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Top Xbox and PlayStation games launched this week

All you crazy bouys and girls, pay attention as the magical month of March has finally arrives and Boom, It’s Games all the Way! The dynamite package of exiting games with quality storyline, music and of course nail biting action is knocking hard on the door. And, just let it in!

You may be a geek; who loves to hang out with old skul stuff like vintage PSP or the new age punk; who just can’t get enough of gaming monster from the big lad. Either ways it’s cherry that, we’ve been waiting for so long.

Here, are some of the classics and exciting plays; you just can’t afford to miss. Really!!!

1) Detective Pikachu






Just answer honestly, who doesn’t want to measure the depth of colorful World created by Ash Ketchum and his BFF the yellow cutie Pikachu? Presenting our childhood hero, in a brand new avatar of bizarre detective with a deep gutted voice, sounds fun right. The Nintendo 3DS exclusive will launch in the U.S. and Europe on March 23.

Platform(S): Nintendo 3DS
Rolled Out Date: 23rd March                                                                                                                                                                  

2) A Way Out






Who gives a d@#m about Academy? Right! The crazy space measured by players in the game way out could be any less than a modern day cowboys. You got to work in teams to proceed and unlock the further stages without making a fuss about it.

Each situation must be handled differently and as both characters plays the role according to the progression of journey.

Platform(S): Xbox One, PS4
Rolled Out Date: 23rd March

3) Bad Dudes






A vintage game just can’t be swiped with modern age animated flick. Presenting one such dish that stood the test of time and glows like a pole star in the universe full of flickering stars i.e. Bad Dudes! We just can’t wait to experience the first hand action of nostalgic slice of some of the purest arcade session gaming World has ever witnessed.

Platform(S): Nintendo Entertainment System
Rolled Out Date: 21st March

4) Ark Park






So, finally the theme park action has begun! Experience the coolest and happening action of Dinosaurs roaming all around the park. The insanely cool and high end graphics just can’t get better! Called as the most awaited game of the year, finally it’s out really SOON!

Platform(S): PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows
Rolled Out Date: 22nd March

5) Western Press






There’s something appealing about it, up to 16 players and based on the true story. As the game goes to the next stage the challenges taken another jive and make sure you stay up.

Platform(S): Xbox One
Rolled Out Date: 23rd  March

I hope you are going to enjoy all these awesome games. There is something for everyone. If you want to know more here is a complete of xbox one games launched this week.

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