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Set Couple Goals with the Top 5 Costume Ideas @Halloween 2017

And the mandatory masquerade

Celebrated on the last day of October, Halloween marks the beginning of the train of winter celebrations. Being an age-old European custom, people show up in their Halloween costumes, ‘warding off the ghosts’ just prior to the All Saints Day. Pumpkin pies and lots and lots of candies, sweets and chocolates are given away among the children. In fact, while counting all the winter parties, Halloween happens to be the only one that has such fun costumes. Repeating a costume is an absolute no-no, but adding a little funk and dazzle to any dress from your closet can make way for the perfect Halloween costume.

Dressing up for Halloween is fun anyway, but when you hit the Halloween party with a partner, the best part is coordinating your costumes. So, here’s presenting you some apt ideas of couple coordinated costumes for the upcoming Halloween night.

The dagger player and his girl!

The dagger player and his girl!

This Halloween flaunt your cabaret dress, with a little drama. Gloves and a dazzling headgear are the mandates of your accessory list. For your partner, get a white shirt and a pair of black trousers. Make sure to replace your partner’s belt with a scarf matching to your dress. The icing on the cake are the pairs of knives that you can choose to adorn anywhere on your costumes.

Peter Pan with his shadow!

Peter Pan with his shadow

Stir up the fun and spark in your relationship with this Halloween costume. In a way, this one unveils the essence of every relationship, though a little clichéd yet, you play the shadow of your partner. For the one of you dressing up as Peter Pan, the collar of dress has to be the ‘Peter Pan’ one. While one of you dresses up in all colours, the other one has to drape up in black.

And the mandatory masquerade!

And the mandatory masquerade

Show up in the most dramatic masquerade masks of yours at the Halloween party this year. It can never go out of date, and out of place. The feathery ones, the glittery ones – play it as dramatic as you like. For the couple costumes, choose a decadent gown, with bare shoulders and an even dramatic hair-do- for the lady. A cape for the man should adequately compliment the drama quotient of the masquerade.

Superhero costumes!

Superhero costumes

Who said your plus one has to be your date? The superhero costumes of Batman and Robin are apt as well as easily available for this Halloween. Also, these being the ever-green costumes, you don’t run the risk of being the odd one out in the party.

The one from the Game of Thrones!

The one from the Game of Thrones

The popular TV series are ought to come alive in the room this Halloween, and Game of Thrones will unapologetically ace it all. While there are a plenty of characters to choose from, the ones for the couple costumes, none can beat Joffrey and Sansa. The bell-sleeved gown and the braided hair-do make up the mandates for the lady while keeping aside the crown; you can play it with the gold suit and red satchel like red cloth.

So, this Halloween, make it to the fun couple goals with these fun costumes ever.

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