Diabetes: A Detailed Insight On The Disease

Roughly an eight and a half percent of the world population is recorded to be diabetic. Though common, diabetes needs to be regarded as a serious health issue, owing to its potency of posing risks on cardiovascular system. At times, it is the inability of the cells to respond to a certain hormone, while at other times, it is the glitch in hormone production that leads to this metabolic disorder.

Often passed on over the generations, this disorder can be well combated with the help of medications and domestic remedies. Here’s a detailed insight to the group of metabolic disorders leading to diabetes, its symptoms and treatments.

Types of diabetes

Diabetic people have an abnormality in their blood sugar levels- by far this is the concept that most people have about the disease. Well, there is a lot more beyond this concept, and nope we do not refer to anything other than preliminary information regarding this metabolic disorder. Genetic or not, diabetes diagnosis involves a few types.

Type 1:

You might have come across those diabetic patients who are provided with insulin supplements. Well, they only represent a particular group of affected patients. Insulin production is of major concern in this type of diabetes, that is, insulin is not produced in the body to be absorbed by the cells.


Thus, only rescue can be the insulin injections. Only a ten percent of the diabetic patients are spotted with this type.

Type 2:

This is the one disorder that most of the diabetic patients are spotted with. In this case, there is a glitch in insulin absorption of the body cells. Despite there being a constant insulin production by the pancreas, the cells are not responsive enough. Your body weight plays a major role in the development of this type of diabetes. Those with a good amount of belly fat are at a higher risk of developing this disease. Obesity and physical inactivity are the key factors in this case. The brighter side to this is the natural cure option.

Gestational diabetes:

As the name points, this is the one type of diabetes that is observed during pregnancy. Those with a diet loaded with animal fat, before conceiving, possess a greater risk of developing gestational diabetes. A proper diet as suggested by your nutritionist and spending a few hours for some exercise can be a control strategy for this type of diabetes.

Control strategies of diabetes

Those diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes are not left with any other option than insulin injections; but there is good news for the ones affected by Type 2 diabetes. Along with medications, if you go for proper food habits with low fats, cholesterol and sugar intake, then quite a less risk is on the cards for you. Regulating your body weight through various exercises is also a must. A few herbal remedies that can be helpful for regulating your blood glucose levels include- fig leaves, cinnamon, olive oil, black seed, bitter melon and fenugreek. Generally early morning empty stomach consumption of these herbal juices are recommended.

Being diabetic, needs you to curb a greater number of addictions and food cravings. As already, there is a risk of cardiovascular disorders for diabetic patients, so cholesterol levels and blood pressure need to be well maintained.

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