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Few things you need to put on your checklist before going for newer hair removal treatments

Pissed off with the threading sessions every fortnight? Ought to plan your daily outfits according to the salon appointments? Trust us there’s a page-long list of hair-removal way-outs that you can opt for instead of threading it off. Over the years, hair removal treatments have taken up a much significant mould owing to the innovations and applications of technology. Here’s a list of few tips that need to be checklist-ed before opting for the newer ways to flaunt off shorts, bikinis and all that low back dresses.  

Laser hair removal 

Feedback for laser removal is pretty good as it does not hurt like the waxing sessions. Mostly those with an extra growth of facial hairs prefer laser treatments for hair removal. Around three or a maximum of seven sessions of this treatment aids in permanent hair removal, in most cases. Only when you plan to go for a laser treatment you need to check on a few things. 

As the laser pulse removes those hair roots which are more likely to have been removed by threading or waxing earlier- in short, you need to keep away from waxing or threading for at least six weeks before your treatment. Depending on the area subjected to this treatment you can estimate the time required- like upper lips hair removal approximately takes around five minutes and for your back or arms it takes longer. Once you are done with the treatment, your skin might get a little like tanned. Anti-inflammatory lotions, moisturizers or cool compressors can help you cope with this issue within a shorter time period.  

Brazilian wax 

‘Brazilian wax’- once a ‘sshh’ issue to be discussed, has now become one of the routine beauty treatments which both the classes and masses are opting for. Earlier Brazilian wax was a routine for celebs and only a handful from the elite group rather the well-informed ones would opt for it as a part of bridal packages or their leisurely salon sessions. If you take up the current stats from any well-equipped salons with highly professional experts in waxing, you are ought to find a greater percentage of the customers opting for ‘Brazilian wax’ or bikini- line wax.  

Honestly, this works better than manoeuvring razors around your secret parts every week. All you need to check for is whether your appointment is with an expert professional and this fifteen minutes’ pain will render you hairless and clean for almost three weeks.  

A few things you need to checklist when you plan your ‘bikini-line’ wax or ’Brazilian wax’ sessions include a wax- able growth of hair, that is, razors are ‘no- no’ for almost a week prior to your session. Post- waxing, do not plan for any work out or yoga sessions in the immediate 24 hours so as to keep it the least sweaty. Though this type of wax sessions last for a span of fifteen minutes for you to get smooth, hairless parts, yet you need to take proper measures for in- growth of hairs. 

Take suggestions from your waxing professional and get a hair serum for the same.  And yes, another tip- do not go for skinny fit jeans or laces and keep to it cotton trousers as you would have it swollen, sore down there, right after the waxing session. As people are becoming more conscious and aware of the hair removal treatments through media- be it a blog or any fashion magazine- they are no more holding back with ‘what will they think’ or any other taboos.  

So, do away with the painful hair removal salon sessions and switch over to the advanced treatments- flaunting off your low back gowns or backless ethnic wear. 

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