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Essential Checklist For Mid-Range Smartphones

‘The more you get to know, the more you desire to know’- this has been the effect of advancing technology in our lives, the present generation is totally into a ‘smart-gadget-centric’ life. Rural or urban irrespective of the locale, mobile phones are spreading like a wild fire. The smartphones have almost washed off the traces of the landlines and even the older cell phones. The best part is that, the top brands are aiming at the markets with their affordable mid-range smart phones along with the high-end ones, thereby winning the mediocre crowds. Nevertheless, the premium range smartphones from companies like Apple, Google and Samsung never fail to dominate the smartphone markets across the globe.  

Must-haves in a mid-range smartphone 

There is a crowd which only understands the high range smartphones with certain brand labels. Yet again the mid-range smartphones are fetching pretty good revenue owing to their ‘affordable luxury’ content to the smartphone companies. Lenovo, LeECo, Panasonic, mid-range smartphones are pouring in from several brands, and if we go by the numerical figures, about 19 new smart phones are being launched in a couple of months. So, while you choose your mid-range smartphone, do keep a check on the following mandates. 

Operating system: Android, iOS or Windows- each offers a special set of features. And yes, all variants of iPhones are not as expensive as the newer versions- so you can check out the iOS features without fearing a cash crunch. Android is perhaps, the most common and popular one if you go by the mediocre crowd, yet people never fall out of love with the smoother user-interface of iPhones. Windows itself is a unique one, coming with its own cloud storage system. Owing to the pricing by various brands, you can opt for any of the operating system fitting into your mid-range budget. 

Display: The foremost thing for a smart phone to pass off as a good one is its display. A proper display obviously caters to convenient usage of your smartphone. Check for the display technology and picture resolution listed in the detailed features while deciding on your smartphone model. If not the pocket burning ‘retina display’ of iPhones, you can go for one with a minimum of 300ppi pixel density and a resolution as high as 1280 by 720, for the optimum picture clarity. 

Battery Life: Smartphones are nothing without the mobile applications. Gaming, texting, sharing photographs, videos and audios, video calling, storing presentations, spreadsheets, word documents and to top it all off the e-transactions – our smartphones serve us in numerous ways. But, what if the battery exhausts in the mid of a hectic day, wherein you have important documents saved in your smartphone? You cannot afford to wait for your phone to switch on in the middle of a meeting. So, while ticking the mobile apps off your checklist, do make sure you have the battery life at the top of your checklist. Look for 2000mAh battery feature for the least, so that you can rely on your smartphone for a day of moderate use. 

Storage: While deciding on your purchase of smartphone, storage should be atop your checklist. With apps like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, we do need a smartphone with a greater internal memory. Also, saving Word documents and Power Point presentations take up a lot of space. But all thanks to the cloud storage systems like Google Drive, Drop Box and Microsoft Sky Drive, relying on which we can go for the mid-range smartphones with a decent internal storage. Also, you can go for those smart phones that offer expandable memory. 

Out of all, the Android smartphones have commendably accommodated a good number of features within the mid-range budget. Newer brands like Lyf and Honor are peeping from amidst the popular brands where the mid-range smartphones are concerned. So, you need not always go with the popular expensive brands, go with greater set of features for smartphones instead.

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