Know The Most Common Causes Of Hair-Fall

‘Bald’- for celebs, it is just another fashion trend raising their spirits, but for most people, it induces depression. Perhaps the most common issue people are coming up with currently is hair fall. Though the probable reason seems to be over-exposure to pollution or over-styling, yet at times, you need to go a bit deeper with the cause so as to find the proper cure.  

Hair loss is a normal phenomenon – what you need to stress on is the extent to which you are losing hairs, that is, if your hair fall rate is balanced out by the hair growth rate. A vitamin deficient diet can also be rooted down to as a cause of alarming hair fall. You do need to ensure your medical fitness once you spot excessive loss of hair ‘cause at times, it can be diseases like thyroid and anemia can also be the antagonists in this scenario. 


Keep your stress busters handy 

Not a disease yet an issue that comes with a number of side-effects to deal with stress. Confused whether to group it as a mental turmoil or to count on it as another physical disorder? Well, well you have both your mental and physical health affected when it comes to stress. While losing appetite, tiredness is the ‘as-of-now’ consequences of stress, the more severe ones include hair loss. Due to severe emotional stress, a scalp issue known as Telogen effluvium is induce, which cause noticeable hair loss. In this disorder, the hair follicle switches to an inactive mode- thus stopping the rate of hair growth. In order to prevent severe hair fall, go for your stress busters regularly. 

Hair fall induced by other health issues 

While you opt for several hair care products to beat severe thinning of your hair, once do also check with the physicians. The hormonal disorders caused due to various health issues serve as the root cause of hair fall. Mostly it is the abnormal rates of secretion of thyroidal hormones that lead to faster and tremendous hair loss. Another physiological disorder that is observed in women leading to higher rates of hair loss is the hormonal imbalance caused due to poly-cystic ovary syndrome. Proper dosage of medication can gradually compensate for this hair thinning. 

Post-natal hair loss 

Along with your ‘bundle of joy’, pregnancy brings in hair loss as well. Post pregnancy women tend to suffer severe hair loss. It can be accounted as the consequence of hormonal changes as well as changes in the levels of vitamins and minerals. While you can always opt for the advanced therapies for keeping a check on your hair loss rates, it is more likely to be cured with the approaching months of your motherhood. 

Alopecia areata induced hair loss 

When you notice extreme shedding of scalp hair or mostly patches of baldness check with your doctor if it is Alopecia areata. This is a typical hair problem spotted both in men and women, at any age, when the follicles are affected adversely by immune system- in short it is an autoimmune disorder. Though it cannot be cured overnight with the hair care products yet a slow and steady therapy can cover up for it. 

Apart from the causes mentioned above, hair fall can be owed to a number of other causes as well. At times, women consuming a pregnancy controlling pills are also observed to suffer from severe hair- fall- as these pills are potent to cause imbalance of hormones. A proper diet enriched with vitamins and minerals, careful styling with the over-heated straighteners or rollers can be the preliminary prevention of hair loss along with best of hair care measures. 


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