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Rock your beach diaries in the trendiest of swimsuits!

‘Curves are good and chubby is the new ‘sexy’’ but little does that go with the tyres at your waist and the peek-a-boo bulge on your stomach nor can you deny your love for gorgeous cheek bones. Those glorious slim legs of Jacqueline Fernandes and the eternally slim waist-line of Deepika Padukone leave us pondering and sceptical about what probably could have gone wrong with our yet so strict diet charts.  

Well, we know, you try your best to stick to that tasteless health food every day, but the only thing that most of us miss out in the morning rush is exercise. You may often be hitting the gym, but what can be even more effective is a routine cardio-yoga hour. Of course, you can always get the ‘10 on 10’ gym instructor for a dream fitness regime, but for those who run short of time for the gym routine, here’s your personal yoga guide to lose that extra ‘chubby’ at your own place. 

 Buhh-bye baby fat! 

With a few yoga steps, you can do away with that ‘chubby cheeks-dimple chin’ image of yours and get that sculpted cheek bones. Simhasana or the lion pose is one of the most effective yoga poses for a slimmer face. As the name suggests, you need to sit on the floor with your knees closer beside one another and stoop. Your palms with all the fingers stretched should be placed on your knees and there you go breathing heavily, with your jaw dropped and tongue stretched outwards. This yoga pose helps you tone your face muscles, works on your jaw-line and cheek bones giving you a slimmer face. 

Bid adieu to your double chin 

No matter how much weight you lose, that double chin never stops making you look fat. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and with yoga, this way isn’t much tough either. Chin lock is a yoga pose that sculpts your jaw lines and helps you get rid of the double chin as well. Sit in the lotus pose, with your palms on each of your knees. Breathe in and lean forward a little, with your shoulders aligned in a straight line with your body. Press your chin towards your chest so that it remains locked between the collar bones. The moment you feel uncomfortable release your breath and move back to the initial posture.  

Don your swimsuit with your slender body 

Yoga poses have a rescue for the heavy legged ones as well. Three-legged dog is quite effective for a slender upper back and arms. Get in the posture of a down dog, touching the ground with a side head on position. Your right leg should be stretched as high as you can afford with your shoulders right parallel to the floor. Breathe steadily for about five times and get back to standing straight.  

Make the butt-out jeans’ totally yours 

Another of the popular yoga poses to burn down the thigh and butt fats is the ‘Fierce’ pose. Stand with both your feet closer together to start off. Slowly bend your knees, while breathing in. Once your knees are bent, lower the hips and raise the arms overhead. Breathe out and fold your hands while crossing the right elbow on your left knee, that’s pointing outwards. Press the palms firm together and push the bottom elbow against your thighs and lift up your chest to a greater twist. Your hips have to be pulled back keeping both the knees parallel. Breathe in and out for five counts and get release to the initial posture. 

Out of the long list of yoga poses, these are the few essentials to burn down your extra inches and flaunt all the dresses on your wish-list without the slightest doubt about ‘how you look’, and turn heads wherever you go. 


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