How to Get Tech Job Without a Degree

If  You Have The Goods Skills, You Do Not Need a Degree to Succeed In Tech

You are likely to get a job in the IT industry even if you don’t have a college degree – as long as you learn some other skills that will enable you to succeed. Many employers care less about candidates’ academic backgrounds than their skills, capabilities, experience, work ethic, and willingness to learn. Earning a degree and spending tens of thousands of dollars to acquire these skills is unnecessary. It is enough to get some work experience.

Do not think for one second that a four (or two) year college degree is useless. Quite the contrary! Some positions and employers will insist that you have a degree as an indispensable qualification. But today, tech companies are desperate to hire the best people for the increasing number of open positions. In the future, employers will be willing to consider and hire people who still need to obtain a degree for a tech job if they have the necessary experience and knowledge to succeed.

Computer Programmer

Programmers create the code that makes mobile apps, desktops, and other technical work. Programmers are fundamental to software development, meaning employers looking for talent will happily hire good people, even if they do not have a degree.

User Experience Specialist

Helping people with technical problems or issues with their IT systems requires you to know the correct answers and how to fix them; however, user experience specialists must also have the interpersonal skills necessary to engage with people who are simply upset, angry, or disoriented. You will be able to learn these essential qualities without a college degree.

High-Paying Tech Jobs: No Degree Required

Some companies require that employees have a college degree. Still, many highly-paid IT professionals only graduated from college after starting a highly paid career in technology.

Not All Tech Jobs Are Technical

IT companies are like other companies – many of their employees work for companies that do not have core competencies in that area. Chemical manufacturers hire accountants, car manufacturers employ human resources professionals, and hospitals need people to help them with customer service. Coding job positions indicate that employees are well qualified but often do not require a college degree to work in the tech industry. IT employees do not have to be experts in writing code or building software. One study of IT job postings found that 43 percent of the jobs offered were for non-tech positions. Many of these positions do not require a college degree. Many employers do not even want people to have a college degree to work at their companies.

Digital Marketer

Digital marketing positions help companies sell more products or services to potential customers via the internet. Those who work in digital marketing are highly creative, understand the market, and can communicate well with customers. A college degree is an asset to any job in the marketing industry, but it is not necessary.

Web Developer

Developers create the underlying technology that drives the look and feel of web pages. As in many high-tech jobs, developers require extensive experience, and experience is generally more valuable than a degree.

Building Skill Sets Without College

Colleges teach the challenging, technically-focused skills required for many tech jobs. But you do not need a four-year degree to succeed in a tech career. But going to four-year colleges and earning a four-year degree is optional to get the skills that will allow you to become successful in a tech job. You need many technical skills to succeed in your career by taking online courses, coding boot camps, and certificate programs. Getting a tech job in this field without a college degree means learning to do the core things that most people do. You will then need to practice what you learn by working hundreds of hours. No one should feel intimidated by the thought that getting a four-year degree is necessary to get an excellent job in the tech field.

Systems Analyst

System analysts work to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s information systems and procedures. Having a university degree to work as a systems analyst is optional.

Closing Thought

A degree is optional for a thriving tech industry career. With the right skills, experience, and persistence, anyone can break into the tech industry and build a rewarding career. So, if you are passionate about technology and have the drive to succeed, go ahead and pursue your dreams. The tech industry is waiting for you!

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