterium w, abbreviated (Mw) is a vaccine. But it is not for the treatment of COVID-19. MW is usually used for leprosy patients. According to the Chandigarh’s Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PPGIMER) experts, it is only as an adjunct that Mw will be used.

American contribution

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The USA is also not far behind when it comes to research linked to COVID-19 treatment.

Gilead Sciences, which is a Pharma company based in California, conducted clinical trials of Remdesivir, which is an antiviral medicine. In their third phase trial, they found positive results, and that’s great news. The trial was undertaken by a team of investigators, which also had an Indian-American as one of its members.

Research work being carried out in the UK and Germany

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As far as research in the UK is concerned, Oxford University has taken the lead. They have already started their research work and are all set to do the trials of a vaccine on 800 volunteers in the United Kingdom.

If this trial hits success, then the team at Oxford will talk to the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) scientists apart from approaching Kenya Government for permission to run tests in Kenya.

What more? Even BioNTech, which is a Germany based pharmaceutical company, has started its tests linked to a potential vaccine for COVID-19. The tests are currently being carried out on individual volunteers.

With so much work going on in the field of research, we can certainly expect the end of this pandemic soon. All we need is some patience and the determination to win the battle!

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