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Christmas Gift Ideas for Best Friends

Besties, soul sisters, Whatever you call them, are some of the most crucial people in your life! I genuinely love all my friends and consider them my soul sisters. I put together this roundup of gifts you can give your best friends.

Brilliant Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Here are 27 Great Gift Ideas for your Best Friends and Besties this Holiday Season!


Friends of the Earth Christmas Ornament

It is fun to get a unique gift for your best friend.







Best friend, Sister Friendship Quote

You can give this as a cheap gift by adding some ribbon to a picture or simply giving it to a friend.






Fill in the Blank Book

It’s straightforward to give a personalized gift to your best friend!






Secret Message Bracelet

The simple charm has a cute little message inside.






Best friend Sisters Sweatshirt 

I’d love it if someone could give this to each of my soul sisters as a Christmas gift, so they know that I am thinking about them and praying for them every time I go to their house.







BFF Sticker Made by You, For Your Friends

It would be adorable to get them a personalized water bottle or notebook! It would be so fun to get someone as a gift for a fun item like a water bottle or a fun notebook – send in a photo of you and your best friend(s).






Custom Photo Art

You can do so broadly with your photos to create some fantastic gifts.







Match the Aprons

For those who love to cook or bake and eat! It is fun having aprons that match the people you are with because you can easily be sure that everyone in your family is watching the same show!







Friends Artwork

This grouping of friends can look fabulous in your home – I would like to show off one of our friends who died of cancer. There is a large variety of custom designs to select from







The Gratitude Journal 

We have many friends we love, but this will be a sweet way to tell them why you are grateful for them. It is a perfect journal to keep track of your best friends or as a gift to your friends.







Personalized Charcuterie Plates

I enjoy having charcuterie nights with my girlfriends – it would be so lovely to have a cheese board that everyone can share that says, “I’m enjoying your company!” You can say, “We’re best friends,” or “We’re going out on a stag weekend,” or “We’re going to a girl’s night out” on your cheese board instead of a unique name!






Tea Spoon

It is the perfect gift for best friends who love to drink or spill the tea!








Individually Designed Glass Cups

I adore these cute glass can cups! You can put the name of your best friend or write “bestie” on the bottom of the lid.






Luxury Bags Customized to Fit Your Specific Needs

What a fantastic idea it would be to have duffel bags or totes that you can use for your girls to go to the movies or go on vacation! A massive selection of beautiful patterns and bags on are perfect for each of you!






Wine Sampler

These excellent wine sampler packs are great for friends who love and want to try a few attractive kinds of wine without spending a fortune!





Printed Wine Tumblers

Get some great wine tumblers with your besties’ names on them. Then remind each other to call and have a friendly chat when you have a glass of wine, even if you are far from each other.





Friendship Lamps

These unique lamps allow you and your friends to stay in touch even though you are far away. When you tap a lamp, a lamp that is with your friend will light up, and they will know that you are still with them!






Infinity Knot Bracelet

Use this link to find cute little bracelets that remind each other that your friendship will last forever.







Luxury Bamboo Blanket

It is costly, but it will make you feel like you are getting a hug from your best friend every time you use it! I bought one for my baby girl to use in her car seat, and she loves it.







Acrylic Photo Frame

This acrylic photo frame is very classy and elegant.







Best Friend Mug

Mugs make perfect gifts! They are fun to give as gifts, but they are unique and thoughtful gifts you can give your best friend!





Adventure Challenge for Friends!

It would be an excellent gift for any special friend. The Experience has 50 adventure and fun activities that you can do together.







Necklace For Best Friend 

You can share a wide variety of gorgeous necklaces with your friends to show them how much you care about them.







Personalized Jewelry Boxes

This cute jewelry box is so attractive to store some of your most valuable pieces of jewelry, and it would be super cute also to put on your best friend’s necklace!






Dyed Flower Bouquet

With flowers, you will always be able to create beautiful arrangements, reminding your best friend that your friendship will continue to last a very long time!







Besties’ Shirts Are Fun and Pretty

Finding shirts that look cute on you and your friends is fun!






Necklace with Initial Charms

I like the simple look of this necklace – get one for each of your best friends and have them sign it with their initials, or get a set for you to mark each of them with their initials.






I hope you have enjoyed this post and that it gives you ideas for what to get for someone this Christmas.

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