A Short Checklist For A Wise Buy of Latest Laptops

Laptops are probably next in the queue after smartphones in the gadget world when it comes to the privilege of working on the go. Be it your official work or the personal transactions like those of banking and e-shopping or entertainment or the several digital editing fronts for photographers and musicians, the new versatile models of laptops are doing the rounds everywhere. Considering the purposes, it serves and the investment involved for a laptop, you do need to have a proper checklist before you make your buy. Here’s a short checklist that you can keep handy for a worthy buy of latest laptop model, once you have decided on the platform or operating system. 

Suitable size 

For those of you who are in the dire need of a work-station, the laptop models ranging between 17 and 18 inches are the ones you should be considering. Basically, these work-stations are packed with high-end performances and processing units.  

For those who need it to be on-the-go- be it designing, be it reading e-books or be it watching movies on-the-go, the slim and lighter laptop models need to be considered. Popular brands like HP, Dell, and Lenovo have come up with the likes with the screen sizes ranging between 11 and 12 inches.  

In case you are not likely to carry your laptop around, all the time and yet looking for the portable options- the ones ranging between 13 and 15 inches can best serve your purpose of usability and portability. 


There are a plenty of options in CPUs when it comes to choose the right laptop for you. Apart from the popular and high-end ones of Intel Cores i5 and i7, you do get a number of other options to choose from.  

As per the basic productivity is concerned, the APU’s have gained a good popularity. These processors from the American hub of Advanced Micro Devices come cheaper and are work quite good enough as far as productivity, media viewing and web surfing are concerned.    

Intel core i3 is the one for you in case of a tight budget as it provides comparably good productivity and speed. Also, you can plan to switch up to the Core i5 later. 

Intel Xeon is the ultimate one for those who are into high-end video editing, professional engineering and 3D modelling. Though quite a bit on the expensive end, these processors are absolutely powerful for high performance mobile workstations. The only thing you get a bit less with these is the battery life. 

Battery life 

Those who are looking for a workstation that is more likely to stay indoors or at a particular outlet, battery life is not the major concern. But for those who are looking for a slim and portable laptop that is more likely to be carried around all day for work, battery life is meant to be a major concern. Go for the ones with a battery life of about 6 to 8 hours for a better performance. 

Graphics chip 

For the gaming buffs, a high-end graphics chip is essential. Also for those working with editing of high resolution videos and 3D object creations a discrete processor for graphics should be atop the checklist. The graphics chips that share system memory is the one required for the regular work not related the above mentioned high-end performance. Graphics chips and processors for both the options are available from Nvidia and AMD. 

The convertibles 

Leading brands like HP, Lenovo, Dell and Acer have come up with an impressive range of convertible laptops. Yes, you got it right! These can be used as normal work stations as well as tablets. Again, there are few expensive laptop models that allow multiple tilt angles. These are also equipped with touch screen features. Despite the smooth and high-end features, these convertible 2-in-1’s and 3-in-1’s come with a pretty less battery life lasting a maximum of 3 to 4 hours. 

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