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Why is Starcraft 2 a decent starting point for getting started into RTS/MMOs?

Why is Starcraft 2 a decent starting point for getting started into RTS/MMOs?

Starcraft 2 is one of the most popular and widely played MMO games in the world.  Ever since its inception back in 2010, it has been enjoying a massive surge in the number of players, and even today, it is widely considered as one of the highest played RTS MMOs of all time. One might argue that the recent rise of DOTA and League of Legends might have stolen the limelight from Starcraft 2, but here are a few reasons why this game is worth your time.

    1. Familiarity: Fans of the original Starcraft will immediately get familiar with the Starcraft 2 interface because it is essentially a spiritual successor to the original. This is also a great starting point for people, who are planning to get into the whole MMO thing as it is essentially a much simpler game as compared to newer MMOs. The game still revolves around the three core races, namely the Protoss, Terrans, and Zerg being riled up in a constant state of conflict, but it mostly revolves around the Terran race.

      image source- starcraft2.com

    2. Expansions: Despite its 2010 release, it has received three major expansions over the years that have kept the game fresh. Starcraft 2 was originally designed to be the part of a trilogy, with the base game dubbed as being “Wings of Liberty.” It has gotten the two later updates or DLC, one launched in 2013 named as “Heart of the Swarm,” which is an expansion for the base game, and then, later in 2015, it finally got the 3rd instalment of the trilogy named as the “Legacy of the Void,” which was standalone expansion pack and not part of the base game.


  1. Play Modes: Starcraft 2, while designed to be an MMO at heart, has still got one of the most involving single player quest lines. It is a good starting point for people seeking to get into MMO, and the game also has an awesome tutorial mode that could help you to familiarise yourself with the game. You can also have a free gaming experience Starcraft 2.

    image source – kotaku.com.au

  2. Multiplayer: Multiplayer is obviously where the game shines. It has one of the most competitive MMOs player base in the industry. The great thing about the multiplayer is that you aren’t immediately thrown into a slaughterhouse of professionals but rather, Blizzard “Battlenet” service, which essentially monitors your game and keeps tracks of your achievements and skills decide your skill level and sorts you out with other players of roughly the same skill level as you.

Starcraft 2 is probably one of the greatest RTS-MMO games ever released on the PC platform. The game is easy enough for new players to get into without getting intimidated and equally as interesting for older players coming from the original game. Overall, it is a masterpiece that everyone should play at least once, and RTS fans should definitely try out if they haven’t.   


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