How to become a better manager?

‘Quitting the boss and not the job’- one of the most common phrases you will come across in any industry. Surveys say that the number of start-ups has been increasing over the past few years and the most justifiable reason behind this seems to be the gifted brains that quit playing corporate puppets. Though the big-bang companies are replenishing their units with new resources (freshers from esteemed universities) yet the attrition rates are getting affected every year. In order to retain the experienced employees along with hiring the freshers the most significant role is played by the managers. Yes, only good managerial skills and strategies can help your company play the ace of all.

It is your approach that affects the most

Be it a start-up or be it a multinational corporation you need to utilize the hired brains in the best possible way. Increasing workload and lack of incentives is perhaps the most common scene every here and there. Employees working harder end up with the grudge of low-performance ratings. One of the managerial recommendations coming right from the surveys made in and around the IT hubs tells you to interact in a smarter and calmer with your employees.

The strategy is to note down the demands and style of working of the employees. Having noted down their demands, check for a couple of demands, which can affect your work plans the least even in the worst-case scenario. In case as a manager, you are unable to grant the leave plans of your employees, try to negotiate instead of turning them down completely. Once you are through with a couple of their demands and your employees are content and happy, you can rest assured that imposing greater workload post leave plans will not be resisted.

Keep a mandatory back-up plan

Being a manager, it is mandatory to understand the issues faced by your resources. If not all the time, then at least for most of the time, try to circulate the workload. Though an equal division of work is the rarest rather next to impossible situation yet the current scenario of the industry does not let you go without these considerations.

Assigning a couple of back-up resources always make it work when it comes to granting of leave plans. The only thing that is missed out by most managers is circulating backup plans. The resources playing back-up should not be the same every time, and keeping it transparent about the dependency of their leave plans is another of the mandates.

Though it is not always possible to maintain this transparency yet try and keep switching among a few resources when it comes to play a back-up for another resource. This will certainly make way for flexible leave plans for each employee; moreover, it makes way for unaffected work plans.

Team up the diverse talents

While selecting resources for your team, mostly you keep an eye on the best developers or testers. Another thing that needs to be checked while teaming up resources is that at times the ones with better presentation skills prove to be highly beneficial for your team. It is not the manager who is in the charge of presentations all the time- like other responsibilities this needs to be shared as well. While the best coders are essential for a productive team, their being interactive is also required for a higher productivity and a healthy work environment.

Being a manager one of the huge responsibilities is to retain your employees. At times manipulation or at times negotiation can help in balancing the profit quotient with the job- satisfaction of your employees is the key to ace the managerial strategies. So go for the mutual approach and take the stand so as to not let people quit their bosses.

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