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Superfoods make superheroes: eat and combat life superbly

Eat better – fight stress!

A superfood is, basically, an enhanced food item, with denser nutrition and more goodness for your body.It is especially beneficial for the body and may also provide additional health benefits. A superfood actually has no proven medical benefit – but it enhances metabolism making systems better and body better equipped to fight stress, thereby positively affecting health. Here is a list of the best superfoods:

1. Quinoa : Move over, white rice and wheat – here is a grain, rather pseudo-grain (more of a seed really) which has all the nine essential amino acids and so much protein, any other staple would be put to shame. It gives nearly 8 grams of protein per serving (a cup) and twice as much fiber, which means it’s excellent for diabetics!

2. Chia seeds : These small black particles are a magical additive! With no flavor of their own, they go well with shakes, juices, and even plain water – the magical property being; they swell up into a gelatinous covering nearly 5 times their size and keep you full for long! What’s more, they have a storehouse of omega 3 fatty acids. The minerals and fiber content is high enough to keep your digestion moving forward like a dream!

3. Kale : A rough and tough green!This plant is found to provide more antioxidants than most fruit varieties and is a storehouse of iron and calcium. The plus point of this veggie is, cooking seldom alters the nutritional value by significant range, so you can even eat it as a chip by roasting it. This vegetable also has a low-calorie count and virtually zero fat. So more or less, this is a dieter’s dream!

4. Green Tea : A very popular weight management superfood these days, green tea as a natural anticancer drink has been around for centuries. The rich antioxidant value of green tea makes it refreshing and satiating drink, minus the ill effects of caffeine in tea or coffee. A phytochemical epigallocatechin gallate is present in green tea, and it has been proven that this chemical slows down the growth of abnormal cells.

5. Dark Chocolate : Who does not love a hearty dose of chocolate? But we are talking about dairy free, bitter and unadulterated unsweetened chocolate here, which makes the body better with each ‘dose’! Not only dark chocolate lifts the spirits, but it also fights bad cholesterol, makes blood flow better, and helps cell renewal thanks to its abundant antioxidants. The key here is to look for a dark variety; at least 70% cocoa is essential for metabolically appreciative chocolate.

6. Walnuts : A small handful of walnuts each day go a long way in replenishing the body with omega 3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid, copper and manganese apart from gamma tocopherol, which is a type of vitamin E hardly present anywhere else. Crack the kernels and put them in salads, or munch on fruit (in the form of smoothies) with a couple of teaspoons of walnut butter.

7. Avocado : Scared of the fatty, creamy pulp of the avocado? No need! This superfood is quite a health boosting one, ideal to replace potato in your meal. Avocados are laden with oleic acids and Vitamin E. It is also rich in Folates and monounsaturated fats – all this is responsible for a good heart, cancer free body and sharp eyes.

8. Spinach : Eat your greens! Your mom has been right all along – spinach along with other greens, especially broccoli, have vitamins (E, K, C to be specific), iron, folates and carotenoids all which are necessary for a healthy body. They boost metabolism and also improve digestion ensuring balanced outflow of nutrients into the blood. They are fibrous, which means you are fuller for longer, and there is less craving.

9. Salmon : Protein, iodine, potassium and zinc, vitamin D, selenium and omega 3 fatty acids – all are present in high quantities in the wild salmon, making it the ultimate superfood! Fighting with brain disorders, vision problems, skeletal structure issues and aging at once, salmon is a must have in your diet.

10. Berries : So many to name! strawberries, acai berries, and the like are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin C, which is required for healthy skin and gums and also for better immunity

Superfoods definitely make your body better prepared to fight stress and pressures of today’s fast-paced lifestyle. We need to make a conscious effort to switch to better alternatives than the zero nutrition junk we feed on these days.

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